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Dont Get Crushed v1.1 (NDS Game)

Use the touchscreen to move and try to avoid the balls that bounce across the screen for as long as possible. The longer you survive, the higher your score will become and the faster the balls will move.

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MegaStopwatch (29-12-2010) (NDS Application)

MegaStopwatch is a MegaMan themed stop watch application for Nintendo DS!

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Dungeon Myster v0.2 (NDS Game)

c_boy’s Dungeon Myster is a game similar to the classic Dungeon Master. Plenty of danger awaits you in a large labyrinth!

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MazeD v0.2 (NDS Game)

MazeD is a maze game with 20 levels.

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Multi View v1.0 (NDS Game)

Multi View is a 3D first person platformer. Both screens are used to display the same game world but the white cubes that you must avoid are only visible on the top screen and the black cubes that you must collect are only visible on the bottom screen. This means that you need to pay attention to both screens simultaneously as you play.

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Kashiro DS

Kashiro DS is a 2D platform-puzzle game where the goal is to die!

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Waimanu Daring Slides (Waimanu DS) v1.00 (NDS Game)

Evil alien jellies, the Wekas, have arrived to Earth. Their plan is to colonize our planet and subdue every form of life on it. But Waimanu, beside being only a little blue penguin, will fight the Wekas for the freedom of Earth inhabitants.

Waimanu can push blocks and make them slide, and sliding blocks can squash Wekas between them. He can also destroy blocks if they cannot be pushed, for instance if they’re already against to a wall or if there’s another block behind them, but also Wekas can destroy blocks whenever they want, and try to reach our hero.

The field borders can be also hit by Waimanu and they will vibrate for a second, stunning each Weka that is leaning to it. A stunned Weka can be eliminated simply by touching it, but beware because they recover consciousness quite fast!

Finally, blocks containing hidden Wekas are highlighted at the beginning of each level, and they can be destroyed before they deliver the alien life form.

Each level contains a different number of blocks and a different number of Wekas, but you’ve got a fixed amount of seconds (75 or 50, depending on difficulty level EASY/HARD that you selected when you started the game) to eliminate them, of they’ll become faster and will eventually catch you easily, or they’ll try to escape before you could eliminate them all, if only one Weka is left.

Points are awarded for every second saved when you completely wipe Wekas from a level. Then 400 points are awarded for each Weka that is eliminated, and extra points are awarded when more that one Weka is squashed with the same sliding block.

A small amount of points, 30, are awarded also for each destroyed block, and much more points are awarded for lining up all the three special ‘Diamond’ blocks (which are deployed in each level, they’re also completely indestructible): if they line up against a wall, you’ll be awarded 5,000 points, or 10,000 points if you’re able to line them up with at least one of them not touching any wall.

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Drunken Coders Winter Game Programming Competition 2010 (NDS misc)

Create a Nintendo DS or GBA game with a winter or holiday theme. Be it Wack-a-Santa or nuclear snowball fights with diminutive elves we want to see your wintery creations.


* Original content (Satire will be considered fair use).
* All entries must run on hardware, the hardware being one of:
o Nintendo DS
o Nintendo Gameboy Advance
o Nintendo Wii or Gamecube (seperately judged!)
* Multiple entries are encouraged but only one prize will be awarded to any individual / group.
* You are of course welcome to work in teams and split your prize how you see fit.
* No emulators, media players, or straight ports of old games please (e.g. porting quake to DS will not get you many points but porting quake, designing your own winter level and letting me walk around as Santa Claus and blast reindeer would be cool).
* Judging will be at the biased discretion of the participating judges but originality and entertainment will be the main focus (and technical splendor of course). Make me laugh and I will forgive your coder “art”.
* Entries will be awarded points and the scores averaged between all participating judges. These points will be assigned based on the following judging criteria: Competition Judging Matrix
* Submissions will be accepted at anytime and can be resubmitted and updated as necessary until the deadline

Deadline is March 21th 2011 (which ever time zone you prefer, as long as it is still March 21th somewhere in the world)!

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msxDS v0.88 (MSX emu for NDS)

Popolon updated msxDS. msxDS is a MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ emulator for DS/DS Lite.


Z80 emulation code optimization.
Added Arkanoid paddle controller emulation.
Added Key mapping to L,R for following games (ROM versions only.): Borfes to 5-nin no Akuma (L/R= ESC), Caos Begins (L=F1, R=F2), Dragon Slayer 4 (L=ESC, R=RET), Higemaru Makaijima (L/R= F1), Hi no Tori (L=F2, R=F3), King kong 2 (L/R=F2), The Maze of Galious (L/R=F1), The Treasure of USAS (L=F1, R=F2), Xorz (A=SPACE, B=m) and Yaksa (L=F1, R=F2).

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msxDS v0.87 (MSX emu for NDS)

Popolon updated msxDS. msxDS is a MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ emulator for DS/DS Lite.


Updated Carts.crc file for several megarom from Spain (CAS converted to ROM), etc.
The LED of CAP and Kana keys are now truly emulated.
Mouse Emulation.
F2,F3 Key mapping to L,R trigger for Metal Gear. (ROM versions only.)
Using the Z80 emulation source code of fMSX v.3.51.
Z80 emulation code optimization.
Fixed bug of color 0 in the save state.
User’s manual to PDF.

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