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Dingux-GChess v1.1.0 (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

Dingux-GChess is based upon GNU Chess.

GNU Chess is command line Chess program running on many differents systems such as UNIX, windows or MacOS. It was started in 1986 by Stuart Cracraft, who is continuing to develop it with other coders such as Chua Kong Sian, Lukas Geyer, Simon Waters and David A. Wheeler.

Dingux GChess uses the GNU Chess version v5.07 for the artificial Intelligence. It is a port to Dingux of zx-81’s previous GP2X-Wiz version, with some new graphics by Satya.


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Dingux Local Pack v0.31 (Dingoo Linux misc)

Dingux Local Pack is a very big collection of almost every Dingux Game/Application ever.

Here is the content list:

Ascii Portal
Alice in Crapland
Another World (raw)
Biniax 2
Dodgin Diamond 2
Frontier 2 Elite
Gem Drop X
Kobo Deluxe
Nicky Boum
Prince Of Persia
Ro. Bullet Reactor
Super Methane Bros
Super Transball 2
Ur-Quan Masters

Pc Ports:
Rise of the Triad
Spear of Destiny
Half-Life (Dmenu conf and script)
Shadow Warrior (Shareware)

SMS Plus
Atari ST
Atari 2600
Amstrad CPC 6128

GMU Music Player
XarmientoX Guitar Tuner


Select Wallpaper (5 walpaper)
Theme Select (3 Theme)
Overclock (430, 400, 360, 328, 300)
File explorer
Display terminal (if you cant get something running, shows terminal for 15s so you can check errors)
Power Off

To make these games running:

– copy valve folder to ./local/ports/Quakux
– copy duke.rts, duke3d.grp, game.con, ultramid.ini, user.con, defs.con to ./local/ports/duke3d (Atomic 1.4)
– copy duke3d.grp to ./local/ports/eduke32
– copy heretic.wad to ./local/ports/heretic
– copy hexen.wad to ./local/ports/hexen
– copy doom.wad to ./local/ports/prboom
– copy Rise of the Triad data files to ./local/ports/rott
– copy Reminiscence data files to ./local/games/Reminiscence/DATA


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Dingoonity (Dingoo misc)

As a more or less result of the massive loss of information and discussions on the A320 Freeforum boards, here comes Dingoonity.

Dingoonity is a collection of Dingoo-related sites, in one easy to remember location. They have got boards, developer blogs, and a Dingoo wiki.

The design is neat and overall it makes a professional impression.


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a320.freeforums.org (Dingoo misc)

One of the larger boards out there, taking care of the Dingoo, has been victim by one of it’s moderator going nuts.

Read on here:

Well people,

I’m sorry to say that one of the moderators (Dan) went loco for some unknown reason. He deleted all posts in the forum and banned the other moderators and various users. He also thought he had banned the admin (me), which is ofcourse not possible.

All people who got banned or blocked by this piece of sh*t have been restored.

I’m looking into correcting this issue, but I have to be honest, I didn’t take the payed for rollback subscription, so I don’t know if it is at all possible. I’m hoping freeforums keeps backups from which they can put us back.

At the moment all moderators have been relieved from their duties untill further notice.

In case I can’t set the forum back, you can go to another forum somewhere else or restart posting here, I’ve seen toddler has been posting his update, which I’m gratefull for… If the forum really restarts I’ll get the rollback subscription ofcourse, so something like this can’t happen in the future.

Sorry guys,

For the homebrew scene this, in fact, is a MASSIVE loss of resources, so hopefully things will be getting reposted elsewhere or the free forums getting restored.


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Dingux-CAP32 v1.1.0 (CPC emu for Dingoo Linux)

Dingux-CAP32 is an Amstrad CPC emulator based upon Caprice32.

What’s new compared to original Caprice32 project:

– Cheat support !
– Memory monitoring engine to find your own cheat code !
– Text editor to modify the global cheat.txt file
– Text editor to write your own comments on games
– Display first comment line while browsing game files
– Auto disk startup support
– Save state in gzip format
– etc, etc …


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PSX4ALL (15-10-2009) (PSX emu for Dingoo Linux)

PSX4ALL for Dingoo is a port of handheld PlayStation emulator PSX4ALL to Linux for the Dingoo A320 (Dingux) by Ulrich Hecht.

It features MIPS to MIPS recompiling CPU emulation, and performance is acceptable, ranging from some 16-20 FPS in Gran Turismo to about 60 FPS in Tetris Plus (with some tweaks).


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Dingux-Colem v1.1.0 (Coleco Vision emu for Dingoo Linux)

Dingux-Colem is a port of ColEm to Dingoo Linux (Dingux).


– A thumbnail image is now displayed in the file requester
while selecting any file with the same name of a previously
saved game (roms, keyboard, settings).
It might be very helpful to recognize that game later if you
have thousand different games in your rom folder !
– Save state dates are displayed in the emulator window
– Save state files are now saved using gzip compression
(with STZ as file extention). It’s much faster to save
or load states now.
You can use gzip or 7-zip to convert old STA to STZ.
STA file format is still supported for loading, so you
convert your previous saved files inside the emulator.
(it’s now easier to identify and to load the right save state slot)
– Cheat support !
– Memory monitoring engine to find your own cheat code !
– Text editor to modify the global cheat.txt file
– Text editor to write your own comments on games
– Display first comment line while browsing game files
– Auto fire support for second joystick
– Zip rom files are decompressed in memory (much faster !)
– Improve file requester with virtual keyboard to choose
sequentially rom files beginning with a given letter
– Add documentation for settings in help menu
– Auto-fire mode, press RTrigger+X to switch it on/off
– Add several new hotkeys :
. settings such as fps, render mode, auto fire speed
can now be directly modified inside the emulator
(no need to enter in the settings menu)
. quick save / quick load current state
(no need to enter in the main menu)


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Just4Qix WIP (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

mrLogan released another nice program for Dingux. This time he it’s a Qix style game named “Just4Qix”.

Goal is to fill a decent amount of your playing screen to get to the next stage and uncover a picture which is hidden behind it.

Release notes:

WIP Just4Qix

A little bit of phun inspired by Gals Panic.

This has game has some great music and works fine in Linux. However the music only plays with the Dingux system before the current one. The current Dingux system results in “UNRECOGNISED FORMAT” when trying to load MOD music files through SDL_mixer.

Copy the folder as is into Dingux and make a shortcut to just4qix.

Game Controls

D-Pad moves player.
Holding down Fire ‘A’ while moving allows player to fill areas.
SELECT = ESCAPE Game, Menu etc.

HELP: I have included all source and makefile etc because I feel that the game without music is a bit of a show stopper and I am hoping someone may be able to shed some light on why its not working on the latest build of Dingux?


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uPCE v0.3 (Flavour Preview) (PCE emu for Dingoo Linux)

Developer Uguru has updated his Turbografx / PC Engine emulator uPCE, which runs via Dingux.


– Added volume control in Sound menu.
– Added scale video option.
– Added Autoframeskip and improved frameskip.
– Smaller binarie file.
– Functional self-loading options and button mapping saved cheat ..
– Solved bug: emu frezze when standing little time on Savestate menu.
– Solved bug: emu closes when playin for a long time.
– Added some info windows when loading, saving an found cheats.
– Changed joy map values, some games crashes when playing a lot.
– Solved bug with Overclock, now really works.

Thanks to http://www.aep-emu.de/PNphpBB2-file-viewtopic-t-13611.html for the news.


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DMenu v0.4 (Dingoo Linux Application misc)

Rookie1 updated his menu system for Dingoo Linux which resembles the default Dingoo menu.

Release notes:

Dmenu 0.4 is finally out. Welcome scahoo and 1@qbQD4T5Z0949 to join the team. Special thanks goes to 1@qbQD4T5Z0949 for packaging up 0.4 release.

Here is the changelog for 0.4.

– Change SearchPath to a string list to allow multiple search paths
– Menu sound effect
– Sub-menu support
– Fix parsing of multiple args
– Added UTF8 support. UTF8 chars in theme.cfg name strings, and file selector will display the UTF8 chars accordingly. Font file specified by the theme need
to contain the necessary chars.
– Menu wrapping when left or right key pressed at begining or end of Menu respectively. Same for MenuItem (up/down).
– File selector wrapping at begining and end of file list.
– Easier file selection. Use Y + up/down to scroll 1 page at a time
– Added OSD.
– Menuitem text overlapping problem should be fixed now.
– Fixed problem of passing multiple args when launching a program
– Persist index of selected menu/menuitem

by 1@qbQD4T5Z0949
– Default theme created.
– Added SoundVolume control ([L]:-5% / [R]:+5%)
– Added Brightness control ([X]:LevelUp / [Y]:LevelDown)
– Added SoundVolume & Brightness Icons.
– Added configuration files for SoundVolume & Brightness settings.
– Added resources directory for dmenu.(/usr/local/home/.dmenu/)

Download is at http://code.google.com/p/dmenu/downloads/list


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