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Dr. Kawashima Clone (Pre-Alpha) (GP2x Game)

relei is working on a game similar to “Dr. Kawashima”, which is a brain training game.

It’s fully in german language and currently in early stages. If you have time, you may give him some feedback so he can think about his next steps.

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Termula2x v3.100.0 (GP2x Application)

Termula2x is a full terminal application, including the vi text editor, USB keyboard and GP2X F-200 touchscreen support, along wiht a customizable interface.

Release notes:

in the beta testing forum i released termula2x 3.100.0 for f-100 users last week. you can get it here.
the development is now focused on f-200 according to senor quack’s suggestions. i think i need 2 more weeks to release it.

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Space Rocks 2x v1.0 (GP2x Fenix Game)

Space Rocks 2x is an asteroids clone by Alex MacVean.

Release notes:

Asteroids clone written in fenix. This is the first release. If you’d like to contribute to the further development of this game please let me know! (contact details in the readme),0,0,0,30,2650

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Vorton (Beta 3) (GP2x Game)

Vorton is a Vorton is a remake of the classic game Highway Encounter.

Description (from Wikipedia):

Highway Encounter is a strategy/action game played from a 3D isometric perspective in which you must successfully chaperone a bomb along a long, straight stretch of highway and into the alien base at the end of it. There are thirty screens to pass through and most are filled with hazards that threaten to block your progress (such as barrels) or destroy you (aliens and explosive mines).

Players control a robotic “Vorton” (resembling a dalek from Doctor Who) and one of the things that provides Highway Encounter with its unique appeal is that the bomb is constantly being pushed onwards by your extra lives – four more Vortons, who accompany you along the highway. It is in fact possible for all your extra lives to be lost without the player character being destroyed once.,0,0,0,9,2649

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J2ME PhoneME for GP2x v1.0.0 (J2ME emu for GP2x)

This J2ME porting can run java mobile phone games even better than the average phone and with more confortable controls, for example it can run DoomRPG, Worms 2007, 300, Company of Heroes, Rainbow Six Vegas, Destroy all Humans 2 ect fullspeed!

Release notes:

New phoneME version by zaxxon and now it uses SDL to support graphic, input and (MIDI) music (sorry no SFX).
It also includes Timidity to play music or phone tone, and sources patch.

IMPORTANT: “phoneME” and “midi” folder must be unzipped on the root of the SD.

The working is the same of the old version, then I suggest to read HERE and, above all, the ReadMe.

It’s also included Dungeon Dweller as sample game (a roguelike game and freely downloadable here: ).,0,0,0,73,2648

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2xZDoom v2.2.0 (GP2x Game Port)

Adventus ported ZDoom to GP2x, ZDoom is an enhanced port of the official DOOM source code.

Release notes:

– Due to its dependency on FMOD it doesn’t support sound at the moment.
– The performance is also not as good as the other Ports, for this reason i disabled transparencies…. which lead to some strange graphical glitches (a few flickering walls, nasty menu text, etc). However it is very playable in its current state. I will look to improve this.
– So far I’ve tested the Strife, Doom 1, Hexen & Heretic demos. Its up to you guys to test the rest. I suspect some of the more complicated mods might not be playable.
– Don’t forget to read 2xZdoom220.txt and go to the “customize controls” menu to set the controls for each game.
– Apart from fixing any bugs, i intend on improving the performance and supporting sound via Timidity and Mikimod.

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SmallBall in Changeland v1.1 (GP2x Game)

One day when Smallball woke up he discovered that Nasties had stolen all of his friends happyspirits! Without the HPs all of Smallballs friends was as braindead as zombies! Gather all of the HPs before the Nasties gets you too! But beware, you are in changeland where natural laws change constantly!


– A new scoring system, which makes the game more challenging. You now gain more score when picking up points quicker. The old, points-based system is still there as well.
– Increased speed. The game now runs a lot quicker, which was needed in the GP2X-port which slowed down a lot later on in games.
– A few bug fixes.

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Picodrive v1.51 (Megadrive emu for GP2x)

Picodrive by Notaz is a Genesis/MegaDrive and SegaCD emulator for GP2x.


– Improved bin_to_cso_mp3 tool, it should no longer complain about missing lame.exe even if it’s in working dir.
– Fixed a regression from 1.50, which caused slowdowns in Final Fight.
– Fixed some regressions from 1.50 related to sprite limit and palette handling (caused graphical glitches in some games).
– Added ABC turbo actions to key config.
– Some other minor adjustments.,0,0,0,71,2040

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Irrlicht (GP2x Engine Port Source Code)

GRZ is working on an Irrlicht port.

The Irrlicht Engine is an open source high performance realtime 3D engine written and usable in C++ and also available for .NET languages. It is completely cross-platform, using D3D, OpenGL and its own software renderer, and has all of the state-of-the-art features which can be found in commercial 3d engines.

The port is in an early stage, but for those who want to follow the development, might want to have a closer look.

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FBA2x v7.2 (Arcade emu for GP2x)

FBA2x is a port of Finalburn Alpha for the GP2X console. It is an arcade emulator for MC68000/Z80 based arcade games. It plays CPS-1, CPS-2, Cave, Toaplan, NeoGeo, and other arcade games.

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