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DOSBox v0.72-5 (DOS emu for GP2x)

Here comes a new DOSBox for GP2x which is using GP2x features such as touchscreen, zoom, OSD and fullscreens options. It has a high compatability with games.


This version has M_HT dynamic core changes for more performance.
Please give any feedback.

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Rlyeh leaving GP2x scene (GP2x misc)

rlyeh is leaving the GP32/GP2x scene. He is known for a bunch of emulators and his Minimal Library.


Hello GP32/GP2X community,

If you receive this mail is probably because you contacted with me some (long) time ago probably about my GP32 emulators, the GP2X reminiscence port, or maybe the GP2X minimal library SDK.

The bad news is that I won’t finish anything ever. I’m publicly leaving the GP32/GP2X scene as you’re reading this. I got a sexy girl and no time enough for handhelds, I’ve been idling too much since 2005, and I’m more interested lately in other fields (next-gen videogame creation mainly).

The good news is that I’ve decided to release my GP2X Minimal Library SDK v0.C (WIP ) as is it. I’ve created some sourceforge projects for those guys interested at continuing / improving my work. My webpage is also slowing changing to a new version, and focusing on community and opensource mainly. In the next days I’ll be releasing there many emulators and different software I’ve done in the past years.

Hope you don’t blame for all the missing projects I left on the road: f-day, HPL, and a few GP32 emulators.

I’d like to thank the old #retrodev/#gp32dev/#gp2xdev guys for the good old years.

It was ace to code those 14 GP32 emulators at same time when I had the time to do it. I won’t forget ever the support you guys gave me all the time.

Wish you the best, and keep up the good work!

The future will bring exciting things, but that may be another story.

– rlyeh

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Minimal Library v0.c WIP (GP2x misc)

GP2X minimal library by rlyeh is a general purpose C multimedia library done for GP2X handheld, featuring efficent code and a very exhaustive API covering almost all known hardware.


+ GP2X 920t/940t CPUs library with a FIFO message system.
+ GP2X 32 bits YUV video library using double buffering.
+ GP2X 15/16 bits RGB video library using triple buffering.
+ GP2X 8 bits RGB video library using sextuple buffering.
+ GP2X sound library using octuple buffering.
+ GP2X TV out library using CX24785 video encoder chipset directly.
+ GP2X MMU library by providing own /dev/minimal kernel module.
+ GP2X joystick library with USB support.
+ GP2X profiler library.
+ GP2X blitter library.
+ GP2X image library.
+ GP2X timer library.
+ GP2X font library.

Thanks to drfreak339 ( ) for the news.

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VICE v2.0 (C64 emu for GP2x)

VICE is a program that runs on a Unix, MS-DOS, Win32, OS/2, Acorn RISC OS, BeOS, QNX 4.x, QNX 6.x, Amiga, GP2X, SkyOS or Mac OS X machine and executes programs intended for the old 8-bit computers. The current version emulates the C64, the C128, the VIC20, almost all PET models, the PLUS4 and the CBM-II (aka C610).

Find the changelog here:

Thanks to imhotep ( ) for the news.

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Croquet Deadness Board v0.1 (GP2x-F200 Game)

A logic game by Gregor Richards.

Release notes:

If you’re not a croquet enthusiast and don’t know what a deadness board is, stop reading now, you don’t want or need this software.

Keeps track of deadness on up to six balls, using the F200’s touchscreen to make inputting deadness simple. Just click the appropriate square to mark deadness, and click the row label to clear deadness for a ball. Press select+start to clear the board, press L+R to quit.,0,0,0,8,2655

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Buzzy’s Bad Day v1.0 (GP2x Game)

Sphinxter released Buzzy’s Bad Day for GP2x.

Release notes:

Brand X presents, “Buzzy’s Bad Day”, another solo effort by Linus Sphinx depicting the classic struggle for life and death in the garden of evil in this latest artistic shooter entry in his Return To The Arcade series. This time out you take the role of Buzzy, one big ugly bug with a bad attitude who woke up stuck to the bottom of someone’s shoe on the wrong side of the botanical gardens carnivorous floral exhibit and bird aviary. You need to get home to get bizz-ay and ultimately preserve the species in a final climactic ending that could only be described as insect pornography unlocking the gateway to Buzzy’s secret garden of love and an infinite number of levels.

NOTE: This game is not rated. Scenes and subject matter depicted may be considered offensive and highly unsuitable for larvae in the pre-pupae stage.

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Space Rocks 2x v1.10 (GP2x Fenix Game)

Space Rocks 2x is an asteroids clone by Alex MacVean.,0,0,0,30,2650

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Vorton (Beta 4) (GP2x Game)

Vorton is a Vorton is a remake of the classic game Highway Encounter.

Description (from Wikipedia):

Highway Encounter is a strategy/action game played from a 3D isometric perspective in which you must successfully chaperone a bomb along a long, straight stretch of highway and into the alien base at the end of it. There are thirty screens to pass through and most are filled with hazards that threaten to block your progress (such as barrels) or destroy you (aliens and explosive mines).

Players control a robotic “Vorton” (resembling a dalek from Doctor Who) and one of the things that provides Highway Encounter with its unique appeal is that the bomb is constantly being pushed onwards by your extra lives – four more Vortons, who accompany you along the highway. It is in fact possible for all your extra lives to be lost without the player character being destroyed once.


– Fixed the “Continue” issue. This is now a flight demo.
– Uses .MOD Files for Music Playback
– usage of mmuhack for speedup in flight demo,0,0,0,30,2649

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GP2x Bug (GP2x Game)

Collect flowers, avoid enemies!

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Find Mii (GP2x Game)

Gernot Frisch released a remake of FindMii, which is a game comming from Wii systems. It’s available for GP2x and Windows. Goal is to find three identical people without wasting too much time.


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