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Epic Caveman (17-08-2010) (NDS Game)

This caveman is very hungry. Help him survive but a mere 60 seconds so that he may find nourishment in the form of a delectable steak.

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Vigoroth Le Livreur v0.6 (NDS Micro Lua Game)

blabla updated his game “Vigoroth Le Livreur”. You are Vigorth and have to deliver packages to your customers.

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Speed Trap (13-08-2010) (NDS Game)

Speed Trap it’s a topdown view racing arcade game for NDS. The main objetive of game it’s complete all track laps before time runs out.,6236.0.html

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Sokoban Touch and GO (12-08-2010) (Preview) (NDS Game)

maRk2512 updated his Sokoban game “Sokoban Touch & GO!”.


– Added some message/question boxes (And i mean “boxes”)
– FIX: Save/load function should work without any glitches.
– …and a lot of minor fixes (Added a “load tilemap” function to the 3d/2d background class, and so on… blah.. blah… boring coder stuff…),6244.0.html

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Super Extreme Smile v0.31 (Alpha) (NDS Game)

In this game you are a Smile. A rolling smile… It cannot move, the only way to move it, is to use the touchscreen to ROTATE ALL THE WORLD AROUND IT. The smile is affected by gravity and thus, moving. Every time you rotate the screen, it keeps it’s original velocity.,6225.0.html

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Scribble Jump DS (Demo 1) (Fix 2) (NDS Game)

In “Scribble Jump” your goal is to climb / jump as high as possible.


– there are now three modes:
– adventure mode: unlock the next level by getting through
– infinite: the “play all”-mode
– own levels: play your own levels
– if you only play one level (everything except infinite), the time is your score
– each level has its own highscorelist
– you can play the level direct in the leveleditor
– added an easier Stylus-Control (the second in option-menu)
– slower scrolling (if you need to scroll further, press UP)
– italian translation by Nhoya
– fixed some other bugs and improved other things

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Puzzli v1.0 (NDS Game)

Puzzli is an adaption of the arcade game “Puzzli de Banpresto”. The original game was released in 1995. The gameplay takes a bit from Tetris and in 30 levels you have to eliminate all creatures on the screen.

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Vigoroth Le Livreur v0.4 (NDS Micro Lua Game)

blabla released version 0.4 of his game, “Vigoroth le livreur” (Vigoroth the delivery man).


You’ll Vigoroth, a delivery order and deliver packages to their destination (logical). In the full version, there will be 4 or 5 mini-games.

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The Legend of Zelda – The Shards of Light (Demo) (NDS Game)

BassAceGold was working on a homebrew Nintendo DS Zelda game named “The Legend of Zelda: The Shards of Light”. He will not continue this project and released it now in an unfinished state.

I will not be continuing this project as explained in my previous post so here is The Legend of Zelda: The Shards of Light. Only one boss is partially coded, the graphics are incomplete and inconsistent, the music is unfinished, there are missing sounds, and plenty of bugs with debug menus and buttons intact. So really you can’t complete the game. You can walk around and explore levels and collect most of the items but that is about it. Just a really big demo.

To run, make sure you have a nitroFS compatible flash card card. The save file will be created on the root of your card.

I will not be working on this game anymore so please do not email me about bugs. The source code will also not be released as currently it is in no shape to be released as it spans a few years of me learning coding techniques etc.

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Breakout (NDS Game)

Breakout! is a multi-language (currently English and German, depending on User’s preferences) 3D-Breakout clone with little in-game manual…

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