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FB4NDS (Facebook for DS) v1.5 (NDS Application)

Simple Facebook chat client for Nintendo DS.

Release notes:

there are many fixes and new features like the avatars with the local ram, you must restart app after the changes.,6226.0.html

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DSLamp v2.0 (NDS Application)

Simple flashlight for the Nintendo DS. There are 6 colors.,6247.0.html

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Etch (Build 3137) (NDS Application)

Etch is a paint app mainly focused towards pixel art with loads of features which surpass many other paint apps currently released for the DS.

More information:

Current Features Supported:
-Creation and Saving of 24,16 and 8 bit bitmaps
-Creation and Saving of Etch Project File (epf) formats (24,16 and 8 bit)
-creation and saving of images up to 1280×1024 (without external ram)
-partial layer support
-external ram and ram overclocking support (ez flash, supercard, etc..) for up to 32 mb memory use
-customizable options, controls and program colors via ini file
-zooming with configurable grids
-ttf font support in keyboard menu with Anti-Aliasing
-dynamic tool bar
-mini view on top screen
-standard tools (pencil, bucket, eraser, line and shape tools, color picker)
-editable 8bit color palette when in 8bit mode
-full file browser which can delete and compress files

Not finished or working Features
-R button is not customizable, it is reserved for Debug
-keyboard menu is incomplete
-need to optimize font rendering in kb menu
-selector tools
-Layer drawing is still basic, more time is needed to add the advanced features of layer drawing (alpha blending handling is missing so although you’re drawing below a layer with alpha it won’t show up)
-needs basic menu for creating new images etc…

Known Bugs:
-There are some issues undoing the fill tool
-possibly a few others,6294.0.html

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SquarO (20-08-2010) (NDS Game)

SquarO is a single-player casual game with a touch of Sudoku and Minesweeper.,6295.0.html

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Duyumania (20-08-2010) (Demo) (NDS Game)

Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago, at the begining of the world, there wasn’t night, during the day the sun shone and in the sunset so did the stars. Santa Claus lived in a cabin in the middle of the forest with their elves, called Duyus, and all of them keep protected the spirit of Christmas that gave light to the stars.One day, Santa went to fishing, and the moon, dying of envy for not being able to shine in the sky decided to steal christmas and replacethe stars. To make sure that nobody was able to found them again she hide them around the world.When Santa returned home that day he stared horrorized that not only the Spirit of Christmans had been stolen, but whithout the light of the stars the Duyus becomed petrified and turned into little blocks.Can Santa Regain the christmas stars? Make sure to help him using Duyus and your wit!

Release notes:

The level selection screen was misconfigured for stylus and didn’t load the boss stage. It’s fixed now.,6290.0.html

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Speed Trap (20-08-2010) (NDS Game)

Speed Trap it’s a topdown view racing arcade game for NDS. The main objetive of game it’s complete all track laps before time runs out.


Now you can save records and cars parameters on SD card (any) and on emulator (only no$gba now)
Can Select dificulty level (easy, normal & hard)
Can customize all of the 10 cars of the game,6236.0.html

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Woopsi v0.99.3 (Beta) (NDS misc)

Woopsi is a Nintendo DS GUI library for rapidly creating user interfaces for homebrew software. Modelled after the AmigaOS windowing system.

Release notes:

Woopsi 0.99.3 is now available:

This release fixes a number of bugs. Some of the code has been tidied up. The only change that could have an impact on user code is the removal of drawHorizLine(), drawVertLine(), drawCircle() and drawFilledCircle() from the GraphicsPort class. The drawLine(), drawEllipse() and drawFilledEllipse() methods will now automatically call the optimised form is it is available.

– WoopsiString::compareTo() no longer inlined (fixes SF bug 3017420).
– Moved unused FixedWidthFontBase class into extras directory.
– Moved putSDLPixel() and getSDLPixel() into FrameBuffer class from woopsifuncs files.
– Added copy() to all bitmap classes.
– Replaced call to woopsiDmaCopy() in Graphics::copy() with call to copy() method of bitmap class.
– Graphics::drawEllipse() automatically calls drawCircle() if both radii are equal.
– Graphics::drawFilledEllipse() automatically calls drawFilledCircle() if both radii are the same.
– Graphics::drawCircle() and drawFilledCircle() are protected.
– Graphics::drawLine() automatically calls drawVertLine() or drawHorizLine() if lines can be optimised.
– Graphics::drawVertLine() and drawHorizLine() are protected.
– Removed GraphicsPort::drawCircle(), drawFilledCircle(), drawHorizLine() and drawVertLine().
– Fixed TinyFont (broken in last release).
– Moved woopsiRGB() macro from woopsifuncs.h to graphics.h.
– Moved woopsiDmaFill() and woopsiDmaCopy() into new dmafuncs files.
– PackedFont1 clips correctly.
– Gadget collision detection uses routines in Rect class.
– All GraphicsPort routines use Rect class.
– Rect::hasDimensions() returns false for negative sizes.
– Rect::getIntersect() and getAddition() work correctly for negative sizes.
– Removed Rect::fromDimensions().
– Rect::fromCoordinates returns a rect rather than a pointer to a rect.
– Tidied up SDL pad updating in woopsifuncs.c.
– Removed woopsiLidClosed() from woopsifuncs.c.
– Added dmafuncs.h to woopsiheaders.h.

New Features:
– Added Rect::contains().
– Added Rect::copyTo().


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DSPaintball v1.0 (NDS Game)

The objective of this game is to draw paths on the touch screen so the moving balls touches the star.,6278.0.html

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Sokoban Touch and GO (18-08-2010) (Preview) (NDS Game)

maRk2512 updated his Sokoban game “Sokoban Touch & GO!”.


– Added some decent sound-fx
– Added eyecandy (intro and a bunch of particles when you move the stylus over the display.),6244.0.html

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Super Extreme Smile (Beta 1) (NDS Game)

In this game you are a Smile. A rolling smile… It cannot move, the only way to move it, is to use the touchscreen to ROTATE ALL THE WORLD AROUND IT. The smile is affected by gravity and thus, moving. Every time you rotate the screen, it keeps it’s original velocity.


-Red door graphical fix.
-Music implemented
-Simple campaign done.
-50 achievements. Everything loads and save.,6225.0.html

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