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Syracusia v1.0 (NDS Game)

Another Mincemeat TEAM production for NDS is the puzzle game Syracusia. Archimedes of Syracuse designed the Syracusia, a floating palace considered to be the largest transport ship of antiquity. The Archimedes Screw was developed in order to remove bilge water. Are you ready to bail water?

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Towers of Hanoi v1.0 (NDS Game)

Mincemeat TEAM emailed us about their Nintendo DS game Towers of Hanoi. The concept of this classic game should be known, so there will be no further explanation to this.

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NitroGrafx v0.7 (PCE emu for NDS)

NitroGrafx is a PC-Engine/TurboGrafx16 emulator for the DS by FluBBa. Most things from PCEAdvance are ported over and most games run quite good.


*Added multitap emulation.
*Added 6 button joypad emulation.
*Added support for arguments from flashcard menu.
*Fixed a few things with savestate loading.

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MineDS v0.1.1 (Beta) (NDS Game)

MineDS is a DS homebrew game inspired by Notch’s Minecraft. It is being created by CoolAs, Wolfgange and ray.

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TempGBA v1.40 (GBA emu for NDS)

TempGBA by Nebuleon is a Game Boy Advance emulator for the Supercard DSTWO. It’s based upon work from gpSP, gpSP Kai (unofficial) and CATSFC GUI.

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Sudoku4Kids v1.0 (NDS Game)

Sudoku4Kids by Mincemeat TEAM is a game for kids that generates a single quadrant Sudoku, choosing from 4 x 4, 5 x 5 and 6 x 6. Implements an algorithm for calculating Sudokus go randomly, so the number has to solve Sudokus is unlimited.

Thanks to the Mincemeat TEAM themselves for the news notification!

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Three Phase Labyrinth (3PLabyrinth) v1.0 (NDS Game)

Three Phase Labyrinth (3PLabyrinth) by Mincemeat TEAM is a game based on solving labyrinth, to maintain mental alertness.

The goal is to connect 3 outputs via 3 different ways, and these can not be crossed. With the difficulty that we never have a full view of the labyrinth, but we can only go exploring it in sections, and we will have to rotate the sections to be drawing the roads.

Thanks to the Mincemeat TEAM themselves for the news notification!

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Berzerk DS v1.1.0 (NDS Game)

Berzerk DS by a guy who calls himself Commodore has been updated. The game was previously called “My Berzerk” and is an attempt to redo the classic Arcade game Berzerk for Nintendo DS.


– Fixed VRAM crash
– Added the rest of the enemies from Berzerk V1.1
– Changed name from “My Berzerk” to “Berzerk DS”
– Made Otto’s graphic more accurate.

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ZXDS v1.1.1 (Spectrum emu for NDS)

ZXDS is an emulator of Sinclair ZX Spectrum for Nintendo DS, written by Patrik Rak. It is steadily reaching a mature stage of development, and it already has some noteworthy features, like accurate emulation of Spectrum 48k, 128k and Pentagon models (including sound), or support for TAP/TZX/PZX tape files, TRD/SCL disk files and RZX playback files.


* Spectrum +2A/+3 snapshots are not rejected right away anymore. Instead, they are executed in 128K mode with extended paging enabled. This makes some +2A/+3 RZXs and exclusive software work quite fine.
* Added a bit of color coding to the controls screen.

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Subtera Puzlo v1.3 (NDS Game)

Subtera Puzlo by EgoTrip is a homebrew puzzle game for the Nintendo DS console. The object of the game is to escape each screen, collecting the coins, and the key that will unlock the exit. There is an initial time limit of 30 seconds. Avoid the guardians and traps, colliding with these will result in a failure.

Subtera Puzlo v1.3
Watch this video on YouTube.

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