NesterGP v1.1 (NES emulator for GP32)

New Nester is out! Fixes were done for save states and game genie handling. The ROM browser has increased speed. Get the new version from:

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Atari800 GP32 port v0.4

A new version of the Atari 800 emulator for the GP32 has been released. Changes are:

    Fixed screen drifting problems properly ->tum tee tum! Added seperator into menu (to stop accidentally restarting GP32) Auto Frame skip can be disabled (needed for Mountain King because of collision detection bug). GTIA/CTIA artifacting switched (as in 1.3.0…) Artifacting stored in save state Joystick 0/1 can be mapped (Needed for several pinball games (see and now has lower case keys (Still no decent keyboard entry though) Cut fpk was missing menu files in previous versions (so no input!)

Downloads can be found on the homepage at

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GPVGB test release

This is a new test release from around a week so I got the file fromGPZigiand made a mirror here as you need to be a Korean resident toregister on their forums. No idea whats new in this release so try it out and if you find anything new let me everyone know via theforums. Downloads can be found atGP32Emu, ROMs go in the gp:/gpmm/gb/ folder.

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PCEAdvance v4.3

Another release of the PC Engine emulator for the GBA today. Changes are:

    – Fixed a crash in Aero Blaster because of the new sound routines.- Fixed mapping for 384kByte games, was broken in 4.1.

Head over to the homepageherefor the downloads. Dont forget to leave any feedback on our emulation forumshere.

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GPColEm v0.1 (GP32)

A new Coleco emulator ported fromColEmhas been released. The authorConsoliustells me that sound is not working but will be sorted in the next release expected in a few days. Also alphabetical sorting of the ROMs is currently broken so they will be listed in the order written to the SMC.VisitGP32Emuto download the emulator. Please give any feedback, bug reports etc on the Emulation forumshere

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The homepage of the NES emulatorLJGP32has been updated with some work in progress news.

    preliminary zapper support : duck hunt is ok, operation wolf isn’t… nestoy DB support. rom browser uses caches to speed up browsing. improved mapper support : 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,15,16,17,18,19,23,24,64,71,91 autofire modes 2″alternative”players mode : emulated pad can be changed in GUI (player 1,player 2,zapper). Autoframeskipping Improved fixed frameskipping (to solve the pb of blinking sprites not visible with odd frameskipping values). more ….

In addition there are also several new screenshots previewing the next release which is looking great! Check them out at

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WINK News (formerly gpWinTK) for GP32

Taras updated his homepage with some more news on his project originally namedgpWinTK. The name has now been changed to the better soundingWINK(Windows INterface Kit) and theres a couple of new screenshots and news of plans to add functions to interact with the windows (drag/close/manage etc), add forms features (checkboxes/radio buttons etc) and some other functions. Read the full details and check out the new screenshots on the homepagehere.

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GP Games v0.5 (GP32 game collection)

A new version of GP Games is out. GP Games is a collection of Tetris, Shanghai, Solitair and another game I can’t remember yet. You can get the file at GP32emu.

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fSMS32 WIP (Master System Emu for GP32)

rlyeh just arrived back from vacation yesterday and just this second he told me that he ported another emulator over to the GP32. It’s a Master System Emulator running ad 100% speed and it has crystal clear sound. SRAM saves do work and save state support is done as well. Also interesting is the g/zip support. The one or other who allready had betas of ryleh’s emulators will recognize a brandnew new fileselector which scans about 1300 zipped roms in approx 60 seconds. The romlist will be stored in a textfile, so there is no need to rescan the rom directory on each start.

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xRick (Gamecube game)

Anders Granlund ported the Linux Rick Dangerous clone”xRick”over to the Gamecube! Get the file from his page or at the PDRoms Gamecube/Game section. Thanks to Anders himself for the news!

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