Vorton (Beta 1) (GP32 game)

Vorton is a remake of the classic game Highway Encounter. It is built with Simple DirectMedia Layer libraries, portable on Windows, Linux, Dreamcast, GP32. After the three Alpha’s there is now the first Beta version avaliable.

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Snake Or Die (GBA game)

Bastian Pflieger made a snake style game for the Gameboy Advance. You can get the download from GBAdev. Here is what the author says:

From time to time there appear some special symbols to collect. Every special symbol has two effects, a good one and a bad one. So its up to you to collect it and hope for the good effect or wait a few seconds until the symbol disappear. For example onecould cut down the snake length or increase it a lot, another one ends the level or make you nearly invisible and so on

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Gianas Return – News (GP32/DC game)

There are news from the Giana Sisters sequel Giana’s Return. The homepage got a complete new facelift yesterday and today the german language version of the homepage found it’s way to the public.

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ADIC Entries out (GP32)

A few hours ago the ADIC entries (ADIC is a coding competition for GP32) were released to the public. You can get them at:

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Stuff in Space v1.0 (GP32 game)

Emuman, who is new to the GP32 development community, is on the way to share his GP32 with us. His first game for GP32 is called”Stuff in Space”and is a vertical shooter. You can get the .FXE from his page.

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New Generation QuakeGP (GP32 game)

New Generation QuakeGP isn’t really a standalone game for the GP32. It’s a WAD which you can use with the freely avaliable Doom v9 engine. You can get the WAD from the page linked below. Thanks to for the news.

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KOF 91 v1.1 (GP32 game port)

Thor made aport of the fighting engine”KOF 91″for GP32. Version 1.1 is just out. It has better speed and other fixes, but still no ZIP support for external characteres. You can get the file at Thor’s page.

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Vorton GP32 (Alpha 3) (GP32 game)

Vorton is a remake of the classic game Highway Encounter. It is built with Simple DirectMedia Layer libraries, portable on Windows, Linux, Dreamcast, GP32. The changs for Alpha 3:

Alpha-3 version released !.A lot of changes: Speech synthesis samples, more video effects, hero dead, added more sound effects, pause screen, game over screen, language menu option (only screen), top records menu option (only screen) and command arguments (audio/video options).Source code and binaries provided.

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GBAkkord (GBA misc)

Another demo which has been sent to gbadev, this time by OrR:

our friends all play piano, trumpet or violin? Now you’ve finally got your own instrument! With this useless little program your GBA can beep 3 octaves! You only have to press the right button combinations.This program really doesn’t make much sense… But it’s my first GBA program! Indeed my first program for a really long time… This explains why it’s so simple, stupid and in spite of that the code (done with DragonBasic, should be included in this zip along with the really lovely background that might as well be a screenshot…) is a lot of crap…

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Multiplayer Demo (GBA game)

Scott sent a”Multiplayer Demo”to Here are the details:

ere’s a little demo that shows how to replicate a MULTIBOOT ROM across a link cable (without a 2nd flash cart), and then exchange structured data between the gameboys. Once the ROM is replicated, the gameboys call a function called ExchangeStructs() once per game loop. Each player has their own STRUCT that you can change to be anything you like. The function handles the multiplayer transfer, ensuring that everyone has a”current state”view of the game.

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