GBA JPEG Viewer v2.4 (GBA application)

Tony recently released an updated version of his program GBA JPEG Viewer. In fact GBA JPEG Viewer is a windows program which outputs GBA slideshows of decided JPEG pictures.

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PCE Advance v5.5 (PCE emulator for GBA)

Another update to PCE Advance, which is a PC Engine / TG16 emulator for the Gameboy Advance. Changes:

-Added speedhacks for A LOT of games.-Optimized all the fransfer operands.-Fixed the”one folder under the root”problem in Pogoshell.-Fixed the TRB&TSB operands.”Parasol Stars”works.

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Vorton GP32 (Alpha 2) (GP32 game)

Vorton is a remake of the classic game Highway Encounter. It is built with Simple DirectMedia Layer libraries, portable on Windows, Linux, Dreamcast, GP32.

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Neo Yahtzee v0.1 (NGPC game)

Whoever thought the NGPC (Neo Geo Pocket Color) developer scene is dead is wrong. Darek J Davis released a brandnew game for NGPC called”Neo Yahtzee”. Beside this game you can also find an early RPG engine on his page, which is for NGPC as well.

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Darts GP32 v0.3.1 released

I released a small but important update to my homegrown game Darts GP32. It fixes two things, first is the bug when scoring a treble 11, treble 8 and treble 5, the second is a bug when scoring double 5.I will start work on the next proper version of Darts hopefully tonight or tomorrow so this new release should be fully working until v0.4 is finished.You can download v0.3.1 atGP32Emu.

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PCE Advance v5.4 (PCE emulator for GBA)

Another update of PCE Advance (PC Engine / Turbo Grafix 16 emulator for Gameboy Advance) is out. Changes:

V5.4 – 2004-01-11 (FluBBa)* Fixed LSR from zeropage,x (Gunhed(J)/Blazing Lazers(U)).* Fixed multibooting from multibooted GBA.

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Barbarian (update) (GBA game)

Mike sent an update version of his Babarian GBA conversation to GBAdev. You can get the download from there. The changes:

Changes so far from last release:-* Completely reworked the animations and cut down the number of frames per move (the GBA version still has more frames than the origonal version).* The sword is now incorporated into each frame whereas before the sword for most frames was drawn seperately due mainly to a smaller cell size. (NOT ALL FRAMES HAVE SWORD IN YET)* Painted in all clothing.* Completely reorganised all data structures to make frame drawing and animations quicker and more compact code-wise. This also meant a complete rewrite for most of the code but I’m pleased with the result. I’ve now had to put in a delay loop which gives me spare CPU time….* Added hit detection. You can now hack the opponent about and he responds by staggering or falling over. (Decapitation also done.)* Added blood splatter at point of impact.* Added blood staining to the floor (An extra improvment on the origonal).* Added scoring updates for successful attacks.* Added life level updates for successful attacks.* ADDED SOUND. Fulldirect sound added during fights.* Fixed bug on title screen which caused glitching if A or B pressed instead of START.TO DO.* AI* Tweaking. (Sfx, Gfx and collision.)

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Bug Attack (Build 090104) (GP32 game)

JyCet released a brandnew game for the GP32 called Bug Attack. You can get it from his page.

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PCE Advance v5.3 (PCE emulator for GBA)

Seems two days ago there were two updates of PCE Advance (PC Engine / Turbo Grafix 16 emulator for Gameboy Advance) and we missed the latest one. You can grab v5.3 from FluBBa’s page.

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ADIC 2003 – Submission Screenshots (GP32 Coding Compo)

ADIC 2003 is over and the organizers made a screenshot page of all submissions.

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