Barbarian (update) (GBA game)

Mike sent an update version of his Babarian GBA conversation to GBAdev. You can get the download from there. The changes:

Changes so far from last release:-* Completely reworked the animations and cut down the number of frames per move (the GBA version still has more frames than the origonal version).* The sword is now incorporated into each frame whereas before the sword for most frames was drawn seperately due mainly to a smaller cell size. (NOT ALL FRAMES HAVE SWORD IN YET)* Painted in all clothing.* Completely reorganised all data structures to make frame drawing and animations quicker and more compact code-wise. This also meant a complete rewrite for most of the code but I’m pleased with the result. I’ve now had to put in a delay loop which gives me spare CPU time….* Added hit detection. You can now hack the opponent about and he responds by staggering or falling over. (Decapitation also done.)* Added blood splatter at point of impact.* Added blood staining to the floor (An extra improvment on the origonal).* Added scoring updates for successful attacks.* Added life level updates for successful attacks.* ADDED SOUND. Fulldirect sound added during fights.* Fixed bug on title screen which caused glitching if A or B pressed instead of START.TO DO.* AI* Tweaking. (Sfx, Gfx and collision.)

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Bug Attack (Build 090104) (GP32 game)

JyCet released a brandnew game for the GP32 called Bug Attack. You can get it from his page.

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PCE Advance v5.3 (PCE emulator for GBA)

Seems two days ago there were two updates of PCE Advance (PC Engine / Turbo Grafix 16 emulator for Gameboy Advance) and we missed the latest one. You can grab v5.3 from FluBBa’s page.

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ADIC 2003 – Submission Screenshots (GP32 Coding Compo)

ADIC 2003 is over and the organizers made a screenshot page of all submissions.

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MazezaM v1.0 (GB game)

Another Gameboy game by Ventzislav. It’s a puzzle game called MazezaM and is truly a lot of headache, even if the graphics are not that good.

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Anti ISDA Warrior v1.0 (GB Game)

Ventzislav sent in a brandnew game for GBC. In fact it’s his first ever Gameboy game. Not much text needed, just look at the screenshot.

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GBA hobbydevelopers attention!

Datel UKoffering cash money for Gameboy Advance minigames on short schedule (deadline 25th January). They probably pay 1000-3000 US$ / game. You can grab more information on a temporary page linked below. This might be a good chance for GBA hobby developers to gain attention and make a little money out of it.

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PDRoms Coding Competition v2 (misc)

There is another coding competition organized by PDRoms.

This competition is not much of a challenge but you have only 10 days of time. Deadline is the 18th January 2004 at midnight (CET time). The goal is to write a”LLamatron”style game (not a clone!). The file size does not matter this time.

Allowed systems are Gameboy Classic/Color, Gameboy Advance, GP32, Neo Geo Pocket Classic/Color and Dreamcast!

Judge support comes from Freeze/ and EvilDragon/

The first prize, which is a NGPC plus seven (!) games, is sponsored by an onlineshop for consoles, console games and console accessories.

PS.: If you are webmaster of a related page please help spreading the word about this compo, thanks in advance 🙂


Update: Deadline extended to 8th February (Sunday) due to DATEL offering cash money for Gameboy Advance minigames on short schedule (deadline 25th January). That’s what I call bad timing, but since I want to support the GBA scene and still have the one or other LLamatron style game for GBA I extended the deadline. This should also help others to have enough time to make something great :o)

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CastawayGP v13.2 (Atari ST emu for GP32)

Skeezix released a new version of his Atari ST emulator. This version now has two FXEs, the first is the normal version and the second, Castawa+.fxe, has improved sampled-audio playback but is slightly slower than the normal version.

Download it from the homepage here.

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PCEAdvance v5.2 (PCE emu for GBA)

Flubba released a new version of his PC Engine emulator for the GBA.

Changes are:

Made one of the transfers to VRAM HLE (faster).
Fixed the Timer IRQ.
Added new item to menu (TimerIRQ: enable/dissable).

Visit his homepage here for the downloads.

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