YAFL v0.2 (GP32 application)

YAFL (Yet Another File Launcher) is an application similar to Pacrom and others. It’s an alternative way to boot files from your GP32. Details at Woo’s page.

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PGEN v1.2 (Genesis/Megadrive Emulator for PS2)

PGEN, an Genesis/Megadrive emulator for the Playstation 2 has been updated. Version 1.2 is mainly a bugfix release. Details and download from it’s homepage.

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GBAGI v1.01 (GBA Sierra Adventuregame Interpretor)

GBAGI is a Sierra adventure game interpreter/emulator for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. With the use of a flash cart on your GBA, you can play all your AGI games on the portable. Not only can you play Sierra’s adventure games, but also your own, and dozens of homebrew games made by other enthusiasts! The authors wordsfor the new release:

The save/restore problems were due to the way the view/picture information was being stored in the SRAM. It’s completely fixed. As well, The restore dialog no longer has the name edit field enabled, so you can save your game with one less button press (it makes game play more enjoyable, heh).The inventory bug was due to certain opcode parameters being addressed as immediate values rather than variable references. It’s been completely fixed as well. Thanks to Juha Terho for finding these, you’re one of the best beta testers around!

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Waterfall (GBA techdemo)

A waterfallroutine by Debray Matthieu has been released at GBAdev.org

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JPEG Viewer v1.20 (GP32 application)

Flavor just released another updated version of his JPEG Viewer for GP32. New in this version:”Cached views so that zoom out will be fast. Added filename at the bottom right when in slideshow mode”. Thanks to Flavor himself telling me the news via ICQ.

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Freetune Advance (GBA)

Freetune Advance is a”Tonal Guitar Tuner”. Here is what the author says:

I have written my first GBA program and it is Tonal Guitar Tuner, you play the note and tune your string along with the tone.You do have to have a firly good ear to tune along to a tone but even if you haven’t yet developed a ‘good ear’ it will still help you get the strings very close, then you can tune across the strings as you would normally do.Thanks to OrR for his GBAkkord which inspired me to write FreeTune Adv.

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KOF91 v1.3 (GP32 game)

KOF91 for GP32 is a port of KOF91 from PC which is a fighting game engine, allowing you to add your own characteres and backgrounds. The GP32 port has been updated recently and is now avaliable at Thor’s homepage. Thanks to Thor himself telling me the news on EFNET #pdroms.

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Andyman in Paint-A-Balls Land 02-01-04 (GP32 game)

Andyman in Paint-A-Balls Land is a sweet jump and run game for the GP32 created by Emuman. This new version includes two more levels with brandnew graphics.

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GpKat (GP32)

A rather strange application for GP32 is GpKat. Here is what the author says:

It may not look like much but that doesn’t matter – it’s the sound thats important. Basically what we have here is a tool for annoying interacting with cats. First find a cat. With cat in place and GpKat loaded up on your GP32, press one of the buttons, move the joystick and one of twenty possible cat noises will sound out. Your cat may be confused and try to find the”other cat”. Or cats being cats, it may just give you a dirty look or simply ignore you. Either way, it should provide literally seconds of amusement! takes no responsibility for feline related injuries or animal psychiatry bills resulting from use of this application.

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Flip It v0.5 (GP32 game)

JyCet, a french coder, just updated his GP32 puzzle game Flip-It to version 0.5. Thanks to JyCet himself for the news (IRC). The changes for Flip-It:

-Now SFX are ok-Change game music to add SFX.-Change welcome menu.-Add options menu (music,sound,level,language).-Add French language.-Add music for options menu.

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