Wondersnake 2 (WSC game)

A new game for WonderswanColor is out. This it the second ever freeware game. Have fun!

———————————————————‘Wondersnake 2’ for Wonderswan Color by Dox&Kojote———————————————————Do you remember ‘Wondersnake?’. Wondersnake was the firstfreeware game released for the Bandai Wonderswan Color.Now, Wondersnake is back, with 20 brandnew challenginglevels and improved controls.::::::::: Behold the sequel: Wondersnake 2 ! ::::::::::::Code&Graphics by Dox ………. dox (AT) space (DOT) pl by Kojote …….. kojote1980 (AT) yahoo (DOT) comhttp://www.pdroms.comThanks to:Mr. Spiv, for hardware testing!Greetings to:EFNET #pdroms #gp32dev #gbadev #gameboy #celldev—————————————————-[EOF]-

Download: Wondersnake 2

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Interview with Mithris (GP32 coder)

I just conducted an interview with Mithris/Noice. It’s about his work on GP32 and some related sidetalk.

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Dreamcast Coding Competition

Usually I do NOT cover Dreamcast stuff here, but if you are keen on coding a demo for Dreamcast, there is a competition by”Dreamcast-Scene”. You can read more about it on the page linked below.

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PGEN v1.1 (Genesis emulator for PS2)

PGEN v1.1 is out! The highlight this release is support for the PS2 HDD. The changes:

* Just about all PS2 specific code re-written * Started using gsLib for graphics * Added scroll bar to romlist and Save Manager * Added support for loading ROM’s from the memory cards * Added HDD support. Now possible to save/load states and options to the HDD, and load ROM’s from the HDD * CD refresh obsolete, removed * Added support for zipped roms * Filtering now available for rendering (hardware linear filtering) * Saved states now use zlib for compression. Old saves are incompatible. * Killed support for OLD JAP consoles (sorry :P) * Fixed bug with FIFO empty (VDP control port) emulation. Fixes games such as Wonderboy 5 and Splatterhouse 2. * Added multitap support for use in 4 player games * No longer load modules from cdrom, making it possible to boot from a memory card via the PS2 Independence exploit * Many other misc changes

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PCEAdvance v5.1 (PCE emulator for GBA)

FluBBa recently updated his PCE emulator for GBA called”PCEAdvance”. Get the latest version from his page.

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GoomBA v1.8 (GB emulator for GBA)

Goomba is a Nintendo Game Boy Emulator that will allow you to play the old Nintendo Handheld classics on your Gameboy Advance. The changes:

* Added support for 32kbyte ERAM for MBC1&MBC5 also. * Fixed transfer of games that are 128kbyte big. * Fixed a smal error with the joypad reg. * Fixed the HALT instruction. * Fixed RTC routines.

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SIEmu-gp32 1.03 (file extension fix) (8080a simulator for GP32)

SIEMu the 8080a (sim|em)ulator has been ported to the GP32. This initial version is hardcoded to play Space Invaders, but the codebase will support Invaders Revenge and Space Attack for anyone who wants to recompile it. Full speed, clean colour display, and sampled sound. Source incuded (GPL). Now fixed to also support 3 char extensions for your rom files (rename, appending ‘xx’ to each). [News taken 1:1 from]

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GpMoria – early beta (GP32 game)

Rich has made a dungeon exploring game for the GP32. The description taken from Rich’s pages says:”Run around the Dungeon and hit anything that moves, and a few things that don’t”. The game itself is in a very early beta stage, but maybe you are interested anyway.

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GP Master (GP32 game)

A new korean GP32 game appeared. I can’t tell you exactly what this game is about, but it looks like a horse racing game with extremly good graphics. Thanks to the news, where you also can get the download from. The game was first seen on:

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Western GP32 (Doom v9 WAD file for GP32)

Western by Falken is not a stand alone game. It’s a wad file to use with the freely avaliable Doom (v9) engine.

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