GPChess v0.5 (GP32 game)

gcx21000 released a new version of GPChess, which is a *surprise* chess game for the GP32 😉 Details and download from:

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Escape from Pong (NES game)

Adam Gashlin send in his NES game”Escape from Pong”to the Minigame Coding Competition 2003, where you play a Ping Pong ball trying to escape from 12 paddle- and obstacle-filled levels.

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PDROMs Coding Competition I – Rules slightly changed

I allready got a couple of questions, so I tried to make the rules better understandable. You can see the upgraded rules here:

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GenEmu (Megadrive emulator for GP32)

Zardoz Jones is the first one to release his Megadrive/Genesis emulator to the public. By following the threat on GP32x you should come across the download file.GP32x Threat

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Mine Sweeper (Sega Saturn game)

Rockin’ B released his Mine Sweeper game to the public. Still amazing to see someone is coding for the Sega Saturn!

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Years Behind (NES musicdisk)

“Retrocoders”released a musicdisk for the NES. Should work on real hardware as on emulators. Thanks to A_Lee_N for telling me the news on IRC.

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GiriGiriWalker v0.1 (GP32 game)

It tooked a while, but now it’s finally out. Giri Giri Walker’s game concept is close to Chucky Egg known from a couple of systems. Giri Giri Walker is also the first game featuring an online highsore!

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PDROMs Coding Competition I – GB/GBC/GBA/GP32

Finally I’m proud to tell you that the PDROMS Coding Competition will be held from today (1st September) to the end of October (31st). Accepted are games anddemos/introswhich do not exceed the size of 256kb! The total money prizes for now are 300 EUROS which might increase a bit. Details of the compo can be found at

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PCEAdvance v4.7

A new version of the PC Engine emulator for the GBA has been released. Just the one change in this version:

    Added checking for GameBoy Player, see readme.

Visit the homepageherefor the downloads.

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GP Gravity Force v2.0

A new version of the remake of the original Gravity Force has been released. Changes in this version are:

    Load/Save hi-score added8 levels now createdRight shoulder button now fires tooStart button starts game instead of ‘A’Cargo restricted to 3 items (large cargo counts as 2).To doMove away from SDK sample mixing as it’s rubbish and crackles.still more levelsRace Mode

You can download this new release fromGP32Emu.

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