wireee (GameCube techdemo)

Costis over at gcdev posted a new little techdemo/intro by peter called”wireee”. It shows rotating sphere and has a scrolltext too. You can get the file from:

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Caimans Video Codec for GBA

“Caimans Video Codec”has been updated. In fact they added a few new demos to present the engine. Most of them are movie trailers.

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Yeti3D v1.0 (GBA 3d engine / techdemo)

We allready had two posts about this 3D engine in the past. now the first public non beta version is out. Here is what the author says:

Version 1.0 of The Yeti3D Engine for the GBA is now complete! Thanks to the work of Greg from Torlus Console Development, the engine now has a fully optimized 15bit dynamic lighting DDA texture mapper. The engine is now reported to run at a cool ~15-20 FPS on real hardware. The latest demo zip contains both the C and optimized ARM versions for you to try.

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handyPort2 v0.1b (Lynx emulator for GP32)

Remember the”Handy”port a while ago? The author of PORB had a new try and the port to the GP32 seems to be a lot faster now. Sadly still to slow to play most games.

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Jump n Bump v0.036a (GP32 game)

An updated version of Jump’n’Bump is avaliable. Changes for this version:

+ add libmikmod :)+ add new jnb title picture+ add music support+ add single view mode+ source cleaning- drop CHN’Modplayer

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GBAdev Coding Competition

For all of you who parcipate in the GBAdev Coding Competition please note that there are only 3 days left to the deadline!

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PDRoms Compo News 12.09.2003
  • The rules got an update to cover the recent questions. Please have a loot at the updated comporules.
  • The comporules can be now reached using the left navigation bar.
  • Lik-Sangcontributed something to the competition. Thanks to them we have now prices for the 4th – 6th ranked people in each category (game&demo/intro). For details have a look at the comporules page as well.
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    Bomber 4k (NES game)

    RoboNES released a new NES game called Bomber 4k. As you can guess from the”4k”it’s only 4 kilobytes small. You can get the game at:

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    Atomix (GBA game)

    This time this is a remake of Atomixm, a very addictive puzzle game from Thalion which appeared on C64, Amiga, ST and PC. The graphics were extracted from the Amiga version and the sound is a remix module of the original one. This time it uses the excellent MASO sound system ( as sound engine.The goal is to reassemble the molecule you see in the bottom left part of the screen using the dispersed atoms in the allowed amound of time. Every six levels, you have a bonus level. You can not lose in such a level even if time falls to zero. However, in the other levels, it means that the game is over… and you have to start all it over ! You have 30 molecules to complete. They are all identical to the ones of the original.

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    GP32 OggPlayer v0.02

    A new version of OggPlayer is out. The program is not perfect yet, but runs at 66mhz on your GP32 and should handle .ogg’s up to a bitrate of 400.Download: GP32 OggPlayer v0.2

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