GP Gravity Force v2.0

A new version of the remake of the original Gravity Force has been released. Changes in this version are:

    Load/Save hi-score added8 levels now createdRight shoulder button now fires tooStart button starts game instead of ‘A’Cargo restricted to 3 items (large cargo counts as 2).To doMove away from SDK sample mixing as it’s rubbish and crackles.still more levelsRace Mode

You can download this new release fromGP32Emu.

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Porb v0.15 (GP32)

Porb is a collection of games and utils in one program including:

    – A Breakout clone, – Othello/Reversi- Memory- A filemanager- and some other programs.

Its a nice set of games so be sure to check it out especially the Breakout clone which has the graphics effects inspired from Drunken Frogger 🙂 Visit the homepageherefor the downloads.

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GPDoom V9 Final Released

Craigx has just posted a new version of GPDoom on the message board, theres too much new to list here so go check out the forum threadhere, if you have any problems please reply on this thread and Craig will try and look into them. Direct download ishere.

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ZXGP32 beta 3

A new version of the Spectrum emulator ZXGP32 has been released. Changes for this version are:

    – Started optimising code – Now runs in 66Mhz with no sound – Still needs 132Mhz to keep sound from dropping.- Selectable CPU speeds (66, 80, 120 or 132).- Tidied up sound – Sounds great thanks to Christian Nowak for his gpsoundbuf lib.- Filebrowser can now change directory, so snapshots can be stored anywhere.- Save state option added – This saves the complete memory, registers etc.- Automatic saving of settings for each game (saves both when the Filebrowser is activated or the emulator is reset). The following options are saved: CPU speed, Sound on/off, Button B mapping, Screen render mode.As not all the extended opcodes are fully emulated the emulator will now show a warning if an unemulated op-code is called. Feel free to e-mail me with any that you would like adding and which game is causing the problem.

Downloads can be found on the homepagehere.

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How to change clock speeds in GP32 FXE files

[nomod] has wrote an interesting guide on how to change the clock speed in FXE files. This for example would allow you to run Snes9xGP at 166Mhz instead of the standard 133Mhz. Before going any further you should consider that playing around with clock speeds may potentially damage your GP32. Neither GP32Emu or [nomod] accepts any responsibility for any damage as a result.Read the guide via our forumshere.

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GP32 USB Mass Storage Build 9 – Emu version

FireFly released a new version of his USB Mass Storage program for the GP32. This version now has write support but only to a virtual smc in the GP32 memory. This is due to some problems writing to an actual SMC via the GP32. When trying the program and you access the drive on your PC dont worry about the message to format the drive, it will only format a virtual drive and not touch the actual smart media card.You can download this release from FireFly’s homepagehere.

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Snes9xgp 0.97 final

Here it is, the last update :New in version 0.97- Even better speed, some more bug fixes, updated sound mixing- Final version (really!)Final notes:- If things look corrupted, try restarting the gp32 ->but run corrupted program first.- If things look frozen, then wait 5 minutes and see if it comes back.- If things still don’t work, then use fresh batteries.- If it still don’t work, thats too bad :)Download ithere. Feel free to discuss this release via our forum posthere.

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Flames (GBA techdemo)

MrMr[iCE] released a very classic effect today. Flames is a fire effect. Of course the source is included.

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Caimans video codec (GBA)

Tony, the author for the GBA JPG Viewer, also works on a video codec to use with the GBA. There are allready 4 techdemos avaliable.

The Caimans video codec brings video on your Gameboy Advance(tm) , with a new fast algorithm designed to achieve high quality at low data rates and visually optimized for GBA’s lcd display. Youcan watch Caimans codec in action downloading the examples in this page. Please note that the demos povided refer to the actual beta version of the lib and use HUGE uncompressed PCM audio. Furthermore the caimans video codec is optimized for the REAL GBA display, even if you can see some noises and artifacts when playing demos with an emulator, the quality improves when using a real GBA. If you have a GBA flashcart I strongly suggest you to try a demo on the real hardware. Contact the author for further details

Thanks toLucifer Lovefor the news again!

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GBA Jpeg Viewer v2.2 (application)

Tony updated his GBA JPEG Viewer. This program is a Windows program which will output a GBA rom with the JPG’s you selected before using a nice interface. Thanks toLucifer Lovefor the news.

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