NesterGP released (GP32)

A new NES emulator based on the sources of NESter (actually the Dreamcast port of NESter) has been released. It currently features:

    * Full speed emulation (frame rate is NOT full speed though, must optimize)* Sound* Full screen stretching option* Save/Load state* Save/Load SRAM* Game Genie support* Integrated ROM CRC database, courtesy of GoodNES ROM renamer

Visit the homepage at more information and the downloads.

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Arkanorb (GBA game)

Tim Cowley send me his Arkanoid clone”Arkanorb”yesterday via e-mail. Of course there are special bricks which increase your speed or slow youdown. Check out the pics 😉 The game isn’t big, so it’s worth a try.

Download Arkanorb

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Caves and Batz (GBA game)

Caves and Batz is a platform game with 6 stages and 2 boss levels. You are a stickman and have to escape the levels which are flooded by deadly bats. Thanks to for the news!

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Dragon Ball GP v0.5

A new version of the Dragon Ball Z remake for GP32 has been released. My french isnt very good but it has three new players (Goku, Piccolo and Freezer) and if you press L button while playing it will refill your energy bar (i think). Visit the homepage at the download and some screenshots of the game in action.

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Centipede v0.1

A new emulator for the Arcade game Centipede has been released. Currently there is no sound but the actual game runs fine. Downloads can be found atGP32Emu.

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ColecoTech – Colecovision Emulator for GBA

Hot on the heels of the release of TheHiVE’s emulator the other day, we have a second Colecovision emulator in the form of ColecoTech. After the drawn out splashscreens, you have 6 playable games, Carnival, Cosmic Av, Miner 2049, Mouse Trap, Smurfs Rescue and Zaxxon. Sounds and speed are both good. Doesn’t look like scaling is implemented yet though. It’s nice to see another Coleco emulator and you can see it for yourself, by downloading it fromGBAEmu.

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Slander Announced

Slander is a new GP32 based Diskmag that is currently being worked on. The program is mostly working and supports text files, images and has background music. There are some screenshots of the program atGP32Emu.The author wants some new articles for the first issue of Slander so if you are interested please contact him more information, a website for Slander is currently being made and should be online soon.

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Tailzone third project announced

Not long after releasing their second have updated their site with a screenshot of their third game project which has now started to be worked on. No other information about the game is available, but the screenshot reminds me ofChuckie Egg🙂 Anyhow, check out the screenshot at

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Blanquita Released (GP32 Game)

Blanquita is the first game to use the recently announced and released WIP SDL port for the GP32, it was originally a owner development game for Dreamcast. The source code and binary of the game can be found on the SDL GP32 homepage at If you are interested on working on the GP32 SDL port dont forget to sign up and join the team. Already after a few hours of being announced, the project is making good progress so its not a dead project if thats whats holding you back 😉

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sdl-gp32 preliminar v0.1 (GP32 lib)

SDL is going to be ported to the GP32. A first version is out. Get it at:

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