Atari 800 GP32 v0.3 (Atari 800 emulator for GP32)

The fresh released Atari 800 emulator from yesterday is now on version 0.3. The changes:

Added option on R key in Added option to B menu in Fixed screen drifting problems

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Speccyal K v0.5b (Spectrum Emulator for GP32)

Tyrell release a new version of Speccyal K with a little change:

Minor update: sound is rendered in 44,1 khz instead of 22 khz and it seems to have an impact over the background noises (this problem drives me nuts!) that have plagued the emu until now. For example, if you have noise in Gunrunner or other games, get this version. This is not an update to absolutely get, but if you cannot bear anymore those noises, this update should make you happy.

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PDRoms Webboard

As the one or other know I tried to build up a community on my boards. This goal has not been reached now and there are really less posts and a lot of members who just signed up and never posted anything. I’ll keep the boards up for the next week. If there is no change in the situation, I’ll completly delete the PDRoms Webboards. It’s up to you now…

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Atari 800 (Atari 800 emulator for GP32)

Now the GP32 community get’s a public Atari 800 emulator! More details plus download on it’s page.

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PCE Advance v4.0 (PCE emulator for GBA)

FluBBa released a new version of PCE Advance. Changes:

Added check for IRQ after CLI/RTI, fixed Outrun/Bomberman intro.Fixed the timing between screen/cpu.Fixed a lot of games with missing/freezing sprites.Fixed Timer IRQ a bit, some games are faster (1941 Kai (J), R-Type (J)).Fixed and optimized the accumulator shift (After Burner II, Final Blaster, Magical Chase, Valkyrie no Densetsu).Fixed TAI&TIA instructions, fixed alot of games.Changed assignment of X&Y register.Changed Raster Compare and vblank diff again (Bravoman).Changed the menus to be like PocketNES again.Optimized ROM access in CPU core.

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Lik Sang On Nintendo Piracy Judgment / Official Lik Sang Statement

I allready posted about the recent and articles about Lik Sang’s court troubles. Now there is an official statement from Lik Sang and I highly recommend you to read that one.

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Break The Brick Block (B3) (GP32 game)

Tailzone have released their Breakout-Style-Game called”Break The Brick Block”. You can get it from:

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GPPang Sourcecode release (GP32 game)

The source of the GP32 game”GPPang”is now avaliable at it’s official page.

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It Might Be NES WIP (NES emulator for PSX)

Some WIP news:

A new version of the rombank program will be released soon that I hope will resolve all remaining issues people have had using it to create ISOs. In the mean time, I am continuing to work on getting memory card compatibility up. I will need to purchase memory cards for testing so please email me or post in the forum which brand/model cards currently do NOT work with imbNES. Also, I have set up a paypal account to accept donations to help cover the cost of memory cards, a multi-tap, a light gun, new PSX dev equipment and anything else I’ll need to buy to further develop imbNES. If you would like to support this project, feel free to make a contribution. Contributors will be recognized in the program and held in high regard by all!

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Space Waste (GBC Demo Source Code)

Dalton released the source for his Gameboy Colordemo “Space Waste”. You can get the binary, and of course the source from:

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