Poker Squares (GP32 game)

A new game by Rich (author of Fruitee) has been released by the name of Poker Squares. The basic aim of the game (full instructions in the game) is to get the best set of poker hands for each row horizontally and vertically from a grid of cards 5×5 cards. Its an interesting game so be sure to check it out.Visit his homepage at both the FXE and source code downloads.

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Gamecube Section up!

Look at the left menu and search for”Gamecube”;) This Gamecube stuff does NOT use any official libs, whatever. 3 Techdemos (2 of them with source) and 2 Pong games (1 with source) are up. Thanks to Sjaak for some backgroundinformation and DesktopMan peaking me twice for getting this section up 😉

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Metal Slug for GP32?

Seems someone works on a remake of Metal Slug for the GP32. More details on GP32news.

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Hergs Yahtzee v0.5 (GBA game)

Also updated is”Yahtzee”a dice game.

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Hergs Solitaire v0.9.1 (GBA game)

Harold Toler updated his cardgame collection.

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15-Day-GP32-Coding Competition – MIRROR

PDRoms is the official mirror of the”15-Day-GP32-Coding Competition”. You can get all released files beside”Centipede”.Please be sure to vote for your favorite entry after you seen the stuff!!!(Link below) Voting will start on Monday!15 Day Crap (I Cant Draw But I Can Fly) by MithrisAir Rage by TarasApunta y Dispara by NuriaASCII Demo by MeOnlyEvillerBattleships32 v1.0 by KedoBird Shoot v0.3 by FagEmulBob The Amazing Lemon v0.1 by WoogalBreakout by JBBChip8 Emulator by RobertDrunken FroggerFalldownFruitee by RichGigas Engine by PiroticGiro by Franz LankesGlooP by Jamie LyonGP32 Smack (15-Day Coding Compo Version) by The WubLe 15e Jour by Optic VisionLiero-GP v0.5 by MarcMegaMan by J. L. BrechSlyro the Radioactive Cat by SlyroSquad 14 (pre-release) by MetelliusString by JoelThe Numerix Trip Of Peuppy -1- by Fuflo Lagi and Satu LagiTunnel Game 3D Tech Demo v0.1 Andreas GustafssonZeubdalVoting is now open at: of you probably read that Lik-Sang gives 10$ discount if you order a GP32 from a well known page… but be sure to check out Play-Asia (banner on the top of this page). They are even cheaper than Lik-Sang with discount!

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New Files!!! (GBA/GP32)

Gameboy AdvanceCaves and Batz by blaowFuerza Aerea v1.0 by mononoqueGRUB v1.0 by Ben StarkHergs Solitaire v0.9 by Harold TolerMines Advanced v1.2 by VortexPCEAdvance v4.0 by FluBBaPCM Driver Test v0.001 by Magic TouchPhloam by UniqueRaycaster Demo by Erik RoundsScrabble Dictionary by Rob BlandingSpace Invaders by fjsantosTetris (29 May 2003) by Choopan RattanapokaTetris GBA v1 by Michael El-BakiThe Nomad II -Trapped- v1.0.1 (Full Version) by Alex MarkleyThis Is A Simple Font Test (DMA Text) by LupinTic Tac Toe v0.01 by Michael IedemaToonboy GBA by Drew MedinaWizard by AlexGame Park 32 (GP32)B3 v0.1a by TailzoneBouncing Bill 2 v0.1 by FeeblezCaSTaway GP v12.1 by Jeff MitchellGPBlocks v1.0 by Andreas GustafssonGPPang v0.82 by Michel LouvetLittle John GP32 v0.1 by YoyoMemoritron32 by MetelliusMr. Monar v0.1 by TailzoneNesterGP v1.0 by Scherzosnes9xgp v0.95b by Snes9xGP TeamSpeccyal K v0.5b by TyrellxRick (GP32) v1.2 by Anders Granlund and SDW

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GBA Jpeg Viewer v1.2

A new version of the JPEG viewer for the GBA has been released. Changes for this version are:

    Added a Rom size preview feature in Jpeg packer Better quality in Jpeg encoding Added a rom options button to specify rom internal name (required by some flash program) Added a slideshow mode in Jpeg viewer Added a nice”about box”in Jpeg packer (based on an idea by Tangor Fopper) Added dynamic brightness adjustment in Jpeg viewer Small pictures are now centered in GBA display Jpeg decoding is now 10-15% faster

Visitthe homepage at more information and the downloads.

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Pirotic’s Homepage – RPG Engine and CPS32

Pirotic emailed me with news that his homepage for his GP32 projects is now online. There are currently two projects on the go which are his RPG Engine and the CPS-1 emulator named CPS32 which was originally mentioned on our forums a few days ago. Visit his homepage at more information and some screenshots of both projects.At the request of Pirotic, I have set up a topic on our Development Boards for CPS32 which you can findhere, please ask any question about the emulator but dont pester him for release dates! You can also find the RPG Engine post by clickinghere

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NesterGP released (GP32)

A new NES emulator based on the sources of NESter (actually the Dreamcast port of NESter) has been released. It currently features:

    * Full speed emulation (frame rate is NOT full speed though, must optimize)* Sound* Full screen stretching option* Save/Load state* Save/Load SRAM* Game Genie support* Integrated ROM CRC database, courtesy of GoodNES ROM renamer

Visit the homepage at more information and the downloads.

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