Interview with Groepaz (GBC misc)

And here is the second interview for today… Mainly talking about Groepaz’s ‘”Bitte 8-Bit!” Gameboy Color demo from the year 2000.

(Link broken, to be updated, 09/2008)

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Ryleh Interview (GP32 coder)

I had the pleasure to interview Ryleh today. He is a well known GP32 and famous for his emulator ports such as fNES32 and many more which are currently unreleased.This is the first interview of a few ones I conducted today to celebrate the 20th June 😉 The interview with Groepaz/Hitmen (GBC coder) and Thor (NGPC coder) will be up soon.WARNING: The interview is temporary reachable on the location seen below. As soon as I get time to make a html sheet the interviewwill be avaliable in the PDROMS-Interview section.

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PCM Driver Test v0.001 (GBA demo)

AND/Magic Touch released a PCM Driver for the Gameboy Advance. The author also mentioned that this tech demo only works on emulators, not on real hardware (yet).

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Break the Brick Block (B3) WIP (GP32 game)

The guys at Tailzone wrote more details about their upcomming game”Break the Brick Blocks”which is an Arkanoid style game for the GP32. More screenshots has been added as well.

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1943 WIP (GP32 game remake)

Metellius announced a 1943 remake on his page.

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Speccyal K (Spectrum emulator for GP32)

After a few weeks without update Tyrell updated his Spectrum emulator for the GP32 again. The changes:

– Rewrote the virtual keyboard. It’s now like the ‘real’ speccy keyboard, and is displayed in a graphical way. Press LEFT and RIGHT for caps shift / symbol shift (only two keys are supported as of now : Symbol shift + P =”, Caps Shift + 0 = backspace).- Bug fixed : the 48k savestates are now working. – Bug fixed : previously, when a 48k game was started before a 128k game, it was greatly slowed down (about 20-30%! the reason was a problem with AY sound code emulation).- Fixed flickering in the options screen- Changed the way keys are handled, because pressing LEFT + RIGHT for saving a game was not very easy. LEFT is now only used as a ‘shift’ key. Here are the new keys : RIGHT = file browser, SELECT = keyboard, LEFT + RIGHT = options, LEFT + SELECT = savestate. Everyone should be happy with the new keys.

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Dragon Ball GP v0.1 (GP32 game remake)

A french guy has a remake of”Dragonball Z”in the works. The page does not contain many information, but you can get a download of the current gamestate from there.

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Wizard (GBA demo game engine)

Alexander released a jump and run demoengine for the Gameboy Advance. It features Parallax Scrolling and Sprite<>BG collision detection.

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Lik-Sang lost against Nintendo!

Recently Lik-Sang lost a court against Nintendo because of selling devices capable of copying GBA/GBC games. Read more on those (English News)Nintendo Wins Piracy Case Against Hong Kong FirmUPDATE 1-Nintendo wins piracy case against Hong Kong firmJudge rules against HK firm in Nintendo piracy (German News)Lik Sang muss an Nintendo zahlen [Update]Feel free to discuss this recent happening on the PDRoms board.

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LJGP32 WIP update

The homepage of the NES emulator LJGP has been updated with some WIP new:

    WIP Still have some bugs to fix, but now speed is near 100% (90-100%) in most games and frameksip 0 if sound is off. With sound on and frameskip 1 it’s nearly perfect (100% speed most of the time).

Sounds like the next release will be another great release. Visit the homepage at

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