Slander Announced

Slander is a new GP32 based Diskmag that is currently being worked on. The program is mostly working and supports text files, images and has background music. There are some screenshots of the program atGP32Emu.The author wants some new articles for the first issue of Slander so if you are interested please contact him more information, a website for Slander is currently being made and should be online soon.

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Tailzone third project announced

Not long after releasing their second have updated their site with a screenshot of their third game project which has now started to be worked on. No other information about the game is available, but the screenshot reminds me ofChuckie Egg🙂 Anyhow, check out the screenshot at

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Blanquita Released (GP32 Game)

Blanquita is the first game to use the recently announced and released WIP SDL port for the GP32, it was originally a owner development game for Dreamcast. The source code and binary of the game can be found on the SDL GP32 homepage at If you are interested on working on the GP32 SDL port dont forget to sign up and join the team. Already after a few hours of being announced, the project is making good progress so its not a dead project if thats whats holding you back 😉

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sdl-gp32 preliminar v0.1 (GP32 lib)

SDL is going to be ported to the GP32. A first version is out. Get it at:

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GRUB v1.0 (GBA game)

Ben Stark released a new game called GRUB. It’s a mixture between Crazy Taxi and Dope Wars.

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Atari 800 GP32 v0.3 (Atari 800 emulator for GP32)

The fresh released Atari 800 emulator from yesterday is now on version 0.3. The changes:

Added option on R key in Added option to B menu in Fixed screen drifting problems

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Speccyal K v0.5b (Spectrum Emulator for GP32)

Tyrell release a new version of Speccyal K with a little change:

Minor update: sound is rendered in 44,1 khz instead of 22 khz and it seems to have an impact over the background noises (this problem drives me nuts!) that have plagued the emu until now. For example, if you have noise in Gunrunner or other games, get this version. This is not an update to absolutely get, but if you cannot bear anymore those noises, this update should make you happy.

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PDRoms Webboard

As the one or other know I tried to build up a community on my boards. This goal has not been reached now and there are really less posts and a lot of members who just signed up and never posted anything. I’ll keep the boards up for the next week. If there is no change in the situation, I’ll completly delete the PDRoms Webboards. It’s up to you now…

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Atari 800 (Atari 800 emulator for GP32)

Now the GP32 community get’s a public Atari 800 emulator! More details plus download on it’s page.

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PCE Advance v4.0 (PCE emulator for GBA)

FluBBa released a new version of PCE Advance. Changes:

Added check for IRQ after CLI/RTI, fixed Outrun/Bomberman intro.Fixed the timing between screen/cpu.Fixed a lot of games with missing/freezing sprites.Fixed Timer IRQ a bit, some games are faster (1941 Kai (J), R-Type (J)).Fixed and optimized the accumulator shift (After Burner II, Final Blaster, Magical Chase, Valkyrie no Densetsu).Fixed TAI&TIA instructions, fixed alot of games.Changed assignment of X&Y register.Changed Raster Compare and vblank diff again (Bravoman).Changed the menus to be like PocketNES again.Optimized ROM access in CPU core.

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