Scrabble Dictionary (GBA application)

Rob Blanding released a”Scrabble Dictionary”. I guess that says all 😉 Thanks toGBAdev.orgfor the news!

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GBA Jpeg Viewer v1.1

A new version of the GBA Jpeg viewer has been released. Changes are:

    Added”Gamma correction”Added”Insert pictures”feature, to import pictures at a specific point in the listAdded”Jump to a random picture”, skip +-10 and +-100 picturesAdded an image counterAdded”Reset”Added up and down buttons in GBA Jpeg packer and the ability to remove pictures pressing the”DEL”keyAdded a simple help screen.(Bug fix) Loading many pictures at a time with the add… button instead of drag and drop didn’t work well

Visit the homepage at more information and the downloads.

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15 Day GP32 Coding Competition

Craig has organised a 15 day GP32 coding competition to liven the GP32 scene a bit more and to get more people interested in coding for the GP32. There are not many rules for this competition as the aim is for it to be fun, a staggering two rules!

– The competition starts from this Friday (13th June) and ends on the 27th June. Entries must be submitted to 15days(at) before the end date- You can enter anything you want provided it works on the GP32 hardware, a game, demo or program is fine.

Winners prizes will include SMCs, carry cases, RF-Link’s and replacement screens. The overall first place winner will receive a coloured GP32.More Details are avaliable on:

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Bird Shoot v0.2 (GP32 game)

FagEmul released a new Bird Shoot version. This game has rather neat graphics and is fun to play for a couple of times. Thanks to FagEmul himself telling me the news on EFNET #pdroms. You can get the download using this link:Download: Bird Shoot v0.2

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Pizza Hog v1.0 (GBA game)

Ben released a new GBA game called”Pizza Hog”. This post is a release information and help request in one, but read more:

PIZZA HOG is a pizza delivery game where you are given a large city and must select a delivery route to the houses in need of pizza. All to earn some cash. Keep delivering and you’ll make more money. Run out of time and you get fired. I would like some suggestions for this game as how to improve it. Possibly a different type game setting besides Pizza Delivery? I want a concept of roaming a huge city with lots of gameplay options

Download the game, and feel free to help Ben out. Thanks to Ben himself for giving me the news on EFNET #pdroms.

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XRick v1.2 (GP32 game port)

Some of you might remember the port of XRick (Rick Dangerous Clone) to the GamePark 32 by Anders Granlund. Now Andreas Gustafsson had a look at the sources, and added savestate possibility to the SMC and there are level passwords now. If you used to play Anders’ port, be sure to get the updated one by Andreas, you can’t be wrong.

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Toonboy (GBA Demo)

Toonboy is a very tiny jump and run demonstration by Dr. Jelly. Actually I’ve seen this rom a few days ago on the HAMlib boards, but forgot to post about it. In the meantime the author submitted his demo to the guys at GBAdev. Credits for the news go to GBAdev!

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The Nomad II: Trapped (GBA game)

CoolMan let us know through thePDRoms Forumthat the full version of”The Nomad II: Trapped”has been released.It features:- 40 original levels. (20 more then the demo that was previously posted) – Full source code. (GPLed) – Random Level Generator – And a few other things…

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Bird Shoot Beta (GP32 game)

The french GP32 code”Fagemul”released a first beta of his bird shooting game. It’s really nice done. I allready had the pleasure to test it a while ago. You can get the current beta on GP32emu.

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Break the Brick Block (B3) WIP (GP32 game)

The creator of Mr. Monar announced a new game which is in the works. It’s called”Break the Brick Block”. You can check screenshots of this upcomming Breakout-Clone on it’s official page.

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