Ah! Catsmanga Daioh (08-August-2003) (GP32 game)

“Ah! Catsmanga Daioh”has been updated. This game is based on a japanese anime series. You can get the download from it’s page at:

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Giri Giri Walker WIP (GP32 game)

Giri Giri Walker has a new feature. It’s an enemy search function. A new screenshot can be seen at Tailzone’s homepage.

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CaSTaway GP v13 (Atari ST emulator for GP32)

CaSTaway has been updated and included following changes:

NEW: Added new menu item to Configuration submenu; Adjust Clock Speed. You can now set the GP32 clock to 66, 99, 132, 150, 156, 160 or 166MHz. Everyone can run up to 132MHz, and hopefully you can get to 156 or so; some can run at 166MHz (including me! :). Your battery performance goes down the crapper though at that speed, but you can turn your framerate way down.o NOTE: Everything is very carefully cycle counted here.. including sound processing to the ST main CPU; so if you clock up and the emu is running mega fast, then sound will be higher pitched; so you can decrease frameskip until its just right. If setting frameskip to 0 and its still too fast, it means you’re clocking too high so you might as well clock down a little to get it right and save some battery power.o NOTE: Now I need to add throttling code so that even if you clock too high it’ll run the right speed; for now, you can fiddle with your clock and frameskip to get it right :)o NOTE: Most people probably do not need to run at 166.. Castaway/GP is already pretty fast!o NOTE: Don’t blame us if you pop your unit, though evidence would suggest the worst that can happen is your unit crashes; just turn it off and you’re good to go :)o Thanks [SoD]Thor! (Thor got me through a brief brainlapse 🙂

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Buenzli 12 (GBA invitro)

The”Buenzli 12″is a invitation intro (invitro) for a demoparty located in Switzerland, which will take place in approximatley two weeks. The coding was done by the demogroup Vantage. [Sidenote: I (Kojote) will be there as well…]

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GBA 3D Engine Pre-Beta (GBA techdemo)

Derek J. Evans released an 3D Engine for GBA on his page at:

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GPChess v0.3

rcx2100 sent me the latest beta of his Chess game for the GP32. Heres some info from the readme:

    When you start, select either New Game, or Load Game. New Game will give you a list of things to select, select the values you want, then select Go! Load Game will load the game, and the level (and any other things like time in next versions) will be the same as it was when you saved it (if it is a save from a previous version, the level will be 4, the level the previous versions were on.) To move pieces, select it with the pointer, press a, then move to dest square, then press a. Press b to cancel the move. When you press start, you get a list of options, they should be obvious (remember, there is only one savespace, and you have to have the folder GPCHESS in GPMM to save)

Download GPChess fromGP32Emu. Please give some feedback, bug reports etc via our forum posthere.

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GPDoom v8

As mentioned yesterday on GP32Emu Craig and Rob were working on adding music to the GP32 port of Doom. If you visited the forums you could have got a test version in advance but now everyone can try the latest release. Here is whats new:

    – The classic Doom music is now supported thanks to Robert Brown!- The Doom sound menu can now be used to increase/decrease music and sound volume.- The sound bug should now be gone forever as this is a new sound engine, no clicking either :)- This version can only run in 133MHZ, but slower modes will return in later versions for battery life 🙂

VisitGP32Emuto download the release. Please remember this is a beta version so if you have any problems please check the v8 forum post on our forumshereand see if your problem is mentioned, if not please report the error.

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GPDoom v7

Here is the new version of Doom that I posted about on Friday on GP32Emu, please read the information and download the correct FXE as there are some problems with using it on GP32s with Multifirmware. Heres the details:

    *NOTE: IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS RUNNING DOOM2 GET THE MULTIFIRMWARE VERSION – It has all the optimisations removed but it works – quick fix, still60FPS.- Well, its 350% faster, good enough? Doom 2 should be 60fps you can even choose to go over that and have a blast at 80fps if you want to.- If anything slows down its just because its reading from the SMC.- The speed increase is of course because the previous versions were running at 40MHZ – you can now choose your CPU speed, the menu explains the advantages of each speed. Its defaulted to 133MHZ.- Unfortunately the GP32 sound bug has reared its head at 133mhz, thats why its a bit clicky.- However the horrible sound breaking randomly bug is fixed :)- Just a note on weapons changes – you may think pressing l/r and nothing happening is a bug – its similay that you don’t have that weapon, just press again, if the next weapon up exists you will get it etc.

Downloads of the new release can be found onGP32Emu. Feel free to discuss this new release via our forums posthere.

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Speccyal K v0.6

A new version of the Spectrum emulator for the GP32 has been released today. Heres whats new:

    – Now the custom keys are saved for each game. That means it’s no more necessary to re-assign keys for each game.- Fullscreen mode. Please note it’s automatically using frameskip = 1, to ensure correct speed- Bugfix: the snapshots are not loaded anymore when pressing the”B”button in the file browser

Visit the homepage at more information and the downloads.

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Lights Out

yaustar has released a demo based on the game lights out.
Check it on the author’s web page :

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