GPPang v0.7 (GP32 game)

Another update of GPPang! GPPang covers now 15 amazing levels! Get the zipped FXE at the official page.

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PCE Advance v2.5 (PCE emulator for GBA)

While preaparing the new file uploads for PDRoms, I realized that FluBBa updated his PC Engine emulator”PCE Advance”to version 2.5! This version adds dynamic sprite memory allocation. Otherwise there are no other changes.

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Castaway GP v11.2 (AtariST emulator for GP32)

Skeezix let me know that he has released a new version of his Atari ST emulatorCastaway/GP. Changes are:

    Release 11.2NEW: You can bind the value”menu_configload”to a button (say, left shoulder) This brings up the config ->load dialog, so that you can very quickly jump between config selections!Release 11.1NEW: The”print”config command now adds text after the”Custom”mode indicator; so if you print”MyMode”you’ll see”Custom MyMode”. Handy to know what mode you’re in (what config was last loaded).FIX: When you hit Config ->Load and there are no .CNF files, it now gives an error instead of crashing :)FIX: Somehow from 10.5 private to 11.0 test version I broke the d-pad bindings.. fixed now.FIX: Frameskip mode wasn’t displayed properly in the indicator, due to changes done in 10.5/11; fixed now, so like normal again.

Visit the homepageherefor more information and the downloads.

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ZeroMine Advance (GBA game)

TeamKNOx presents us their second game for Gameboy Advance. ZeroMine is a Minesweeper clone. Screenshots and a binary are avaliable at TeamKNOx’s homepage.

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Speccyal K v0.4b (Spectrum emulator for GP32)

Tyrell released a bugfix version of v0.4 which has been released approximatley 9 hours ago.

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Tony-Targets WIP (GP32 game)

Just had a small talk with Wubby on IRC about his progress on”Tony-Targets”, which is a political shooting game for the GP32 🙂 Here we go:

[Kojo_work] wubb000000000000000000r[Kojo_work] any news on your game?[The_Wub] hey man :)[The_Wub] I’m working on it right now :)[The_Wub] I should be doing music though ;)[Kojo_work] feel free to give me wip news;)[Kojo_work] if you like[The_Wub] I would love to :)[The_Wub] right now?[Kojo_work] hmm[Kojo_work] why not ;)[Kojo_work] shoot out[The_Wub] Ok, well the main goal has been to Miyamoto-ise the game structure. To this end, best scores for each stage are saved to SMC so as you improve your aim you can go back and achieve 100% on all the levels thus opening up new options (new stages, characters etc..).[The_Wub] The only xtra character I’ll tell you about is G. B. bush (with cowboy hat 😉 )[The_Wub] *G. W. Bush[The_Wub] I have most of the new code 75% there. :)[The_Wub] just massive optimising going on (thanks to ryleh)[The_Wub] That’s about it :)[Kojo_work] okay i do a shameless copy and paste of those news now 😉 thanks

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Snake Clone (GBA game)

Jenswa released the source code of his”Snake Clone”. I guess you know what kind of game it is 🙂 The game itself is very simple done, so don’t expect too much from it.

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SG Tone Demo (GBA demo)

A fairly simple example of getting the GBA to spit out sound. It uses channel 1 and is not interactive. C-Source is avaliable.

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Speccyal K v0.4 (Spectrum emulator for GP32)

Tyrell updated his Spectrum emulator for GP32. The changes:

– Savestates added. For saving, press L+R simultaneously. A snapshot of the currently emulated machine will be performed to a .SAV file. This corresponds to a .SNA if working in 48k mode, or a .Z80 if working in 128k mode. The savestate will be *automatically* loaded the next time the game is selected in the file browser. Please note that as of now, loading a SLT savestate won’t work. This is really 100% functional for 48k .ZNA or 48k/128k .Z80 files.- Added a”reboot gp32″option (active as soon as the option menu is exited). This option is not saved on SMC, otherwise it would be impossible to launch the emulator :p – Added more keys in the virtual keyboard: ss, cs, en, bs, sp (symbol shift, caps shift, enter, back space, space).- Changed the way the”key is working : it’s not sending a LOAD””command anymore, but is simply sending the”key, because it was causing too many problems (depending on the rendering option).- Recompiled with GCC. A nice side effect is that sound is better (less background noise).- Reduced the executable size to about 50% of the original size, thanks to b2fxec (thanks Mr. Spiv)

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PCE Advance v2.0 (PC Engine emulator for GBA)

FluBBa goes and goes and goes… another udpate of PCE Advance. The changes:

– Added VRAM to VRAM DMA.- Added BRAM lock/unlock.- Decimal mode disable in IRQ (Final Blaster works, Rabio Lepus&Outrun starts)- Rewrote the VRAM write so it’s a bit faster.- Dynamic limits to how much you can scroll in unscaled mode (Atomic Robokid).- Some fixes to the border, it was gone after showing the menu.- Changed Raster Compare and vblank,”Bomberman 94″&”Benkei Gaiden”works and”Atomic Robokid”looks correct.- Tweaked the sprite following abit.-Added gamma control.

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