PCE Advance v2.0 (PC Engine emulator for GBA)

FluBBa goes and goes and goes… another udpate of PCE Advance. The changes:

– Added VRAM to VRAM DMA.- Added BRAM lock/unlock.- Decimal mode disable in IRQ (Final Blaster works, Rabio Lepus&Outrun starts)- Rewrote the VRAM write so it’s a bit faster.- Dynamic limits to how much you can scroll in unscaled mode (Atomic Robokid).- Some fixes to the border, it was gone after showing the menu.- Changed Raster Compare and vblank,”Bomberman 94″&”Benkei Gaiden”works and”Atomic Robokid”looks correct.- Tweaked the sprite following abit.-Added gamma control.

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Fruit Machine – preview (GP32 game)

Rich let me know that he has released a preview release of his fruit machine game for the GP32. It’s not fully playable yet so heres some more information:

    -start three times (don’t hold the two grapes) hold the two bars. Wooo an easy win. start until a seven in the middle, hold it. Hold the seven in the first, too Woo! A chance to gamble!- If you gamble up to bars don’t hold the next melons, then hold the grapes.

Download the preview release from the homepage at

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fNES32 WIP (NES emulator for GP32)

ryleh announced his Nintendo (NES) emulator for the GP32 to be released sometime this week. Here is what he announced at his page:

New fNES32 beta is incoming, and expected for this week or for the next one. This beta has major improvements from the June 2002 one. Please be patient while I release it and don’t ask for it.

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GP Pang v0.6 (GP32 game)

This game is gettin’ better each release. Now this”Pang”remake covers 12 levels! Changes for this release:

– New sprite engine with pixel perfect collision detection- New boucing ball engine (with the help of STICKOFJOY from gp32x forum) THANKS !- New platform collision detection (with the theory of ALF, a friend of mine) THANKS !- Double weapon Bonus- Freeze Bonus- Dynamite Bonus- Extra life Bonus- Extra life at 600,1500,5000 points- 2 new background- Total of 12 levels

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Castaway GP v10.3 (AtariST emulator for GP32)

Another update of this genious Atari ST emulator for GP32. The changes:

NEW:Keyboard delay; when an ST keyboard key is pressed (from the virtual keyboard, joystick mode’s spacebar shoulder button, or cursor mode’s cursor keys) then it is now depressed for a moment, instead of being pressed and released instantly. This fixes issues with a few super sensitive games like Turrican, Xenon 1 (ship transofrmation), and a few others.

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Plane (GBA demo)

Another simple techdemo. Check out the enclosed readme for details.

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Ninja Bear (GBA game)

A new game with neat animated characteres has been released. The gameplay isn’t that good but I hope this will increase in the future.

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GP Games v0.1

GP Games is a expansion of the GP Solitaire games released last week. Instead of just Solitaire it now has two additional games; Tetris and Shanghai. The menu and instructions are in Spanish but its fairly easy to work out what everything is.VisitGP32Emuto download GP Games.

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Doom v5

A new test version of Doom is now out. Its a test version because not everything has been completed due to time or fully tested. In this release is a brightness option, save and load working/mostly working, new controls, an approx. 15% speed increase and maybe one or two other surprises 😉 Read the attached docs for the full details.VisitGP32Emuto download the new release. Please give any feedback, bug reports etc in the GP32Emu forum posthere.

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New Release of Jump and Bump

A new version of a GBAX 2003 submission – Jump and Bump port for GP32 has been released. Changes are:

    + game cover (low) + menu + add level mananger (high) + menu effects (low) + sound + mod support (high) [ported but buggy ;( ] + game + more game features (low) + add game over stats (high) + zip support

Download it fromGP32Emu.

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