Compressed Audio PlayerDemo (GBA demo)

“Compressed Audio Player”is a audio system with realtime decompression/playback. A tech-demo is on the website. Actually this is a demoengine of a commercial product which costs a lot of money! But you can check out the free demo.

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Reversi Advance 19-05-2003 (GBA game)

TeamKNOx updated their Reversi game for Gameboy Advance. Check out their page using the link below.

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Bible (GBA book)

Dragaron informed me that he created a GBA book with the Bible text. In case you are interested you can get this on Dragaron’s page. Thanks to Dragaron himself for the news, and sorry for the delay 😉

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GP Pang v0.5

A new version of the Pang remake for the GP32 has been released. This version has a score feature and allows chain scoring, more levels and more types of platforms. Visit the homepageherefor the downloads.

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CaSTaway/GP v10.2

Skeezix let me know he released a new version of his Atari ST emulatorCaSTaway/GP. Changes are:

    CHG:New mouse calibration code (for the 6th or 7th time 😉 — seems to work well in that it gives you full range of movement from the current mouse position as if it was center of screen. (so ideally do the calibration from center of screen!)CHG:Automatic mouse-calibration at resolution changesCHG:Automatic mouse-calibration when approaching perceived screen edge, so that it’ll let you run off the edge if you want to.. TOS won’t let the mouse fly off the screen anywayCHG:The virtual keyboard starting position is in the middle now (near the numbers) since most often the first time you pull up the keyboard you’ll be wanting to go somewhere else.. this should help minimize that first bit of travel timeFIX:If you left-shoulder deleted the last file in the file listing, then pressing down would let you scroll forever. Now fixed.. deleting an item now selects the previous item so you can’t scroll down into nothingness.

Head over to his homepageherefor the downloads.

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X-Scape (GP32 game)

Studio X64 remade a game they released on C64 and PC a while back. I haven’t got the time to check the game yet, so please get all further information from it’s official page.

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Happy Face Rotation&Scaling Demo (GBA demo)

Brendan Sechter has released a”Happy Face Rotation&Scaling Demo”. Sources are avaliable.

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Deflektor (GBA game)

Deflektor, known from the AtariST, has been cloned by Foxy. It’s an unofficial conversion including all original 63 levels, graphics and digisounds.

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Pong (GBA game)

A new pong game for GBA. This time a conversation by Tim Cowley:

Total effort put into this project: 20 hours. There’s nothing fancy here, I’m afraid, no palette animation or tilemaps, no sound or dynamic lighting. Not even sprites. Just some simple animation, input, and state. Still, it’s fun to play. ^_^

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WinCE 4.x for GP32 News

FireFly updated his WinCE for GP32 page with some new screenshots of the project. Check them out at

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