GP32Vecx v0.2

SDW posted on the GP32Emu forums that he has released a new version of the Vectrex emulatorGP32Vecx. Changes are:

    – You can now select and load ROMs from a file selector (thanks to CHNs excellent file requester!).- Invert color palette with”Select”- Some minor speedups

Over 20 games have been tested and are mostly playable. Visit the homepageherefor the downloads. Leave any feedback on this release in the post SDW startedhere.

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Slander #1 (GP32 diskmag)

Approx. 3 weeks ago we had an announcement for the first GP32 diskmagazine. Finally it has been released! The first issues contains an interview with Mr. Spiv, who is developer of dozenzs of usefull tools for the GP32 and YoYo, author of LittleJohn, an NES emulator for the GP32. Just grab it 😉

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NesterGP v1.2 (NES emulator for GP32)

Scherzo updated his NesterGP port again. New in this version:

– ZIP support added- Game Genie”feature”has been removed until further notice (very buggy)

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SeSnake (GBA game)

There is a new Snake clone with source avaliable. SeSnake has been done by Roberto Bernardinello and is released under the GPL license. Thanks toGBAdevfor the news!

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Minigame Coding Competition 2003

This year we have the third”Minigame Coding Competition”. The compo is splitted into to parts. The goal is to write a game in 1k or 4k maximum size. Allowed consoles for now are: NES, Colecovision&Vectrex. The other allowed platforms are mainly old 8 bit computers such as the good old C64.

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Dragon Basic 32K Competition 2003

The one or other probably heared about DragonBASIC. It’s a BASIC style coding language for the Gameboy Advance. The challenge is to create a program in under 32k using the unregistered version of Dragon Basic or Tin. More details via the page below.

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Resident Evil remake v0.1 (GP32)

This is a remake of Resident Evil by the author of the Dragon Ball Z remakeGPower. Its very basic at the moment and features a couple of rooms which you can walk around, the room changing detection isnt accurate so when you change you will probably be slightly off from where you should be. The door to the left of the main room and the stairs are visitable in this version. In my opinion this game would look great in 16bit display but for whatever reason the author is using 8bit display hence the low quality background images.Downloads can be found atGP32Emu. If you have any feedback on this release please post on our Development forumhere.

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GP32Vecx v0.1

GP32Vecx is a new Vectrex emulator by SDW ported using the sources from a PC emulator namedVecx. Its a release after two hours work porting it and its only running at around 40% speed, also there is currently no file selector so the emulator is pre-built with a game namedMine Storm. A newer release may be made with a file selector but most likely noother major improvements will be made because SDW found out after there was already another Vectrex emulator available on the GP32.Downloads can be found atGP32Emu. Also please give any feedback on the emulator to a post SDW made on our forums announcing the emulator by clickinghere

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LJGP32 v0.2 (NES emulator for GP32)

The second release of LJGP32 is out. The changes:

nestoy DB support. nesdbase.dat has to be in GP:GPMMNES’ll find the file in the archive. rom browser uses caches to speed up browsing. Press Start to Analyze ROMs&Select for menu. improved mapper support : 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,15,16,17,18,19,21,22,23,24,64,66,68,69,70,71,83,91 autofire modes. 2″alternative”players mode : emulated pad can be changed in GUI (player 1,player 2,zapper). Autoframeskipping. Improved fixed frameskipping (to solve the pb of blinking sprites not visible with odd frameskipping values). Gamma correction. fullspeed emulation ! Without sound fps is between 30&60 fps and with sound between 20 and 45 fps, depending on games. zapper support. Please use adequat fixed frameskip value in order to avoid problems. (ex. for duckhunt, frameskip 1 and adj = 0). overpass NES PPU limit : double sprites limit (16 instead of 8), draw 240 lines in NTSC mode (instead of 224).

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“Tr?odansen GBA”is a GBA demo which has been released by Illuminati at Remedy 2003. Remedy is an swedish demoparty held last week. You can get the demo from!Download: Tr?odansen GBA

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