PCE Advance v4.6 (PCE emulator for GBA)

FluBBa updated his PCE emulator for the Gameboy Advance. This version fixes the SRAM bug only. No other changes are mentioned in the readme.txt

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GPGames v0.6

A new version of the multi-game game GPGames for GP32 has been released. If you are not familiar with GPGames it features Solitaire, Shanghai, Tetrisand Ball. Translated changes for this release are:

    Solitaire– Added to sound when desocultar letters or to happen of the deck.Shanghai– New levelAll Games– Scores are recorded on the SMC. Press SELECT on the game menu to see them

Downloads can be found atGP32Emu.

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fSMS released

That’s right, Rlyeh has actually released fSMS 😀 with tons of features, namely optimisations over the old private betas, and:

– PNG grabbing support – Scaling modes 1:1 and 1.25:1.25 for SMS / 1:1, 1.5:1.5, 2:1, 2:1.5 and 2:1666 for GG – Added lot of options: autofire, double buffering, vsync, frameskip, gamma correction, etc… – Untested multiplayer support (RF) – Fixed bugs everywhere as usual…

There’s still no PCM sound, but FM is clear overall, thanks to CHN’s sound lib. Rlyeh is now on holidays so this is the last release for a bit :)In addition to all this we have a fast filesystem manager (able to scan 1300 zips per minute), CRC32 ROM naming detection using GoodSMS and GoodGG by Cowering, plus other additions covered in the readme. Grab the file atGP32Emu!

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fSMS32 WIP (SMS/GG emulator for GP32)

Just got a new beta from rlyeh. Here is what he has to say:

What’s new———-Some optimizations donePNG grabbing supportScaling modes 1:1 and 1.25:1.25 for SMS / 1:1,1.5:1.5, 2:1, 2:1.5 and 2:1666 for GGAdded lot of options: autofire, double buffering,vsync, frameskip, gamma correction, etc…Untested multiplayer support (RF)Fixed bugs everywhere as usual…What’s missing for a release—————————-Just some hoursWhat’s missing for a decent emu——————————-Adding crystal FM soundAdding PCM soundFixing some minor compatibity bugsAdding SC1000, SG3000 supportKnown bugs———-Some games do not display gfx ok (Space Harrier).Some games do not run at all (Shadow Dancer).NoPCM sound yet.FM sound to be fixed (metallic sound).Following options are disabled: Pirotic’s USB Libraryfor multiplayer, saving/loading movies, cheats.

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DynaMate&Puzzle Gems (NGPC games) Source release

Thor released the sources of two of his games for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. If you are interested in NGPC coding you might check those sources.

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Little John WIP (NES emulator for GP32)

Seems we can count with a new version of”Little John”very soon. This lines are taken from the homepage:

WIP Release soon…. Eventually mmc5 bug for KOEI gamecorrected ! It was a really nasty bug…

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Bob The Amazing Lemon v0.2 (GP32 game)

Woogal updated his”15 Day Coding Competition”entry”Bobt The Amazing Lemon”to version 0.2. This release fixes a few bugs and the levels are in order (instead of random). Get the new release from it’s page at:

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And more reviews…

The reviews for the 19th July 2003 are* Maya Mystery (GBA)* Pacoman (GBA)//s-reviews.php

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And 2 more reviews…

Reviewed today:* GBApac (GBA)* Just Another Invaders Game (GBA)//s-reviews.php

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Morning Coffe v0.34 (GP32 text editor)

The guys at GP32news have a new version of”Morning Coffee”, which is a texteditor for the GP32. You can get the download and see a picture of the program in action there.

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