PCEAdvance v1.4 (PCE emulator for GBA)


V1.4 – 2003-04-14Correct VDC reads (fixes”Bullfight Ring no Haja”&intro of”Darkwing Duck”).

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Destined Soul (GBA game/demo)

Impressive RPG by Edmund Wong.

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Closedown? Deadend?

Some news which might affect the page…

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gpFrodo Beta 8 (C64 emulator for GP32)

Frodo is a portable C=64 emulator written by Christian Bauer. This GP32 port includes sound and graphics rendering code by Groepaz, and uses Sasq’s pogo lib. Changes:

Added a loader so launching programmes from d64s with multiple files is much easier.

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GPRoar Alpha 3 (Dragon emulator for GP32)

GPRoar has seen another update. This version adds sound support and a file requestor. Details and download on it’s official page.

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Hergs Solitaire v0.8.1 (GBA game)

Harold updated his card game”Solitaire”. Get the current version from his page:

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Media Player v1.0 Demo (GP32 application)

News taken from GP32 X-Treme:

Another version of media player from Goawong. This time we get file browser, can change clock speed (RIGHT key), but you can shoot me but dont know how to play an avi. Maybe this is why he named it Demo 😉 Try it yourself.

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Reesy updated his page with WIP news the past two days. DrSMS is a Master System emulator for the Gameboy Advance.

9th April 2003 – DrSMS NewsI’ve put in code to emulate the SMS noise channel. I am only emulating noise modes 0,1 and 2 at the moment. Number 3 uses the frequncy on tone channel 2 as its input. I’ll need to build a table to translate these frequency’s. I have also put in the menu.8th April 2003 – DrSMS NewsMajor break through today, I have finally got the rasta effects to work. So you will be able to play games like Hang-on and Battle Outrun. I’m not however going to release a new version yet, I’m going to be really nasty and make you wait!. I still have to put in a menu system on some sort and I still have to do the noise channel. I’ve also had reports that the reset function does not work correctly. So instead of releasing another version full of bugs, I’m going to try and tie up a few loose ends before the next release. I may even put in some code to emulate the SMS pause button.

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PCE Advance v1.3 (PCE emulator for GBA)

Also FluBBa’s PCE emulator for the GBA has been updated. The changes:

V1.3 – 2003-04-09Faster VDC writes.Fixed cycles counting (faster emulation).Init SRAM (Knight Rider, don’t know any more games yet).Fixed some of the problems with sprites in unscaled mode.Fixed decimal mode of SBC (Chase HQ, Cyber Cross).Fixed Horizontal scroll (Override).Fixed screen jumping (Keith Courage…).

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PocketNES v9.5 (NES emulator for GBA)

FluBBA did it again! Changes:

Lowered the DPCM channel a bit to reduce theclipping of the other channels.Smal speedup in the CPU core again.

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