More news about GP32 MAME

Hando over at GP32 X-Treme also had a look on ryleh’s latest piece of work which is a MAME port for the GP32 (unreleased yet). Hando offers a couple of other screenshots which GP32emu didn’t had.

As promised yesterday, some more info about M.A.M.E. for GP based on 0.66 sources. More than 20 games is supported, mostly Sega System 1. Emulation speed deppends on game. Actually all titles except Time Pilot (quite slow) are very playable. Emulator supports zipped roms, what is great feature if we consider that oeriginal MAME supports more than 3000 games. Of course GP32 wont handle even a half of them, but even than those supported games will took a lot of space. There is no chance fo public release because at current stage author is concentrating on emulator core, than he will start to add support for more games. As everyone knows, MAME sources are one big mess, so we have to be patient. A lot of works is still to do. But despite of this, Rlyeh has made a really great job so far.

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Virtual VCS (A2600 Emu) WIP News for GP32

AtariAge has some interesting news about a Virtual VCS port for the GP32 by Fabrizio Zavagli. Screenshots and details on this page:

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b-l-a (GBA intro)

Vantage strikes on the GBA. With this small intro, killer as coder, zthee as graphician and gimli as musician shows that Vantage is still able to introduce new things. Release: 07 april 2003; Download: 44kb

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gp32 MAME WIP (Arcarde emulator for GP32)

News taken from GP32emu:

Rlyeh sent me an alpha version of his MAME port, which supports about 9 drivers correctly for now, it supports more games of course but not all fully work (check the related discussion on the message board).Other games are in progress, but the palettes need to be fixed. The games that run for now seem to run great, with no emulation bugs (keep in mind it is a port, not a rewrite), even though speed isn’t 100% yet, andthere is no sound. The good news is, there is zipped rom support.Also, keep in mind this is his very first test version, and is only an alpha. Please do not bug the author, as this is just a test version, and not fully playable. This is just to inform you of the progress 🙂 Here are some screenshots of 1942, Pooyan, Burger Time, Solomans Key, Gunsmoke and finally Ghouls n Ghosts running on the GP32 taken through GeePee32, click on them for a larger image.

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Tweakmode (GBA demo)

Guyfawkes recieved a new demo from MrMr[iCE] to publish on GBAemu. Binary and sourcecode are avaliable.

This is just a small demo of some techniques I picked up and a preview of a 3d engine I’m in the middle of writing. The screen is split in 3 sections. The top and bottom graphic areas is a mode 0 tile map while the middle is a”tweaked”mode 4. It is rotated on its side and scaled to fill the screen, but with only half the resolution of mode 4. This allows me 2″buffers”to draw in with only one page of vram. Page flips is accomplished by tweaking the BG x register to show the other buffer.

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DrSMS v1.03 (Master System emulator for GBA)

New day… new version :o) But read more:

I’ve got DrSMS to work with pogoshell, I just need to write an exit function to return back to pogoshell. I’ve re-written the character data routine so a few more games work, I’ve also put in some code to check for 200 Byte SMS rom headers ( I had completely forgotten about these ) so a few more games should run. I have also made a change to the background scrolling routines, Because DrSMS is never going to run fast enough to get rasta effects working right I have stopped the emulator changing the xscroll value of the backgrounds before the SMS Vsync. This will allow you to play a load more games without them flickering. I will continue to work on a Vsync option that you can switch on and off, but with the Vsync option”ON”the speed of the emulator will drop drastically. Anyway after I have written my EXIT function I will release another version.

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Xcade v0.03 (Arcade emulator for GP32)

Text taken from GP32emu:

The Arcade emulator XCade has been updated with a new release. Changes are:

CHG: Toggle frame-message (FPS) with left shoulderFIX: Fixed Pengo coloursNEW: Black background around border (instead of letterbox :)CHG: Shifted Pacman (and friends) up 8 more pixels; cut off a little of the maze wall, but make playfield (inside bottom wall) visibleCHG: Moon Cresta will try mooncrst.pdb, but now also mooncres.pdbNEW: Added support for RipOff! and Star Castle (yum, cinematronics vectors!)CHG: Palette fixed on return to game selectorNEW: Added more-or-less support for Tail GunnerCHG: In game selector, A or B will start game (was just A)NEW: Better handling for Pacman (4 way sticks on an 8-way controller :)CHG: In Free Launcher, now show up as”XCade”instead of xcade.gxb

The homepage hasnt been updated yet but you can download the file from us.

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Submarine (Alpha Test) v0.2.4 (GP32 game)

News taken from GP32 X-Treme:

New version of Submarine (PD game). Author has added enemies and enemies moving patterns. you can download it from GPZIGI site or from our download section.

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GBA3DS v0.9 (GBA demo)

Text taken from Torlus’ page. Thanks to Torlus himself for the news:

The aim of this project is to provide a set of functions for writing 3d games. By 3d i mean”true”3d (not raycasting as used in some FPS). The main features of this engine are : – Polygon-based (triangles) rendering. – Affine Texture-mapping. – Backface culling and Z-buffer sorting. – Skeletal animation support. – Import tools for Half-Life SMD file format (vertices and animation frames) which means that you can use well-known tools for 3d modelling, such as MilkShape 3D (, 3DS Max ( with Valve plugin, etc. – Uses GBA graphic mode 3 (240x160x15bpp). – Makefiles for both Linux and Windows.

Torlus will add an online demo with help of the BoycottAdvance java-applet very soon. Binary and source are allready avaliable.

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GPRoar Alpha 2 (Dragon 32/64 emulator for GP32)

Ciaran Anscomb released the second alpha version of his Dragon 32/64 emulator for the GP32. The changes:

GP32 version now features a virtual keyboard and is slightly faster than the last release. Note: You *do* need to find a Dragon ROM and edit it so it’s just the ROM and no leading bytes. See the README for details. Next release should have a file requester in so you can select from multiple ‘tapes’.

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