Morning Coffe v0.40 (GP32 text editor)

ThunderZ/ reports about a new version of the texteditor”Morning Coffee”for the GP32. I can’t find any link to the files over there… but maybe you’ve more luck than me.

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GBAHearts and GameLand Source out! (GBA)

Stephen Stair released 2 of his game sourcecodes for the GBA. More information at gbadev.org

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AZ released

I am not 100% sure what the name of this game is as its in Korean so unless somebody knows I am calling it AZ as this was the file name of the FXE. Their homepage ishere.The aim of the game seems to be to avoid the falling cats by moving the player left and right. There are also some items which can be picked up.VisitGP32Emuto download the game. There is also a Korean manual for the game which can be foundhere. Thanks to GPzigi for the file.

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GChip 1.0a (Chip8 interpretor for GameCube)

Desktopman updated his Chip8 emulator. Now the file includes 26 freely distributeable Chip8 games instead of 9. You can get the download once again at Max-Console.

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GChip8 v 1.0 (Chip 8 Interpretor for GameCube)

Desktopman released the first emulator (or more likley an interpretor)in the history of GameCube development. You can get the download at Max-Console.

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GBA Jpeg Viewer v2.1

Tony released a new version of his GBA Jpeg Viewer. The program is actually for Windows, and let you output JPG’s into a GBA rom file which can be viewed on emulators or on real hardware. The changes for this version are:

Version 2.1Support for bigger pictures with zoom/scrollNew graphic interface in ViewerSome minor changes in Packer

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Fire Cube v2 (GBA demo)

News taken from GBAdev:

Its G.S. of Yakuza again sending you a”corrected”version of the FireCube-Intro. ‘Cause of misunderstandig the addressing of pixels in Mode4 the first release wasn’t as nice as it could be.

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Sarien GP32 v0.4 (Sierra Adventure Game Interpretor for GP32)

Sarien is an Sierra Adventure Game Interpretor. More informations plus download at GP32emu.

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PCM Driver Test V0.003 (GBA Demo)

THe PCM Driver Test by Magic Touch has been updated. This version finally works on a real GBA (if you have the correct hardware for it).

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Giri Giri Walker News (GP32 game)

Details about the Internet Score Ranking Systems are up:

The present specification of a ranking system.[NEW]Renewal of data using the Internet is performed via PC. A game is made even if there is no network environment. [Updating is impossible.) Data is updated for the transmitted data by download after real-time analysis and renewal of ranking automatic. Transmitting information and the 10th of world ranking higher rank can be displayed by GP32. With network, the data to the 200th of higher rank is accumulated. A ranking system can be used if there is GP32 enclosure USB cable or SmartMedia reader. [Sorry,I found it still difficult to speak English.I will be glad if you can understand by this text.]

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