Astrohawk 15-05-2003 (SNES game)

I received an e-mail from Paul Lay, coder of Astrohawk for Super Nintendo and Gameboy Advance. He send me an updated version of Astrohawk for SNES, but i guess it’s better to read the mail i got 😉 As soon as the downloads are enabled you can get the updated version in the SNES/game section.

Hi Kojote,When downloads come back online, could you please update the SNES version of Astrohawk with the new version attached.A few weeks ago I had someone ask me about audio on the SNES and I ended up dusting down my midi converter and music player which left me in a nostalgic mood.Many years ago Astrohawk stopped running on emulators, but as it worked on real h/w I figured it wasn?t my fault. However, having just done a bit of debugging I?ve found that I had some data being used by the VBI which wasn?t initialized until after a selection had been made from the title screen. Whoops! The date on the title screen source file was 1998 so it?s taken me 5 years to fix this one. The program now runs on ZSNES 1.36 and Snes9x 1.39 and while I was at it, I?veadded music and sound effects.Also, you might like to make the GBA version of Astrohawk available ? you can download it from where there?s an instruction booklet available too.Cheers,Paul

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PDRoms – File Downloads

Just a short note that I’m going to enable downloads a bit earlier than planned. If everything goes straigt I can enable the downloads in approximatley 23 hours from now on, which would be Friday 0:00 GMT +1 time. More than 50 files will be added. – Kojote

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Ports of Call Advanced WIP (GBA game)

It might be of interest that someone is going to code”Ports of Call”for Gameboy Advance. On the project page you can get a small demo and of course some background information about the current game progress state.

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Dunjunz Advance v1.0 (GBA game)

Dunjunz is originally a BBC Micro released in 1987 by Julian Avis. Daniel Collier did a GBA conversation which is now avaliable at version 1.0! The graphics are very basic, BBC Micro like. Sound is missing at the moment. You can get the file at

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CaSTaway GP v11.3 (AtariST emulator for GP32)

CaSTaway updated once more. Changes:

NEW: Added bind toggle-keyboard (Custom mode can mimic left-shoulder now)CHG:”ST_”keys are now case insensitiveNEW: Added”goto-“bind operation so you can now create toggle or cycle configs! (one set of keys can jump to another set, etc)FIX: If savestate is 0b long (crash during write?) then report Broken on file picker, instead of hanging forever :)FIX: Try and keep Custom””part on screen accurately during sneaky goto- changesFIX: If a bind-op is listed twice, it should still work. (ie: If you set everythign to joy-fire, they shoudl all fire)FIX: Load-config menu should always scroll to fit

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GPPang v0.7 (GP32 game)

Another update of GPPang! GPPang covers now 15 amazing levels! Get the zipped FXE at the official page.

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PCE Advance v2.5 (PCE emulator for GBA)

While preaparing the new file uploads for PDRoms, I realized that FluBBa updated his PC Engine emulator”PCE Advance”to version 2.5! This version adds dynamic sprite memory allocation. Otherwise there are no other changes.

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Castaway GP v11.2 (AtariST emulator for GP32)

Skeezix let me know that he has released a new version of his Atari ST emulatorCastaway/GP. Changes are:

    Release 11.2NEW: You can bind the value”menu_configload”to a button (say, left shoulder) This brings up the config ->load dialog, so that you can very quickly jump between config selections!Release 11.1NEW: The”print”config command now adds text after the”Custom”mode indicator; so if you print”MyMode”you’ll see”Custom MyMode”. Handy to know what mode you’re in (what config was last loaded).FIX: When you hit Config ->Load and there are no .CNF files, it now gives an error instead of crashing :)FIX: Somehow from 10.5 private to 11.0 test version I broke the d-pad bindings.. fixed now.FIX: Frameskip mode wasn’t displayed properly in the indicator, due to changes done in 10.5/11; fixed now, so like normal again.

Visit the homepageherefor more information and the downloads.

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ZeroMine Advance (GBA game)

TeamKNOx presents us their second game for Gameboy Advance. ZeroMine is a Minesweeper clone. Screenshots and a binary are avaliable at TeamKNOx’s homepage.

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Speccyal K v0.4b (Spectrum emulator for GP32)

Tyrell released a bugfix version of v0.4 which has been released approximatley 9 hours ago.

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