Dragon Tiles v 2.00 (GBA game)

Antony David Lord informed me that Dragon Tiles has been updated to version 2. Dragon Tiles is a sliding puzzle game. Source (DragonBASIC) is avaliable as well.

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Keeper v1.1 (GBA application)

Keeper is a little proggie for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance that allows you to keep notes. You can use it to record phone numbers, email addresses, appointments, etc. Keeper has been designed to use as little space as possible, so you have plenty of room for other games/apps.

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CaSTaway GP v0.092 (AtariST emulator for GP32)

A new version… even not one hour ago v0.091 has been released… Changes for v0.092:

Release 9.2———–NEW:Left-shoulder will toggle into keyboard mode, or back to the last mode. (Much like select toggles frameskip, or right shoulder toggles cursor/mouse in those modes). Bear in mind if you use left-shoulder to toggle to keyboard, and then hti select to go to fameskip, you will have confused the”last mode”, and will probably end back up at”mouse”sooner or later 😉CHG:Caching of CRC’s is temporarily removed, since its acting up on some units.. I’d rather have it not crash for everyone, than work for 90% :/ I’ll catch it when I can see it.. so far doesn’t occur to me 🙁CHG:File picker tries to keep the same scroll area when submenus pop up, so so you don’t lose your spot (selection stays on same item, but in 9.1 the selection would scroll to center on return to file picker focus)

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CaSTaway GP v0.091 (AtariST emulator for GP32)

I wonder if the author of this emulator has a private life 🙂 v0.091 is out! The changes:

Release 009.1————-CHG:Savestates are incompatable with them from 009! I’d open them up and do an in-game disk-save if you can before going to 009.1!NEW:You now get 8 savestate slotsNEW:In the file picker, it now shows the filename of Disk A beside the saved state, so you have some idea where it came fromFIX:Handle bad savestates betterCHG:Bumped to cache version 2 .. cache will rebuild as usedNEW:Disk selection is sorted alphabetically (“asciiliciously!”)NEW:Appears people were inserting disks without ejecting first; this would cause a reboot/crash for drive B: (ST too smart for us), so we now implicitly eject the disk for you when you insert a new one 🙂NEW:Changed disk menu to use our pretty dialog systemNEW:Disk picker now shows”A:”,”B:”,”ROM”beside the currently selected disks, when you pick new ones

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HandyGP pre-alpha (Lynx Emulator for GP32)

I’ve ported Handy, the Atari Lynx emulator, to the GP32. At its current state, it just works (quite slow), nothing more and nothing less. As I most likely won’t have the time to work on it any more, I’m planning to release the sources very soon so that someone else can pick it up. As a bonus, I’m going to prepare the sources so that they can be compiled for the Sega Dreamcast, too.For now here are two screenshots taken with GeePee32:

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GP Solitaire v0.2 (GP32 game)

A new version of the card game GP Solitaire has been released. It now randomizes the cards each game and some other additions including a menu. You can download the new release fromGP32Emu.

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Future Quest Old Battle Demo Engine (GBA demo)

Just recieved this e-mail from Adriano:

Hi, have 100.000 hits and For the occasion, a Big Surprise for all the GBA community.THE PROJECT FUTURE QUEST OLD BATTLE DEMO3 Invocations( Neptune, Isis&Dark Djinn )3 Characters Players6 SpellsTo download the rom at this demo is from a the old battle engine March 2002)- Enjoy !Adriano BaglioZoneGN

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8-Bit 3D Lighting (GBA demo)

Demonstration of 3D Lighting in 256 color mode 4, using a 256*32 entry color lookup table. Needs some serious optimization.

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Pong Demo (GBA game)

Mark Pereira send his first attempt to write an game to GBAdev. It is not finished yet, but he’d love to receive feedback.

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DrSMS v2.02 (Master System emulator for GBA)

A small bugfix for Pogoshell users. Details and downloads on Reesy’s page.

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