Park-O-Rama (New SG1000 Emulator for GP32)

krb has released a GP32 port of his Sega SG1000 emulator for the GP32. It runs at full speed, frameskip 0 with sound enabled. The SG1000 was the first home system made by Sega in 1983. The emulator features high compatibility, an internal games database, gamma correction and game states. Check out krb’s website for more information and the download.

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PCEAdvance v1.9

A new version of the PC Engine emulator by FluBBa has been released. Changes are:

    Sprites should work in unscaled mode. Display horizontaly centered for all games. Borders for games using less then 240 wide screen (Final Blaster, 15-in-1). Fixed one line of garbage (R-Type). Fixed background for”Batman (J)”&”Cratermaze (U)”. Changed Raster Compare back to what it was before,”Bomberman 94″works again. Compatibility list included.

Visit the homepageherefor the downloads. Dont forget to give any feedback on the release via our emulationforum

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fNES32 WIP (NES emulator for GP32)

Ryleh is still working on his ,from scratch done, NES emulator called fNES32. Those next lines were taken from GP32emu:

Atrkid received a new beta of Rlyehs fNES32, a NES emulator for the GP32. Since the last private beta the following has changed: NEW: zip/gzip support (.ZIP / .GZ)NEW: snapshot support (.PNG) (press L+A)NEW: multiplayer support (press L+B). Slow due to SDK, to be fixedFIX: stupid frameskip bug, now its ok and running with fskip 108/05/03NEW: movie recording/loading (.MOV) (press L+START / L+SELECT)BUG: megaman3 intro bug screen origin discovered, but it needs fix07/05/03CHG: updated to infones 0.80jNEW: silences and noise channelBUG: decays, partially fixed, origin discovered.BUG: sound tempo buggy (x2 ?)FIX: palette at right column when horiz scrolling05/05/03NEW: auto load/save SRAM states (.SRM)FIX: no more missing sprites Rlyeh also says that the emulator is about 70% complete, some games dont run fast or have graphics errors but its a matter of time before these are fixed. He will be working on fast multiplayer, more compatiblity, pcm sound channel, fixing gfx glitches, making a new gui and optimizations next. Some really good progress in the emulator especially the multiplayer feature. I will post some screenshots showing the progress a bit later today.

This are just WIP (work in progress) news. There is now download avaliable.

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GP Solitaire v0.1 (GP32 game)

The windows standard game”Solitaire”now for your GP32 🙂 The first version is rather playable. You can get the download at GP32emu.

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Possible Amiga emulator for GP32?

The guys at”GP32 Spain”claim that there is an Amiga 500 emulator for the GP32 in the works. They placed a screenshot at their page. I’m not rather sure if this one is true or not. But you can judge yourself.

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GP Art v0.5 (GP32 application)

GP Art is a small paintprogram for your GP32. Now you can draw pictures everywhere 🙂 Download is avaliable at GP32emu.

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Music Driver Test v0.02 (GBA application)

Not sure what this exactly is. The english description is rather short and says”GB compatible music driver for GBA”. The page is in 99% japanese language.

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Codename: Monkey-Bots (GBA game)

CODENAME: Monkey-Bots is a stealth based puzzle game for the GameBoy Advance. One to four players work cooperatively in order to complete levels.The game was origionally developed for an upper level Computer Science course at the University of Michigan. The origional developers were Michael Roberson, Stephany Coffman-Wolph, and Justin Ronco.

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Jewel Crash (GBA game)

Here is the x’th Tetris. Today a conversation by Daniel Crowley – Wilson.

Here’s my first GBA effort, Jewel Crash. In truly original style it’s a clone of that popular game that debuted on the original Game boy some years ago. It is nearly complete, hence its version number of 0.9 Beta; There is just a couple of bugs that need to be solved, as discussed in the readme file. I’m sure one of the talented coders at gbadev has the answers, if so please email me.

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Inwaders (GBA game)

GreenGianT did another Space Invaders clone for the GBA. Here is what he says:

I have been working on this little game called”inwaders”in order to further my knowledge of gba programming. Its my first real (ish) gba game.

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