Movie Player (for NGPC)

News from Thor. He released a movieplayer inclusive converter. Sources are avaliable!

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DrSMS v2.01(Master System emulator for GBA)

Reesy did a massive update with v2.00 yesterday. Latest release isv2.01 from today. Check it out at his page:

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CaSTaway/GP v0.082 (AtariST emulator for GP32)

Skeezix let me know that he released a minor update to his Atari ST emulatorCaSTaway/GP. This version fixes a database game display bug that would occur for some disks and also includes the latest 1.7 version of the database.Head over to the homepageherefor more information and the downloads.

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PocketGB v0.2 alpha (GB emulator for GBA)

JustBurn sent me a new version of his Gameboy Mono emulator for the GBA. Changes and new features are:

    I just fixed some bugs on it:FPS Sprites are 100% Opaque now, that prevert some GB sprites to show up behind it (GBA Hardware have a little problem to implement priority vs order of sprites right)”8×8 Sprites Update”routine fixed, games like Darkwing / Looney Toon show the correct sprites priority nowBG and WIN palettes are finally divided in Text modes (on Bitmap mode is already divided) with the new rewritted VRAMGB Keypad Register (Address 0xFF00) fixed when P14 and P15 is not selected (Returned 0xF0 inleast of 0xFF)And added/removed:Removed compo text to free up some space and speed up screen stretch/shrink on Bitmap modeRemoved”Improved Timer”builds because they didn’t affected the emulation at allAdded support for exit in Pogoshell, also works alone as Global Reset (Just like old”Reset PocketGB”)Added Nintendo(tm) GB Logo on ROM StartUp, just copying no$gmb idea ;)Added Metroid 2 Palette into”rgb palettes”folder 😉

You can download this new release which is officially hosted on GBAEmu from our PocketGB pagehere. Dont forget to give any feedback on this release via the GBAEmu emulationforum

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Speccyal K v0.3 (Spectrum emulator for GP32)

Tyrell updated his genious Spectrum emulator for the GP32. The changes:

– Version v0.3 is released!What’s new:- Sound is now almost”perfect”in most cases. No more background noise, and sound speed is correct.- Added a FPS limiter (a side effect is that music which was playing too quickly in some games menus is now playing at the correct speed, e.g. Silkworm)- CPU speed lowered from 132 mhz to 110mhz- Optimized rendering- Bug fixed: a crash was previously occuring while loading a 128k”Z80″or”SLT”snaphsot in 48k mode- A fourth joystick emulation has been added,”User defined”. If user selects this emulation, all defined keys will be used. The user-defined keys are located in the options screen, in the”misc.”section.- Added a line by line rendering. This is slighty slower that the Fast Rendering mode, but if some games are exhibiting sprite flickering, select the line by line rendering, this should fix the problem. In most cases, the fast rendering option should be left on the”on”position.- Bug fixed: while loading snapshots, the screen border color was not set. This is now ok.- The file browser only shows the compatible files (sna,z80,tap,slt,scr)- Added a”frameskip”option. It should help speed up the emulator a lot in some games. This option only works in”fast rendering”mode as of now.

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Speck Invaders (GP32 game)

The fifth GP32 game by Brain Postma so far. Now it’s a Space Invaders game clone called”Speck Invaders”. Of course this little game have sound.

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CaSTaway GP v0.081 (AtariST emulator for GP32)

I somehow missed the 0.081 release of the great Atari ST emulator CaSTaway GP. As usual you can get the file at codejedi’s.

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DropBlocks (GP32 game collection)

DropBlocks is a collection of three games. They are Tetris, Columns and Dr. Mario.

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Park-O-Rama (New SG1000 Emulator for GP32)

krb has released a GP32 port of his Sega SG1000 emulator for the GP32. It runs at full speed, frameskip 0 with sound enabled. The SG1000 was the first home system made by Sega in 1983. The emulator features high compatibility, an internal games database, gamma correction and game states. Check out krb’s website for more information and the download.

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PCEAdvance v1.9

A new version of the PC Engine emulator by FluBBa has been released. Changes are:

    Sprites should work in unscaled mode. Display horizontaly centered for all games. Borders for games using less then 240 wide screen (Final Blaster, 15-in-1). Fixed one line of garbage (R-Type). Fixed background for”Batman (J)”&”Cratermaze (U)”. Changed Raster Compare back to what it was before,”Bomberman 94″works again. Compatibility list included.

Visit the homepageherefor the downloads. Dont forget to give any feedback on the release via our emulationforum

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