Speccyal’K Released (Spectrum emulator for GP32)

A new Spectrum 48k and 128k emulator namedspeccyal Khasbeen released for the GP32. It features:

    – 48k and 128k models- Can load SNA / TAP / Z80 (v1.45, v2.01, v3) / SLT / SCR file formats- Virtual keyboard to enter any key and thus allowing a greater compatibility. It also allows entering the LOAD””command on the basic command line to load the TAP file format.- Full speed @ 132 mhz- Mame z80 cpu core for great compatibility- Beeper Sound (need some enhancements though)- Options screen with options to choose the joystick emulation (sinclair1, sinclair2, cursor), the emulated hardware, and whether or not user wants to display the FPS …). Options are automatically saved on the SMC. – File browser with possibility to load a file anywhere on the SMC card

The author _tyrell_ will soon add AY-3-8910 emulation, its currently implemented but it will crash the emulator so for now it is disabled. Downloads of this new Spectrum emulator can be found on the homepage at

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Browian Motion Demo (GBA demo)

A new techdemo has been releaed at GBAdev! This one shows a”browian motion”effect.

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PCEAdvance v1.6

FluBBa released a new version of his PC Engine emulator for the GBA. Changes are:

    Fixed a lot of the background glitches.Fix US roms from Pogoshell.

Visit his siteherefor the downloads.

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InfoNES GP32 v0.3LQ

I just received a new version of InfoNES. Because they dont want to release the source code due to GPL license this version is a patch of the original v0.3 binary release. The only change is a increase in speed. See the included docs for more information.VisitGP32Emuto download the new release.

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CaSTaway/GP Beta 004

Skeezix just released a new version of his up and coming Atari ST emulator for the GP32. Changes are:

    CHG:Increase button-threshold-timer so double-clicks and such happen lessFIX:Joystick shoudln’t”stick”anymore — works *really* wellCHG:Mouse buttons are redone, so they too don’t”stick”; drags work better, and double clicks work betterNEW:If a TOS image file is not selected or available, won’t proceedNEW:Cursor-modeo d-pad pushes ST cursor keyso B/A act as Insert/Home (should turn in many games)NEW:Mouse-mode: Right-shoulder recalibrates mouseNEW:Start now pauses (will be options menu sometime?)CHG:Input-mode is rendered ever frame (regardless of frameskip), so its easier to adjust finelyCHG:Slightly brightened palette.. a little more authentic nowNEW:Faster rendering; might experience tear-lines, but should render faster and smoother.. every framepersecond is a less frameskip needed 10%!NEW:Joystick-mode..”A”is”up”(for jump in platformers) and right-shoulder will now hit the spacebar (to skip intro screens maybe)CHG:Added keys to virtual keyboard; Return, Backspace, Escape, functon keysNEW:Disk saving is hacked in; not elegant, but works wellNEW:Disk picking menu now supports more than one screen of games.. scrolls with the selection so you can go up and downNEW:Disk picking menu pages up and down right left/right, in addition to going one at a time with up/down

Some great progress has been made over the past few days so if you havent check it out since the early releases be sure to do so! Visit the homepageherefor the downloads. Dont forget to check out our CaSTaway/GP compatibility list on the GP32Emu forumshereand submit your own results if you want to 😉

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Castaway GP v0.03 (Atari ST emulator for GP32)

Castaway is showing the first steps to emulate games. Version 0.03 is a big step forward. Get the download at it’s official page.

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Vecx GP r3 (Vectrex emulator for GP32)

There is a new release of Vecx GP. You can get version 3 on gp32emu.

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DrSMS WIP (Master System emulator for GBA)

Reesy posted a progress report with a lot of pictures today. The WIP news have been updated twice today. If you are interested, you can check the details on his page.

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Labyrinth (update) (GBA game)

Rob Blanding updated his game called”Labyrinth!”which is a conversation of a board game distributed by Ravensburger Games.

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BG Tetris v0.2.1 (GP32 game)

Last but not least, BG Tetris has been udpated as well. Download can be get at”GP Zigi”orGP32 Extreme

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