Possible Amiga emulator for GP32?

The guys at”GP32 Spain”claim that there is an Amiga 500 emulator for the GP32 in the works. They placed a screenshot at their page. I’m not rather sure if this one is true or not. But you can judge yourself.

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GP Art v0.5 (GP32 application)

GP Art is a small paintprogram for your GP32. Now you can draw pictures everywhere 🙂 Download is avaliable at GP32emu.

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Music Driver Test v0.02 (GBA application)

Not sure what this exactly is. The english description is rather short and says”GB compatible music driver for GBA”. The page is in 99% japanese language.

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Codename: Monkey-Bots (GBA game)

CODENAME: Monkey-Bots is a stealth based puzzle game for the GameBoy Advance. One to four players work cooperatively in order to complete levels.The game was origionally developed for an upper level Computer Science course at the University of Michigan. The origional developers were Michael Roberson, Stephany Coffman-Wolph, and Justin Ronco.

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Jewel Crash (GBA game)

Here is the x’th Tetris. Today a conversation by Daniel Crowley – Wilson.

Here’s my first GBA effort, Jewel Crash. In truly original style it’s a clone of that popular game that debuted on the original Game boy some years ago. It is nearly complete, hence its version number of 0.9 Beta; There is just a couple of bugs that need to be solved, as discussed in the readme file. I’m sure one of the talented coders at gbadev has the answers, if so please email me.

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Inwaders (GBA game)

GreenGianT did another Space Invaders clone for the GBA. Here is what he says:

I have been working on this little game called”inwaders”in order to further my knowledge of gba programming. Its my first real (ish) gba game.

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CaSTaway GP v0.071 (AtariST emulator for GP32)

Another update of that marvelous Atari ST emulator for GP32. Changes:

This is a minor minor update to 007 proper. I’ve just made the accurate rendering mode the default, since it seems most of us preferred it anyway, and in some cases it sped things up. Only a few cases it seems to have slowed thigns down, and thats barely noticable.. yet the accuracy improvement is by far worth it most of the time.So in 7.1 I’ve defaulted accurate mode on, though you can of course turn it back to the normal rendering mode using the options menu.

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Downloads disabled!

Due to the DoS attack all 1391 avaliable files will be NOT avaliable till 1st June 2003. News service continues as usual. The DoS attack was done by a portuguese guy, therefor I temporary banned all portuguese visitors. I’m sorry for that, but it has to be!Kojote

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Limited Access to PDroms

Just a note that PDroms has been partially disabled due to a Denial of Service (DoS) attack.A portuguese guy caused traffic of 43 gigabyte in 2 days (2nd and 3rd) may. This means my traffic limit has been nearly reached by now. The current situation out of this: All hostmarks are banned, only exceptions are .at .de .ch .fi&.com hostmarks.Since I only had 4 hours of sleep and have to work now, I’ll try to enable all countries again as soon as possible, but downloads will be definatly disabled till 1st June 2003! If I do not disable downloads it would cost me 600 euros till the end of the month. PDroms is a free and non profit project. I’m a student and can’t afford that amount of money to keep PDroms running at 100% for now.I hope to get the problems sorted out as soon as possibe. News service about homebrewn productions for your favorite consoles will, or course, continue in maximum 2 days.Hope you people out there understand my situation.RegardsKojote / Webmaster of

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Skeezix Interview

Atrkid conducted an interview with Skeezix, author of XCade and the great Atari ST emulatorCastawayfor the GP32. This is a reallygood interview full of questions and quality answers so be sure to check it out via the GP32Emu Articles&Interviews section at Thanks to Skeezix for taking the time for the interview.

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