GBA Go (GBA game)

Thanks to Scott Lininger for the following news which were posted on the PDRoms webboards:

GNUGO is an open source Go Ai engine. As a learning exercise, I ported version 1.2 to the Gameboy Advance and gave it a pretty face. It’s not the smartest Ai in the world, but you can give it whatever handicap you wish to make the game a challenge. This was a second project that I used the Krawall sound engine for, which I can’t recommend enough. I used a couple of Skaven’s excellent S3Ms for the background music. So if you’re wanting to put music into your gba games, this might be worth looking at.

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shiteGBA32 v0.001 (GBA emulator for GP32)

A new Gameboy Advance emulator named shiteGBA based on the sources of the PC emulatorshiteGBAhas been released. Dont expect to run any games at any playable speed as its very slow. Put the GBA BIOSgba.binand the ROMS in thegp:folder.You can download the release from the homepagehere. Thanks to Craig for the news who got it fromGP32Spain. Discuss this release on our forum posthere.

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PDROMS Coding Compo – Entries

Hi everyone. Just a short note… if you contribute something to the competition, be sure to send it in time. Preferably a bit earlier than the deadline, because in this case there is time left to talk/discuss about possible problems in the submitted entry and you have time to fix the problem(s). If you send it last minute and there is a problem it would be a bit bad.

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Little John v0.4 (NES emulator for GP32)

What to say? 😉 A new version of Little John is out. The changes: (Thanks toGP32 Spainfor the news)

New browser function : delete seleted rom.Mainly bugfixes in this release : some mappers (3, 68, …) and savestate (tmht, …)

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PDRoms – Webboards fixed

Some users might experienced problems with the webboards earlier this day. Problems should be fixed by now. – Kojote

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Third Creation Coding Compo – Round #18 over (PS2)

Three new demos/intros were released for the 18th”Third Creation”coding compo. Fire up your Playstation 2 consoles and Naplink 😉

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Kamikaze v1.0 (GP32 game)

A new homemade GP32 game hit the streets. It’s called Kamikaze and can be downloaded from GP32Spain, where I also got the news from.

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fGB32 v1.10.2003 (GB/C emulator for GP32)

rlyeh finally released a PUBLIC version of his Gameboy/Color emulator for the GP32. You can grab a copy of his program here:

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Jump’n Bump v0.44a (GP32 game)

Mr. Trans (coder of J’n’B) just told me about a new version of his game on IRC. Here we go… the changes:

Changelog : Version 0.044a (+ add; – drop ; * fix) + add level sfx samples ;)+ add sfx-convert-sample 22khz->44khz+ add simple level selector+ source optimise* rewrite fly effect function- drop test static sfx samples

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