PDROMs Coding Competition I – Rules slightly changed

I allready got a couple of questions, so I tried to make the rules better understandable. You can see the upgraded rules here:

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GenEmu (Megadrive emulator for GP32)

Zardoz Jones is the first one to release his Megadrive/Genesis emulator to the public. By following the threat on GP32x you should come across the download file.GP32x Threat

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Mine Sweeper (Sega Saturn game)

Rockin’ B released his Mine Sweeper game to the public. Still amazing to see someone is coding for the Sega Saturn!

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Years Behind (NES musicdisk)

“Retrocoders”released a musicdisk for the NES. Should work on real hardware as on emulators. Thanks to A_Lee_N for telling me the news on IRC.

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GiriGiriWalker v0.1 (GP32 game)

It tooked a while, but now it’s finally out. Giri Giri Walker’s game concept is close to Chucky Egg known from a couple of systems. Giri Giri Walker is also the first game featuring an online highsore!

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PDROMs Coding Competition I – GB/GBC/GBA/GP32

Finally I’m proud to tell you that the PDROMS Coding Competition will be held from today (1st September) to the end of October (31st). Accepted are games anddemos/introswhich do not exceed the size of 256kb! The total money prizes for now are 300 EUROS which might increase a bit. Details of the compo can be found at

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PCEAdvance v4.7

A new version of the PC Engine emulator for the GBA has been released. Just the one change in this version:

    Added checking for GameBoy Player, see readme.

Visit the homepageherefor the downloads.

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GP Gravity Force v2.0

A new version of the remake of the original Gravity Force has been released. Changes in this version are:

    Load/Save hi-score added8 levels now createdRight shoulder button now fires tooStart button starts game instead of ‘A’Cargo restricted to 3 items (large cargo counts as 2).To doMove away from SDK sample mixing as it’s rubbish and crackles.still more levelsRace Mode

You can download this new release fromGP32Emu.

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Porb v0.15 (GP32)

Porb is a collection of games and utils in one program including:

    – A Breakout clone, – Othello/Reversi- Memory- A filemanager- and some other programs.

Its a nice set of games so be sure to check it out especially the Breakout clone which has the graphics effects inspired from Drunken Frogger 🙂 Visit the homepageherefor the downloads.

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GPDoom V9 Final Released

Craigx has just posted a new version of GPDoom on the message board, theres too much new to list here so go check out the forum threadhere, if you have any problems please reply on this thread and Craig will try and look into them. Direct download ishere.

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