PDRoms – Downtime over

Seems the items on the server are changed. Page should work as usual from now on. – Kojote

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PocketNES v9.7 (NES emulator for GBA)

FluBBa released a new version of PocketNES. Changes:

Fixed some things with the accumulator in the CPU core.Changed Y and X registers (hopefully a little bit faster).Moved PCM buffer and code to IWRAM (faster).Added check for GameBoyPlayer.Added Exit to normal PocketNES.

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PDRoms downtime!

PDRoms will be down from o1:oo am to approx o7:oo am CET! – Kojote

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Target: Mainframe (GBA game)

A new game with a nice background idea is”Target: Mainframe”. Here are a few lines from GBAdev…

You play the part of Linus Torvalds in an attempt to bring Linux to Microsoft. You’ve broken into the Microsoft headquarters and now all you have to do is find the mainframe computer and upload a worm which will install linux on and computer on the network. The mainframe however is hidden, Find it and help Linus complete his mission!

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The coding competition is over and entries are avaliable to download. In total 24 games and 5 demos.

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File Update (GBA)

The first new files after a while…

Bananas by Daniel Dagenais, Bomberman by Sergio, Chaos Angel by Atma, Donkey Kong by FJSantos, Drum Sequencer by Bootlegger, Fractal Lab by Red5, Kawaii Bakemono by Daniel Rehn, Smart Gamble v1.0 by Snarfo, Space War Advance by Brain Sowers, Trippy Demo by Atma, Wavy by Bootlegger, Chaos Ninja by Atma, Atomix by Michael El-Baki, Eyeborg Advance (Demo) by Reality Fakers, Lights Out (pre-alpha) by yaustar, SeSnake by Roberto Bernardinello, Simple Othello v1.0 by yanos, Snake In The Gras by Shen Mansell, Thrust v1.02 by Grumpy Cat, TrainX by WHowe

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GP32 Zine #2 (GP32 diskmag)

The second issue of GP32 Zine is out! Grab it here:

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wireee (GameCube techdemo)

Costis over at gcdev posted a new little techdemo/intro by peter called”wireee”. It shows rotating sphere and has a scrolltext too. You can get the file from:

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Caimans Video Codec for GBA

“Caimans Video Codec”has been updated. In fact they added a few new demos to present the engine. Most of them are movie trailers.

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Yeti3D v1.0 (GBA 3d engine / techdemo)

We allready had two posts about this 3D engine in the past. now the first public non beta version is out. Here is what the author says:

Version 1.0 of The Yeti3D Engine for the GBA is now complete! Thanks to the work of Greg from Torlus Console Development, the engine now has a fully optimized 15bit dynamic lighting DDA texture mapper. The engine is now reported to run at a cool ~15-20 FPS on real hardware. The latest demo zip contains both the C and optimized ARM versions for you to try.

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