GPColEm v0.3

Consolius sent me a new version of his Colecovision emulator for the GP32. Changes are:

    – Now working at 66MHz! (at 99MHz, it seems it was causing trouble with some GP32!!)- removed reset with START key

This release is mainly for people that was having problems with random crashing/rebooting so if it was working fine for you stick with the previous release. Downloads can be found atGP32Emu.

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Avoid (GP32 game)

A new game for GP32 is out.”Goldwish”brings us”Avoid”. Get it at:

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fsms32 WIP (SMS/GG emulator for GP32)

Rlyeh sent me a new WIP beta of his current emulator fsms32. Here is what Rlyeh says:

new WIP betawhatsnew quickly: fixed bugs, improved speed, gg support, gg stretching, frameskip 0 by default, gamma correction, updated rom database, imrpoved file selector, new menu system,etcsome known bugs:- mk3 model sounds buggy yet (fm music in japanese sms)- options that are disabled yet: snapshots, multiplayer&movies- gg strecthing 2:1.5 and 2:1.666 modes are slow yet // gg gamma correction is faulty- pcm sound is not working yet (sonic at intro screen for example.. thx dj_syto) – some minor compatibility issues (shadow dancer)- some minor graphical glitches (space harrier, thx kojote)the most important thing its that the rendering code still being *unoptimized*, so stay tuned.. i guess i could slow down the 132 mhzs as soon as I optimize the gfxs 🙂

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Giri Giri Walker WIP (GP32 game)

Some more screenshots of the upcomming new game by Tailzone. You’ll notice tiny changes if you seen any of the older screenshots.

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Polydraw (GBA demo)

Another news taken from 😉

Here is another code sample, it shows an simple way to draw traingles in flipped mode 5. It also shows some other stuff (hardware sin/cos, interrupts…) but it isn’t very well commented… but I think you could get an idea how thinks are working when looking at the code.

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Fish Demo (GBA demo)

Text taken from

This is my 1st attempt using multiple backgrounds to produce that parallax SNES effect. Use the D-pad to move the fish around.I used DEvKitAdvance to compile the code. Feel free to use the code for whatever you want. My apologies for lack of comments, documentation and efficient code. Thanks to Dovoto for the GBA tutorials! They are very helpful.

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UP Text Viewer v1.03 (GP32 application)

Doyong updated his TXT viewer for GP32. You can get the current version at his homepage.

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PCEAdvance v4.4 (PCE emulator for GBA)

FluBBa released a new version of PCEAdvance. Get the new release from:

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Doom v6 (GP32 game port)

Craig released the sixth version of his Doom port. The changes:

Changes:More options, 15% faster.Notes:I made up a version with heavy optimisation which got doom2 running at the speed of doom1, unfortunately it also made it too unstable, i’ll work on that.Saves:They might work, they might not, use the level select. Saves are broken because of an issue with the GCC compiler, I don’t have time to move to ADS, the source code is available, genrally the saves will work until you turn off the console.Games supported are: Doom shareware (doom1.wad)Doom commercial/registered/ultimate (doom.wad)Doom II (doom2.wad) (it is not optimised to run doom2, so some levels may be jumpy)

The ZIP file does NOT contain any WAD files.They are still copyrighted, but if you do not own the original you can get the shareware version of Doom 1 on various shareware pages.Doom v6 – Release Threat

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LJGP32 v0.21 (NES emulator for GP32)

It seems”Little John”had problems in the previous release (v0.20). YoYo, the author of this NES emulator for the GP32, brought us a sligtly fixed version today. The changes:

fixed crashed when entering menu by using”L”+”R”instead of”R”fixed crashed when sound resyncing (usually encountered at frameskip=0 and sound on) fixed some bad cache management in rom browser added mappers (in a hurry, not tested) : 34,40,41,42,43,44,45,255 added”reset”function in GUI minor other changes&bug fixes…

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