Bob The Amazing Lemon v0.2 (GP32 game)

Woogal updated his”15 Day Coding Competition”entry”Bobt The Amazing Lemon”to version 0.2. This release fixes a few bugs and the levels are in order (instead of random). Get the new release from it’s page at:

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And more reviews…

The reviews for the 19th July 2003 are* Maya Mystery (GBA)* Pacoman (GBA)//s-reviews.php

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And 2 more reviews…

Reviewed today:* GBApac (GBA)* Just Another Invaders Game (GBA)//s-reviews.php

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Morning Coffe v0.34 (GP32 text editor)

The guys at GP32news have a new version of”Morning Coffee”, which is a texteditor for the GP32. You can get the download and see a picture of the program in action there.

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Firecube (GBA demo)

A new demo appeared yesterday on It shows a rotating cube on fire.

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PCEAdvance v4.5

Flubba released a new version of his PC Engine emulator for the GBA today. Changes are:

    Simplified the SRAM handling. Use a”CD-ROM System”rom to manageyour save.Added multiplayer support.

Visit the homepage at the downloads.

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2 New Reviews

Reviewed today:* Astrohawk Advance (GBA)* Dangerous XMAS (GBA)//s-reviews.php

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Software-Review-Section is up!

Starting with today I’ll release a couple of reviews of homebrewn software. Reviewed today:* Airhockey by Benjamin Stark* Anarkoid by Oscar BraindeadSorry for the lack of updates, but I catched a summerflu and don’t have that much power atm… News service will return to normal when I feel better.//s-reviews.php

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GPColEm v0.3

Consolius sent me a new version of his Colecovision emulator for the GP32. Changes are:

    – Now working at 66MHz! (at 99MHz, it seems it was causing trouble with some GP32!!)- removed reset with START key

This release is mainly for people that was having problems with random crashing/rebooting so if it was working fine for you stick with the previous release. Downloads can be found atGP32Emu.

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Avoid (GP32 game)

A new game for GP32 is out.”Goldwish”brings us”Avoid”. Get it at:

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