Lupengo -preview- (GP32 game)

Another game ported with the help of the recently avaliable SDL for GP32 is”Lupengo”. The current version is just a preview!Download Lupengo

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Mode 4 Demo (GBA techdemo)

A new techdemo appeared at GBAdev.”unmount”also provided the source code! Here are a few lines from the readme:

This bin file is created for learning purposes. The screenmode used is mode 4, it cotains a background picture and some clouds and dragon sprites, the sprites are animate. I hope this will give some newbies like me some advantage in making games in mode 4.

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GPChess v0.4 (GP32 game)

rcx21000 updated his Chess game for the GP32. 2 bugs are known in the meantime… so there might be an updated version soon.Download GPChess v0.4 for GP32

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Tic Tac Toe v1.0 (GP32 game)

For those not familiar with this simple game, you play against your opponent (the GP32 in this case) placing your marks to form a row of five and at the same time blocking your opponent from doing the same with his marks. The direction of the row of five does not matter. Before the game begins, the players must decide who will play with crosses (X) and who with circles/wheels (O). Note: The playfield in this game can be as large as large piece of paper you manage to find. However, on the GP32 I limited the playfield to 40 x 30 squares, which I suppose should be enough (and it also voids me of having to implement scrolling similar to the one behind the main menu.[Description taken from the included readme file]Download Tic Tac Toe v1.0 for GP32

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Yeti 3D (Beta) (GBA techdemo/3D engine)

This is the first release of the Yeti3D engine. This version runs at 120×80 so the graphics arn’t as nice as the demo. The engine now fits completely into IRAM, so it should be faster on a GBA.

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DrSMS WIP (Master System emulator for GBA)

Some news from Reesy:

I’ve been testing the save functions in DrSMS for about an hour now. It all seems to be working fine now on hardware. I’ve got a few more things to tidy up first but I’ll release another beta soon, so you all can double check the saving stuff.

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Doom v9 WIP (GP32 game port)

Craig did a little more work on Doom. Here are the current changes of v9 which is not released to the public yet:

-100% fixed sound/music-Doom2 should be ok, i will come on IRC about that.-WAD loader so you can use extra levels or other games that use the doom engine.-Always in 132MHZ mode at the moment-Saves may be worked on, not sure yet same goes for MP3 support.-Not 100% sure if i’m ever going to add cheats…-Random level option.-Looks in GPMM/DOOM for wads now.-GPHeretic coming soon

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PTC v1.0 (GP32 game)

Oscar BraindeaD is back from his grave 😉 After a long time of silence he presents us his puzzle game”PTC”(previously done for GBA, which is avaliable at PDROMS). It’s a puzzle game featuring over 128 levels! Screenshots and download from his homepage.

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Assembly 2003 – GBA Demosubmissions

At the recently held demoparty Assembly 2003 in Helsinki/Finnland there was a mobile demo competition. In total they had 3 submissions for GBA, and I recommend watching all three of them. The Entries:* Political Statement With a Well Hidden Message [GBA] by MATT CURRENT * Evol. [GBA] by Karillon&Komplex * Counting Clouds [GBA] by Brainwave Team

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NesterGP News (NES emulator for GP32)

Here are a few lines from the official homepage:

For anyone who has been wondering, I have not abandoned NesterGP. I still plan to release new verions. First, I must find free time in order to work on it. All previous releases were done in a mad frenzy. Anything in my life that I could put on hold, I did. I’m like that; all or nothing. Not to mention that the last version of LittleJohn really blew me away. The reason I decided to port Nester in the first place was because the NES emulators at the time weren’t up to par. That doesn’t hold true anymore. Nevertheless, I still feel an obligation to finish what I started. I do have new projects that I am working on and plan to divide my time between them and NesterGP. Be patient and good things will happen.On another note, I have made my decision as to the winner of the splash screen competition. Unfortunately for everyone but me, no one will know who the winner is until I release the next version. Also, someone pointed out that Nester is under the GPL meaning that I have to release the source to NesterGP.I wasn’t planning on doing this until I felt my work was done but I guess I have no choice. So expect the source to the most recent version to be released within a few days. When that happens, perhaps someone out there with more time will carry the project farther than I can right now. Who knows?

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