Caimans video codec (GBA)

Tony, the author for the GBA JPG Viewer, also works on a video codec to use with the GBA. There are allready 4 techdemos avaliable.

The Caimans video codec brings video on your Gameboy Advance(tm) , with a new fast algorithm designed to achieve high quality at low data rates and visually optimized for GBA’s lcd display. Youcan watch Caimans codec in action downloading the examples in this page. Please note that the demos povided refer to the actual beta version of the lib and use HUGE uncompressed PCM audio. Furthermore the caimans video codec is optimized for the REAL GBA display, even if you can see some noises and artifacts when playing demos with an emulator, the quality improves when using a real GBA. If you have a GBA flashcart I strongly suggest you to try a demo on the real hardware. Contact the author for further details

Thanks toLucifer Lovefor the news again!

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GBA Jpeg Viewer v2.2 (application)

Tony updated his GBA JPEG Viewer. This program is a Windows program which will output a GBA rom with the JPG’s you selected before using a nice interface. Thanks toLucifer Lovefor the news.

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Eyeborg Advance Demo (GBA game)

Paul Timson/Reality Fakers is working on a new puzzle game for the Gameboy Advnace. Here is what he says:

Just a small demo of a game I`ve been working on for a while. The object of the game is to collect all the stars on a level within the given number of moves, as you move the number (bottom right) decreases, when it is your last move the `move` arrow icon will turn red to warn you – this last move must be used to reach the `open` exit (chequered flag tile). When you make your move you will not stop until you hit a solid tile so choose your direction carefully!

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A simple Othello game (GBA game)

I think the headline tells you all. Another conversation of this famous board game by yanos.

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TrainX (GBA game)

WHowe submitted a game where you have to guide a spaceship and not collidate with any yellow dots. This task might not be that easy as it sounds. This game is the THIRD conversation I know of using exactly the same GFX as the original Windows game.

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Trip at r0x0r (Playstation 2 demo)

InPulSe Team released a PS2 demo at Evoke 2003 (demoparty hold in cologne this weekend, and where I recently arrived back from). Sadly there were only three Mobile demos… the other two were done for XBOX and PocketPC. Downloads are available soon from Check the demopartyshomepage for further information.

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snes9xgp WIP (SNES emulator for GP32)

Lines taken from Pekele/GP32NEWS:

Private beta 0.97fThis emu is getting better each time. It always depend of the games tested. But most of all works full speed or nearly full speed with default settings ( frameskip 3, no sound ). But i noted that games using mode 7 ( F zero, mario kart ) runs more faster.some games still fully playable with sound like micromachine or Flashback : YES ! 🙂 All my test are done on the same samples of game on each release that make me see the new feature more easely. We are expecting a public release soon as a final release from the author. SNES9XGP team made a good job and we thanks them for what they did.

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GP32 SLD Beta 2 (GP32 application)

Chui updates his SDL port for GP32. More information and download from:

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Elconhio (GP32 application port via SDL)

Elconhio is a picture viewer which can handle to display BMP, GIF, JPG, LBM, PCX, PNG, PNM, TGA and XCF files. Download from:

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gpDoom Test-Release (GP32 game port)

Craig updated his Doom port for GP32. Read more at:;f=11;t=5122

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