NesterGPd v1.2 (Emulator for GP32)

dMouse did a lot of code optimizing, designed a new menu and updated his NES emulator to v1.2

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Prototech Beta 2 (GP32 game)

The good-looking horizontal shooter sees an update.

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PixMan GP v1.0 (GP32 game)

Aoyama released a new game called PixMan GP. It’s a pacman style game and you can get it from his page. Thanks toGP32clubfor the news.

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Italian GP32 lovers have an own page now. Right now there is just a webboard, but everything has to start once. Good luck guys! You can check the page at:

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Speccyal K v0.7 (Spectrum emulator for GP32)

After a long time without update, here we go… Speccyal K v0.7 is out! Changes:

– Enhanced .TAP files handling- .TAP files are now autoloading (put tape_48.z80 and tape_128.z80 in GPMMSPECCYAL)- Ericson Chatboard support- New icon- Added intro screen- Added background graphics in options screen- Changed roms directory (now, 128-0.rom and 128-1.rom must reside in GPMMSPECCYAL)

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Mastermind (GP32 game)

Tristan, a new coder on the GP32 platform, presents his first work. It’s a mastermind game. At current stage it’s beta and rather early. It’s very possible that this game will see an update soon.

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gpQuake v0.21 (GP32 game port)

Another version of the recompiled quake has been released two days ago. You can grab the new release at:

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PHandy v0.02 (Emulator for GP32)

tuskenraider updated his port of the Atary Lynx emulator”Handy”. New in this release:

– sound can be activated (clicks/stutters) – CpuClockSpeed 40mhz – 200mhz

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Project SC2 (GP32 game)

iKi released a first demo version of his new ahead-view racing game.

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GP Advance v1.48 (GBA emulator for GP32)

Update after 2 days, GP Advance v1.48 is out!

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