PocketNES v9.9

Flubba celebrates an hat trick with his third emulator update, this times its the excellent NES emulator PocketNES. Changes are:

    Fixed lockup when no game was found.Added a little fade when entering the menu.Now saves config also when exiting.B-button is not recognised when leaving menu.Resets more hardware regs before exiting.Workaround for the XG2 bootmenu.

Visit his homepageherefor the downloads.

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PCEAdvance v5.0

Flubba also updated his PC Engine emulator today. Changes are:

    Added clock in menu if your card/emu supports it. Resets more hardware regs before exiting. Workaround for the XG2 bootmenu.

You can down this from his homepagehere

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Goomba v1.7

Flubba released a new version of his great Gameboy emulator for the GBA. Changes are:

    Added support for clock in games which use it. Added support for 32kbyte external RAM,!!BEWARE!! it’s not saved. Fixed joypad reads, no games should use the SGB functions. Fixed sprite size (Chase HQ). Resets more hardware regs before exiting. Workaround for the XG2 bootmenu.

You can download the new release from his homepagehere

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Gianas Return WIP (GP32 game)

The release of the game”Giana’s Return”for GP32 will not happen before January 2004. The developer team is busy with real-life stuff.

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Megahawks Music Disk (PS2 musicdisk)

The first ever musicdisc for the Playstation 2 is out! Thanks to psonic IRCNET #ukscene for the news!

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SIEmu-GP32 v1.03 (8080a simulator for GP32)

SIEmu-GP32 is a new 8080a simulation using SDL for Space Invaders and potentially any other 8080a based games. It runs at full speed and also has sound but the bass is a little weak on the GP32 speakers. [Complete post shameless stolen fromGP32emu]

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Wind-ups v0.99 (GP32 GUI)

Karthur has updated his graphical userinterface called wind-ups, to use with the gp32. here are the changes:

-Fixed fxe loading problem-Fixed menu problem when pressing B Button on some places of desktop-R goes to the last item in file browser (L to the first)-erased””in filename-key repeat in file browser-copy, paste, rename, delete options in filebrowser (press select to open)-Only 2 typeset when renaming a file -Check filename when renaming it-Open and Save function in kEditor; when pressing Select, a menu is open whith the following options: New, Load, Save, Exit-Remember last folder where a document was opened/saved in kEditor

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PDRoms Coding Competition I – Submissions avaliable

The submissions for the PDRoms Coding Competition #1 are avaliable!!! Download them and have a view on the submitted stuff. The voting script will be avaliable before the weekend, I hope. There is some tweaking and fixing needed.Avaliable for download are 2 GBC Games, 3 GP32 Demos, 1 GP32 Game, 11 GBA Games&2 GBA Demos, which makes a total of 19 submissions. Thanks to everyone who contributed something to the competition.

To get to the download page please have a look at the left menue and go to”PDRoms Coding Compos”

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Darts v0.3 GP32 (GP32 game)

Guyfawkes updated his Dart game once more, this one should be the final. You can get the file from GP32emu.

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Goomba v1.6 (GB emulator for GBA)

Goomba is a Gameboy Classic emulator for the Gameboy Advance. In case you do not have a GB-Bridge and own a flashcard this might saveyou a little money. Here are the release notes for this version:

V1.6 – 2003-11-02 (FluBBa)Fixed savestates in more games.Fixed reseting of LCDCY reg when changing games.

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