PDRoms Compo – Prizes – Current State

This information is only of interest for people who parcipated in the PDRoms Coding Competition. If you did not parcipate please ignore the lines below…* The GP32 T-Shirts are _all_ sent to their winners. Don’t forget to send a mail if you won a shirt and it reached you! I want to be sure everyone will receive his prize!* The Lik-Sang coupons are booked up on your accounts (all).* E-Mail to GBAX is written to send out items they promised to their winners (No response from GBAX yet since a week)* 2 E-Mail’s to GAMEFREAX are written to send out items they promised to their winners (No response yet!!!, also around over a week)* Coupons for Success-HK are in progress! FOR THOSE WHO DID NOT ANSWERED ON MY EMAIL YET PLEASE RESPONE AS YOU SLOW DONE THE PROGRESS FOR THE OTHERS! (I don’t mention any names here, I guess you know who you are)* People who allready received the money andconfirmed back (Sean for #1 in game, Dox for #2 in game). Thor donated his #3 moneyprize to the Giana’s Return developer team. BRP (for MrMr) and the guys at Mach-One will get their money via Western-Union this week if everything goes straight. Issues with Mithris for demo #2 is also cleared up. Thats it so far…Another thing… I will NOT have regular internet access till 7th January 2004 so please be patient if you wrote an email and waiting for an answer.

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GPGames (GP32 gamecollection source)

Source code of GPGames has been released. GPGames is a collection of a few smaller games for GP32.

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GpFinalWar (playable GP32 game)

Description from GpFinalWar taken from it’s homepage:

GpFinalWar is my brand new (and also first…) project on the GP32. Based on my Amiga sourcecode (wrote in Blitz Basic), it’s a 2d real time”wargame”(you play in live, don’t wait your turn). Gfx are also home made (well by myself, it’s hard work for a coder), made under Imagine 3d. Conversion started at the end of September, and I hope my demo version will be ready as ever fo the Adic !!!! Final version is scheduled for later (May 2004), time to add a good amount of vehicles and an ia that would be a bit clever… I let you see the screenshots, a downloadable version should be coming up at the end of the month !!!mATkEUpON

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Another 15 days – GP32 Coding Competition

Guyfawkes/GP32emu and Craig/GBAX having another 15 days coding competition for GP32. You can get details on the”Another 15 days Coding Competition”Homepage.Start of the compo is today (1st December)and it ends on the 15th December.

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PDRoms Coding Compo – Prizes – Lik-Sang Coupons are out!

All winners of coupons by Lik-Sang should have their prizecoupon added to their Lik-Sang accounts. Thanks again to Lik-Sang for contributing prizes to the compo.

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NESmas 03 (NES intro)

Mic, a few might now him from the early GBA development days, just made a small intro for NES public. The assambler source code is also included in the avaliable ZIP file. Thanks to Mic himself for the news.Download: NESmas 03 by Mic

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File Update! (GBC, GBA, N64, SNES)

Gameboy AdvanceBabylon5 by Kustom, Counting Clouds (Final) by Brainwave Team, Fish by Don Peeke-Vout, Name Chooser (Mode 4) by Manulon, Popo Dragon by Dafa, Wormhole by MrMr[iCE], Write Text (Mode 4) by Manulon, Background Counter by Jenswa, Border Line by Jean-Francois El Hajjar, Cardboard Tube Samurai (Prototype) by Tim Cowley, Traskodansen GBA by Illuminati, Evol by Karillon&Komplex, Fire and Smoke by MrMr[iCE], First GBA Intro by Orion, Fline by OrionGameboy ColorLoOp by ph0xNintendo 64Dexanoid R1 by Protest DesignSuper NintendoHong Kong 97 by HappySoft, Simple Text Intro by Baseline

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Gianas Return WIP (GP32/DC/PC game)

There are news from the creators of Giana’s Return. In case you do not know what Giana’s Return is… it’s a game based on the old”The Great Giana Sisters”from the good old C64/Amiga times with lot’s of improvements, new levels etc. Here the news from the hompage:

News 27th November 2003Beta test five is done and the sixth betatest should start soon. This one is thought to be the last internal beta test if everything goes straight. Chris Huelsbeck has been contacted, so we might be able to get the original”The Great Giana Sisters”Soundtrack as additional candy 🙂

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Johlemoes Pong (GC game)

A new modification of Pong appeared. This time a modification done by Johlemoe. The changes in his version of Pong:

– uses Bitmap Grafix- Has a Main Menu- You can choose between Single and Multiplayer- Its better.

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PDRoms Coding Compo I – Prizes – T-Shirt’s sent!!!

The GP32 T-Shirts which were sponsored by Mitsui, who planed the GP32 europe launch, are on the way to the winners. Depending on the location you should get your T-Shirt in five to twenty days. Thanks again to Mitsui-Europe and Markus/Mitsui for supporting the PDRoms Coding Competition with prizes.Mitsui

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