PCE Advance v4.9 (PCE emulator for GBA)

PCE Advance is now up to version 4.9, the changes:

Fixed lockup when no game was found.Optimized writes to yscroll reg.Added a little fade when entering the menu.Added Exit to normal PCEAdvance.Now saves config also when exiting.B-button is not recognised when leaving menu.

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NesterGP News (NES emulator for GP32)

Scherzo stopped the work on NesterGP which was a NES emulator for the GP32. Thanks toGP32xfor the sad news. You can get Scherzo’s full comment on his page.

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Bloody Rescue v0.61 (GP32 game)

Are you keen on a 2D Counter-Strike like game? RR4 is on the way to bring you such a game. Thanks toGP32xfor the news.

Notes concerning version 0.6: – the posting of the shootings is provisional, I do not have yet a pallet of definitive color… – in the same way for the players (you me etonnes), I must still do all the sprites of the 2 equipes. – idem for the chart, I use CS rips for this version, version ADIC will be made with not copyright?graphics (even if it means to arise 1 version ‘ classique’ of the play except ADIC, with original CS graphics) – the equilibrage of the weapons and the equipes is still to make, it may be that you die in less than 3 seconds on this version – I am conscious of the fall of the framerate at certain times of the part, and I already reper?ome parts of the code to be optimized – in this version, you are in the equipe anti terrorists, accompanied by 3 club-footed – you deal with the equipe terrorists made up of 4 club-footed – the weapons are selected aleatoirement at the beginning of the part (use Select to change weapon, the club-footed ones are on the other hand constrained to keep the same weapon all the part) – there is no yet objective other than to kill all the enemies (not hostages, or of bomb with desarmer) – the part acheve when you die or all the members of oneof the 2 equipes died (not of messages of congratulations or other) – you do not have for the moment that 3 weapons at disposal: gun, shotgun or machine-gun (in the final version, they more and better will be parametr? (a number of balls per salvo, time between each salvo, time of recharging, Nb of ammunition, ray of impact, etc…), and will include/understand grenades also) – the chart used is a chart of test (without any interest other than to allow me to test ‘ the invisibilit?well hidden blocks) – the enemy shootings are visible even if they are hidden by 1 wall, it will be corrected later – there is for the moment no graphic interface, approximately, I have even all graphics to make, but that will come 🙂

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Darts GP32 v0.2 (GP32 game)

as promised the other day I said I would release the new version of Darts and here it is. Unfortunately there are several features missing in the game due to lack of time, you can read more about them in the notes.txt file. Here are the main changes for this release:

    – Everything is now in 16bit display- Redesigned Menu system with music.- New dartboard graphics and animations.- Choice of practice game (1P) and two human players (2P). Sorry, no CPU opponent.- Music and sound effects.- Announcer speech.- New ‘Drunken Dart’ routine (not happy with it though).- Dart throw power gauge.

Also included with the download is a PDF manual on how to play the game, doubling out chart and the controls. Please give feedback on this game, officially this is the final release but if I get good feedback theres a small chance I will fix up any bugs etc. I especially want to know the aiming difficulty, too easy or hard? You can do this by posting on my forum posthere.You can download the new release fromGP32Emu.

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Goomba v1.0 (GB emulator for GBA)

Here is the latest project from FluBBa. Goomba is a Gameboy Classic emulator for the Gameboy Advance. In case you do not have a GB-Bridge and own a flashcard this might save you a little money. Here are the release notes for this version:

Initial release. GB-Z80 done, probably some bug left. Memory done, only 8kbytes of external ram. LCD done, windows not fully working. Sound done, waveram not allways updated correctly. MBC’s, most done, no clock or ram paging yet. Controller done. Serial done, should act like real. Savestates done, not found any problems. Link Transfer done, as usual works when it wants to.

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Lazy Reader v0.3 (GP32 application)

Woogal’s”Lazy Reader”is a txt viewer for those people who can’t bebothered pressing a button every time they want to view the next page. Or, to put it another way, it’s a variable speed auto scrolling txt viewer.

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ThunderZ’s 3D Engine

The pictures of ThunderZ’s 3D engine for GP32 has been shown on many various related pages yet. Now there is more information on it (downloads soon). Thanks toGP32newsfor the news and ThunderZ himself for telling me about this.

The license of the engine, I’m working is no more commercial license.So i’ve decide to distribut the GP32 version and the tools freely to make everyone can use it (license not yet choose).Here some specification of the engine :* The current GP32 viewport is 320×240 pixels, 16bit.* Engine supports radiosity lighting and shadows.* All textures are 64×64 8bit.* Rotated vertices are cached and reused by neighbouring cells.* A vertex pool is used to insert new vertices into clipped polygons reducing memory shifting.* Textures are converted to 15bit via a precalculated lighting LUT.* Polygons can be any convex shape. Only squares are currently used.* Each vertex is described as X, Y, Z, U, V and brightness.* The renderer uses 24:8 fixed point maths.* Polygons are clipped in 3D space using 45 degree planes. Distance to plane calculations therefore use only additions and subtractions.* Polygon edges are clipped using one divide and 6 multiplies.* 4 clipping planes are used. No front plane is required. No back plane is used.* No per-span clipping is used. Fixed point errors are hidden offscreen.* Ray-casting is used to build a visablity list and valid polygon rendering order.* Models are merged into the VIS without sorting.* No Z-buffers are used. Rendering is back-to-front (painters algorithm).* The is an acceptable level of overdraw. Complete polygons are culled. Polygon edges are drawn faster than using a per span clipper.* Lighting is pre-calculated on startup. Lighting can be moved at runtime.* Lighting is expanded per vertex and interpolated along polygon edges.* A reciprocal table is used to eliminate all divides from the DDA texture mapper.* The affine texture loop is unrolled and renders blocks of 32 pixels.

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YahtzeeGP v0.1 (GP32 game)

Guyfawkes released a beta of his new game YahtzeeGP over at GP32emu.

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PDRoms Coding Competition – New Deadline!!!

I recognized latly that the planed deadline was a Friday (31st October). A few of you might need a bit more time or want to start an entry, so the new deadline is now Sunday the 2nd November 23:59 / GMT +1 – Kojote

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Keyboard Advance v1.0b (GBA application)

Keyboard is a writing system intended for handling complex input on a few button device using almost no memory or processing resources (it’s just a matter of user interface). Keyboard Advance implements Keyboard system on a Game Boy Advance. The author of Keyboard is Francesco Napolitano.

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