File Update! (GBA)

Gameboy AdvanceEternity by Dennis Kincheloe, Fire Cube v1&v2 by George Stark, Font Engine Demo v0.1 by Tim Crockford, Political Statement With A Well Hidden Message by Matt Current, Buenzli 12 Invitation Intro by Vantage

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Aladdin GBA v0.99999 (GBA game remake/techdemo)

Here is the text taken from it’s homepage:

This is my first videogame project. That is to say, it’s the first time I’ve done something involving a realtime game loop where things happen in the background regardless of what the user is doing. I made this demo for the specific purpose of making a game-like-thing.I chose to remake a section of the first level from the Sega Genesis Aladdin because Aladdin is an example of a game that still looks good today. Unlike other Genesis games, the color use is minimal allowing ugly effects like dithering to be avoided. As a result, the game looks solid and has some amazingly smooth animation thanks to the Disney artists who contributed to the project.The demo was created from scratch, from defining my own object structures, to creating animation and scrolling system, and eventually taking care of collision and object AI (although I wouldn’t really call what’s present in the demo”intelligence.”) Non-programming areas like cutting out frames of animation from the original and putting together backgrounds in a map editor took up the bulk of the development time and were the most tedious tasks….

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Bunny Xmas (GBA game)

Shen’s third and last update is an improved version of Bunny Xmas which was an entry to Visoly’s Coding Competition hold in 2001.

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Loop The Loop v21-11-2003 (GBA game)

Shen’s entry for thePDRoms Coding Competitionhas also seen an update. There is no history, nor a version number so I added the binary date. If you know the entry for PDRC1 you will recognize that the way things disappear after they have looped changed a bit. Now you can also hit fruits with your line without loosing a life. Just avoid the ‘real enemies.

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SWorld 3 (Release 4) (GBA game)

Shen recently updated SWorld 3. The changes for this version:

* Difficulty Levels added* Luscious multilayer scrolling backgrounds* A couple of new enemies * Probably some other stuff I am forgetting* Continue and Options menu items aren’t enabled yet, so don’t bother trying

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PDRoms Coding Competition I – Results

The results of the first PDRoms Coding Competition are now public. I got the last judgevote around 8 hours ago… I worked the whole nightto workout the results (now it’s 6.28am :). Before I present the link to the results a very hughe thanks toGambitstudios,Gamefreaks,GBAX,GP32-Europe/Mitsui,Lik-Sang,Emanuel / HAMlibandSuccess-HKfor supporting my competition with great prizes! Get the results by clicking on the link below.

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PDRoms Coding Competition – Voting

The public voting has ended four days ago, and 5 hours ago the last judge (CHN) submitted his voting. Everyone who contributed something to the competition should have recieved an email with ranking and information how to obtain a possible prize. The results will be made public in the next days. – Regards Kojote

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Wondersnake 2 (WSC game)

A new game for WonderswanColor is out. This it the second ever freeware game. Have fun!

———————————————————‘Wondersnake 2’ for Wonderswan Color by Dox&Kojote———————————————————Do you remember ‘Wondersnake?’. Wondersnake was the firstfreeware game released for the Bandai Wonderswan Color.Now, Wondersnake is back, with 20 brandnew challenginglevels and improved controls.::::::::: Behold the sequel: Wondersnake 2 ! ::::::::::::Code&Graphics by Dox ………. dox (AT) space (DOT) pl by Kojote …….. kojote1980 (AT) yahoo (DOT) comhttp://www.pdroms.comThanks to:Mr. Spiv, for hardware testing!Greetings to:EFNET #pdroms #gp32dev #gbadev #gameboy #celldev—————————————————-[EOF]-

Download: Wondersnake 2

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Interview with Mithris (GP32 coder)

I just conducted an interview with Mithris/Noice. It’s about his work on GP32 and some related sidetalk.

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Dreamcast Coding Competition

Usually I do NOT cover Dreamcast stuff here, but if you are keen on coding a demo for Dreamcast, there is a competition by”Dreamcast-Scene”. You can read more about it on the page linked below.

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