Western GP32 (Doom v9 WAD file for GP32)

Western by Falken is not a stand alone game. It’s a wad file to use with the freely avaliable Doom (v9) engine.

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fMSX32 RU Edition (MSX emulator for GP32)

rlyeh updated his MSX emulator for GP32. You can get the download from his page.

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PDRoms Coding Compo – Last voting day!!!

The public voting for the PDRoms Coding Competition will end in around 9,5 hours (CET 23:59). The submission are here: the voting file is here:

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He – The Worst Game Ever (GP32 game)

A very promising name for a game I guess 🙂 Galford’s first game for GP32 is called”He – The Worst Game Ever”. I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t confirm if it’s the worst game ever 🙂 Thanks toGP32newsfor the news.

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GP Frodo News (C64 emulator for GP32)

Regarding the guys at”GP Frodo”has not been canceled, but the coder, Mike Dawson, is busy with real life issues. It is not known when Mike will continue his work.

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Daydreamin WIP (GP32 game)

ICON, makers of Fire&Fire, announced a new game for the GP32. Not sure if it’s going to be free as Fire&Fire was. The information is in korean language so I don’t have further information.

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PDRoms Coding Competition – VOTING OPEN

The public voting for the PDRoms Coding Competitoin is now open. If you want to have a look at the submissions checkthe submissions here.

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VBA32 Released (GP32)

The Gameboy/Gameboy Color/Gameboy Advance emulator ported from VisualBoyAdvance by Chui has been released. I believe its the same version thats entered into the GP32Spain competition so the emulator was lacking sound and not running at full speed. Also, I say it many times and probably will always be saying itdont expect any GBA games to run at playable speed. You can download the release fromGP32Emu.

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PocketNES v9.9

Flubba celebrates an hat trick with his third emulator update, this times its the excellent NES emulator PocketNES. Changes are:

    Fixed lockup when no game was found.Added a little fade when entering the menu.Now saves config also when exiting.B-button is not recognised when leaving menu.Resets more hardware regs before exiting.Workaround for the XG2 bootmenu.

Visit his homepageherefor the downloads.

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PCEAdvance v5.0

Flubba also updated his PC Engine emulator today. Changes are:

    Added clock in menu if your card/emu supports it. Resets more hardware regs before exiting. Workaround for the XG2 bootmenu.

You can down this from his homepagehere

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