AGB Rogue (GBA game)

Donnie sent his”Rogue”conversation to the guys at GBAdev… here is what he said:

It’s a port of the first graphical adventure game, Rogue, designed by M. Toy and G. Wichman. Today it would be called an RPG, and was the origin of the term”Roguelike”. This is a complete port, not a demo. The screen text is very tiny, and the controls are a bit cumbersome, but after adjusting to these weaknesses, I think the gameplay is exactly like the original. I did take the liberty of adding a few sound effects.I would love to hear if this game has been successfully played on the actual hardware. I tested it only through emulation.

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StarDust v1.0 Alpha (GP32 game)

StarDust is a space shooter for GP32. Here is the description from the coder:

StarDust is a very ugly looking space shooter. It’s my very first attempt at coding something for the GP32. All you need to know about the game is in the user manual (which is included with the game). Enjoy!

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DiscShop (GP32 game)

Another game mentioned on is DiscShop. You can get a description in spanish, screenshot plus download at GP32spain.

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Bubble Bobble v0.95 (GBA game)

Thomas Maniero updated his very very very old Bubble Bobble GBA clone. It’s worth checking it out…

Yesterday I played the official Bubble Bobble port for GBA and I saw that the developers have used a clever trick to fit the original sized levels (or just something very close to) on the little GBA screen. So after an hour I have reproduced the trick on my oooold Bubble Bobble demo.

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Another 15 days coding competition is over (GP32)

Results and downloads of the”Another 15 days coding competition”organized by GP32emu and GBAX are out. There were a few submissions. The winner was a SNES emulator for GP32 called”OpenSNES”.

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Help request from Piratero…

This morning I found this help-request from Piratero in my inbox. Mainly he is looking for an GFX artist for a demo he is coding. But read more…

Hi i’m creating a demo for the sega saturn and i would like to ask you if its possible for you to post an ad. this ad is mostly a request for a gfx artist.Here it is:Mr. Piratero :: MRP-MCAuthor: Mr. PirateroConsole: Sega SaturnEmail: el_piratero-[at]-hotmail-[dot]-comScreenshot: Try to catch as many Saturns as you can before The Sony PSX devours you!What is needed: a 24bit 64×64 polar bear, and 640×480 splash screen. Here is an idea of what is exactly needed:The polar bear will have angel wings… white and pink wings. Of course there willbe animated wings. The bear is to have a dopey look. His Stature can resemble: course style can be either FF3/6 style or a heavily shaded style. The splash screen can be anything your heart desires as longas it meets the requirements: must be 256 colors and at a resolution of 640×480 and has to look good :]. The wordingwill be: `MRP-MC`if any questions come up please pm in iRC (My nick is Piratero, in EFNET.) or contact me trough email.P.S. A graffiti style to the splash screen would be nice

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Bichos (GP32 game)

Bichos is a game which appeared on two days ago. Judging for the screenshot I’ve seen it’s a kind of Boulder-Dash/Emerald-Mine game. You can get the download at GP32Spain.

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Yeti3D (GC 3D Engine)

The”Yeti3D”Engine has been ported to the Gamecube!!! Get more Information on GCdev.org

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DrSMS v5.00 (PogoShell) (Master System Emulator for GBA)

Reesy done a upgrade of his Master System emulator for Gameboy Advance. Details about changes and the download is avaliable on his page.

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Raycasting Demos (GBA techdemos)

Dox updated one of his very very old raytracing demo for the GBA and also released 2 new raycasting demos. You can check it out at

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