KOF 91 (GP32 game)

Thor released a port of a MUGEN game called KOF 91. It’s a fighting game engine where you can add a lot of characteres etc. Just check the official page… 🙂

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Giana’s Return WIP News (GP32/DC game)

During the past days there were a couple of WIP news regarding Giana’s Return which is a jump and run game based on”The Great Giana Sisters”which is a well known C64 classic.

News 25th December 2003Another day and more news 🙂 As most of you know”Giana’s Return”is the first game to support the GP32<->DC Link Cable. As proud owner of that cable you can unlock the”Night-Level”as described on WIP news dated 23rd December. This feature will be only avaliable to GP32<->DC Link Cable owners.Also important to mention: There is an official”Giana’s Return”forum hosted by the PD Roms webboards. A link to this forum can be found at the menue bar.News 24th December 2003More news… There is the idea to put a few subgames into the game itself, probably hidden or password locked. Possible sceneries* One level full of diamonds, 30 seconds of time, get as many diamonds as you can get. (Level and concept done)* Long Jump… Giana on a platform and you have to jump as far as possible…* A level full of traps and you have to solve it as fast as possible…News 23rd December 2003Here are good news 🙂 Chris Huelsbeck gave us the permission to include his whole soundtrack from the C64 version of”The Great Giana Sisters”into”Giana’s Return”! In case we make use of it you can activate original C64 sound feeling with a cheatcode. Beside this, six new stages were designed, in fact a complete new world. This world is hidden so you’ll have to find it first, or you can activate it with a cheatcode (this is not decided yet by the team). This world is extremly difficult and as candy you get the power of NOT loosing any items you get during the normal ingame.

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OpenSnes9xGP v0.2 (SNES emulator for GP32)

The second ever avaliable SNES emulator forGP32 comes from Yoyo and a few other guys. This one is called OpenSnes9xGP and is open-source!!! … and it has been updated recently. Here are the changes:

8bpp mode triple buffering in 8bpp mode : fixes flickering issue at low frameskip new transparency hack mode : zelda&mario world seem ok. sound bug causing random crash fixed .cfg file for all / per game. improved GUI. dsp1 optimized a bit. zsnes .zs* savestate can be loaded if correctly named (<->mariow.zst, mariow.zs1…) C4 support (megaman X 2&X 3) BUG FIXED : gamma settings not used in directcolourmode(super metroid…) added spc playback, using openspc++ from kode54. code cleaning&memory management improved

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SNES-Station v0.20 (SNES emulator for PS2)

After a long time there is finally a new release of SNES-Station, which is a SNES emulator for Playstation 2. The changes:

The release has several of the things I was aiming for completed, but there is still much planned for future releases. Done: Loading of Zipped ROM files Full Save State Loading and Saving (compressed) New GUI (as previewed) GUI Screen Calibration (with Saving) In-game GUI In-Game Screen calibration New config saving system done Memcard Manager Multi-tap support(multi-tap must be in port 2 when starting emulator C4 games fixed Planned for future release MC Support for loading ROMs from Memory Card Hard Drive Support for loading Emu and ROMs from Hard Drive SDD1 decompression, to get sDD1 games working New sound core New graphics core

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TetrisGC -Preview- (GC game)

The first freeware Tetris for Gamecube out… You can get it at Dextrose!

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Rockford v0.9 (GBA game)

Keen on a Rockford remake for GBA? Zapf Bandit coded one and you can download it from gbadev. Here is what the coder said:

Here is my first real GBA game. It is a very accurate recreation of one of my favorite every DOS games.It is not 100% complete but unfortunately I can’t make it to a few of the levels in the original so I’m not sure what some of the blocks are… If you are a rockford fan please let me know what they are when you get to them.

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AGB Rogue (GBA game)

Donnie sent his”Rogue”conversation to the guys at GBAdev… here is what he said:

It’s a port of the first graphical adventure game, Rogue, designed by M. Toy and G. Wichman. Today it would be called an RPG, and was the origin of the term”Roguelike”. This is a complete port, not a demo. The screen text is very tiny, and the controls are a bit cumbersome, but after adjusting to these weaknesses, I think the gameplay is exactly like the original. I did take the liberty of adding a few sound effects.I would love to hear if this game has been successfully played on the actual hardware. I tested it only through emulation.

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StarDust v1.0 Alpha (GP32 game)

StarDust is a space shooter for GP32. Here is the description from the coder:

StarDust is a very ugly looking space shooter. It’s my very first attempt at coding something for the GP32. All you need to know about the game is in the user manual (which is included with the game). Enjoy!

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DiscShop (GP32 game)

Another game mentioned on is DiscShop. You can get a description in spanish, screenshot plus download at GP32spain.

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Bubble Bobble v0.95 (GBA game)

Thomas Maniero updated his very very very old Bubble Bobble GBA clone. It’s worth checking it out…

Yesterday I played the official Bubble Bobble port for GBA and I saw that the developers have used a clever trick to fit the original sized levels (or just something very close to) on the little GBA screen. So after an hour I have reproduced the trick on my oooold Bubble Bobble demo.

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