KOF 91 v1.1 (GP32 game port)

Thor made aport of the fighting engine”KOF 91″for GP32. Version 1.1 is just out. It has better speed and other fixes, but still no ZIP support for external characteres. You can get the file at Thor’s page.

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Vorton GP32 (Alpha 3) (GP32 game)

Vorton is a remake of the classic game Highway Encounter. It is built with Simple DirectMedia Layer libraries, portable on Windows, Linux, Dreamcast, GP32. The changs for Alpha 3:

Alpha-3 version released !.A lot of changes: Speech synthesis samples, more video effects, hero dead, added more sound effects, pause screen, game over screen, language menu option (only screen), top records menu option (only screen) and command arguments (audio/video options).Source code and binaries provided.

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GBAkkord (GBA misc)

Another demo which has been sent to gbadev, this time by OrR:

our friends all play piano, trumpet or violin? Now you’ve finally got your own instrument! With this useless little program your GBA can beep 3 octaves! You only have to press the right button combinations.This program really doesn’t make much sense… But it’s my first GBA program! Indeed my first program for a really long time… This explains why it’s so simple, stupid and in spite of that the code (done with DragonBasic, should be included in this zip along with the really lovely background that might as well be a screenshot…) is a lot of crap…

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Multiplayer Demo (GBA game)

Scott sent a”Multiplayer Demo”to Here are the details:

ere’s a little demo that shows how to replicate a MULTIBOOT ROM across a link cable (without a 2nd flash cart), and then exchange structured data between the gameboys. Once the ROM is replicated, the gameboys call a function called ExchangeStructs() once per game loop. Each player has their own STRUCT that you can change to be anything you like. The function handles the multiplayer transfer, ensuring that everyone has a”current state”view of the game.

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GBA JPEG Viewer v2.4 (GBA application)

Tony recently released an updated version of his program GBA JPEG Viewer. In fact GBA JPEG Viewer is a windows program which outputs GBA slideshows of decided JPEG pictures.

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PCE Advance v5.5 (PCE emulator for GBA)

Another update to PCE Advance, which is a PC Engine / TG16 emulator for the Gameboy Advance. Changes:

-Added speedhacks for A LOT of games.-Optimized all the fransfer operands.-Fixed the”one folder under the root”problem in Pogoshell.-Fixed the TRB&TSB operands.”Parasol Stars”works.

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Vorton GP32 (Alpha 2) (GP32 game)

Vorton is a remake of the classic game Highway Encounter. It is built with Simple DirectMedia Layer libraries, portable on Windows, Linux, Dreamcast, GP32.

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Neo Yahtzee v0.1 (NGPC game)

Whoever thought the NGPC (Neo Geo Pocket Color) developer scene is dead is wrong. Darek J Davis released a brandnew game for NGPC called”Neo Yahtzee”. Beside this game you can also find an early RPG engine on his page, which is for NGPC as well.

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Darts GP32 v0.3.1 released

I released a small but important update to my homegrown game Darts GP32. It fixes two things, first is the bug when scoring a treble 11, treble 8 and treble 5, the second is a bug when scoring double 5.I will start work on the next proper version of Darts hopefully tonight or tomorrow so this new release should be fully working until v0.4 is finished.You can download v0.3.1 atGP32Emu.

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PCE Advance v5.4 (PCE emulator for GBA)

Another update of PCE Advance (PC Engine / Turbo Grafix 16 emulator for Gameboy Advance) is out. Changes:

V5.4 – 2004-01-11 (FluBBa)* Fixed LSR from zeropage,x (Gunhed(J)/Blazing Lazers(U)).* Fixed multibooting from multibooted GBA.

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