Guyfawkes Unfinished Games Pack (GP32 games)

Image provided by: GuyfawkesGuyfawkes released a pack of games he started codin early 2003 – but never finished.So be warned, most games in this pack are not completely playable, but you still may have some fun playing them.

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New NES Demos

Roman informed PD Roms about new demos for the good old Nintendo 8-Bit system. There are 5 new demos uploaded to recently. In detail:GZS– Generator of sound signalsCopper Bars– A visual effect accomplished using a combination of multiple techniquesSMW Stomper– A demonstration of mid-frame vertical scroll adjustmentScanline– A test of emulator PPU accuracy (note that the final test’s text should NOT be readable).The Tao of 007– Official game of Project: Sachen.

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RascalBoy Advance v1.2.8.3 (GBA emulator for Windows)

The GBA emulator called RascalBoy Advance just got updated to v1.2.8.3. You can download it from the website below.

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UNIX on the GBA?!

This may be of interest to many of you GBA or *nix enthusiasts. The author Amit Singh writes;In this document, we discuss”gbaunix”, a rather contrived experiment in which we run an ancient version of the UNIX operating system on a popular hand-held video game system using a simulator.See the website for more information and to download the project.

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AHX Musicdisk (PS2 application)

This is a small application that plays AHX Abyss modules on the PS2.News submitted by Eugene Esterly III;Several days ago, a PS2DEV programmer named Raizor released an AHX musicdisk for the PS2. It contains 200 AHX files and the download is at

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Gebea (GBA emulator for Windows)

Image provided by: /MicThis is the first release of Gebea, a Gameboy Advance emulator for Windows written by /Mic. Certain features such as sound and timers are not implemented in this version. You can download it from the websitebelow.

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Edge Pad v0.3 (GP32 application)

Image provided by: WoogalWoogal is the first to use our `Submit News` function 🙂 Here is what he says about his Wordpad-Style application:

Not added a lot of the interface stuff yet due to lack of time, but this release has a load dialog (supports .txt .cfg .log and .thm extensions and files can now be in any folder), several very annoying bugs fixed, a nice little icon (thanks Antiriad), and a set of detailed instructions.

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PD Roms – New Design and Features

Ladies and Gentlemen……as you can see, there is a new design and a couple of new features. The new features are;

  • Rating system for all available productions
  • TOP 50 (those TOP 50 are calculated in realtime and will show up there if a production has reached at least more than 50 votes)
  • Submit News feature – You have news for us? Submit news yourself now, fast and easy!
  • In the top right area there is a fast-search box
  • File-Search engine has been improved
  • News Archive has been improved
  • RSS Feed!
  • Better overview of productions
  • etc etc etc… 🙂

If you recognise any problems, please write an email to `kojote at pdroms dot de`. Thanks in advance! And now… have fun!!! 🙂

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Mario Demo (GBA game)

Image provided by: www.gbadev.orgdagamer34 has released this game featuring Mario for the GBA, check out to download it.

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New Hooka interview: Antiriad (GP32 related)

Hooka’s new interview is: Antiriad, the man behind a lot of artworks for GP32 emulators.

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