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SpoonMission v0.2 (PPC Application)

SpoonMission is a configurable countdown timer, with support for multiple timezone clocks. It’s primary function is to countdown to lift off/touch down of SpaceShuttle missions, but can be used for any timing purposes.


v0.2 – Added icon


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wBubbleWrap (08-02-2010) (PPC misc)

wBubbleWrap is very simple, time wasting program, with two goals: Pop some bubbles and make noise.


– menu is opened on single tap in top left corner
– new icon
– some graphics improvements


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IMDb Mobile v0.45 (Beta) (PPC Application)

Unlike other IMDb apps which parse IMDb pages for information, this app uses the iPhone IMDb API to retrieve information from IMDb.com and display it on your Windows Mobile.


– Search Movies/TV/Video Games/Actors
– Finger-friendly interface
– DVD Covers
– Actor Headshots
– Trivia
– Quotes
– Photos
– Top 250
– Coming Soon List
– Videos/Trailers
– Goofs
– App-To-Date Support


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Taskbar Launcher v0.4 (Beta) (PPC Application)

Taskbar Launcher is a little tool that shows a customizeable launch pad when you hit the taskbar.

Attention: Current version is designed for newer 6.5.x builds of Windows Mobile with the start menu on bottom. Taskbar Launcher is blocking all other applications from the taskbar, so it might be a bad idea to use it when your Start menu is still on top.


Fixed bug: Taskbar launcher showed instead of HTC Volume Control (tested on Touch Diamond)
Fixed bug: Selected icons stayed selected when moving out of the icon
Taskbar is split up into 3 areas, each of them can launch something (see INI file)
Supported commands: switch to Start menu, switch to Manila
Added switch to deactive Taskbar launcher (workaround if “Stop Taskbar launcher” leads to problems….)
Finally there’s link in Startmenu to Taskbar launcher (configuration tool automatically starts Taskbar launcher when finished)
More options in popup menu (see screenshot)
Added first-stage configuration GUI (see other screenshot


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SchedHandler v1.72 (PPC Application)

camro updated his application SchedHandler, previously known as MailHandler. The program is based upon ImapPusher.


.) Scheduler for:
Scanning for:
-> network connection scanner (check the connection and if not valid reconnect again)
-> anti power suspend (sending power heartbeat every X-seconds, and so not going to suspend mode)
-> imap idle scanning for new emails
-> wheel time scanning (after X-seconds execute…)
–> + extra option for
—- checking if File Exist
—- checking if File Not Exist
—- checking if Application Running
—- checking if Application Not Running
Timeplans when Scanning events are valid
Execution if Scanning is valid:
-> Polling Emails (Pocket Outlook Mailboxes)
-> Kill Tasks
-> Play Sounds (all windows media supported files)
-> Switch Radio, GPRS, Wlan, Bluetooth via ON/OFF/Toggle
it supports:
+ multiple email profiles
+ multiple email FOLDERS
+ multiple scheduler profiles
+ multiple time plans
+ checking email via “Imap Idle” and/or via “Polling”
+ imap(143) and imaps(993) ssl
+ Polling in free defined time interval
+ Multiple Time Scheduling for:
+> switching on/off/toogle (RADIO, GPRS WLAN, BLUETOOTH)


+ added extrachecking if timeplans are only few seconds diff. to next vaild timeplan( -> now it won’t LOGOUT if now time leak to hop next vaild timeplan)
+ small changes on EXAMPLE file (sound for new-email)
+ fixed backup – forgot the sound options to save on backup


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TProfiler (07-02-2009) (PPC Application)

Automatically switches device sound mode (available profiles – sounds on, sounds off, vibrate) at selected hour and weekday. Simple application, doesn’t occupy memory.


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ArkSwitch v1.0.4 (PPC Application)

ArkSwitch is an easy to use task manager specifically for WM6.5.x.


– FIX: Double tmail.exe (and others) listing in certain situations
– CHG: Reverted back to X button instead of OK button for the main ArkSwitch screen
– ADD: Memory usage percentage
– ADD: Experimental memory usage efficiency index on the App Info page


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Shopping Cart v5.3 (PPC Application)

Shopping Cart allows you to create, save and manage shopping lists on your mobile device. You can create them on the fly and save them for future use, or you can create a master shopping list with common items that can be put into a new shopping list for whatever adventure you set forth on.

It also includes a Windows (PC) based utility for those “power” users who like to manage large, multi-tab lists. It simplifies typing up large lists of items and it also transfers them directly to your device if it is connected.


New features: Shopping Cart Companion – You can use this tiny application to easily create and manage lists (both standard and master lists) from your PC and transfer them directly to your device.

Fixes: Optimized code greatly for larger lists. Opening a large list, e.g. 40 items per tab over 3 tabs opens in 5 seconds instead of 30. This has a huge impact on older / slower devices.


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wBubbleWrap (04-02-2010) (PPC misc)

wBubbleWrap is very simple, time wasting program, with two goals: Pop some bubbles and make noise.


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Gen.Y DualBOOT v1.05 (PPC Application)

Easily boot into both WM or Android with Gen.Y DualBOOT.

This release is made for VGA devices, and supports booting Android both from Internal Storage (moviNAND, e.g. Touch Diamond) & Storage Card (SDMemory, e.g. Touch Pro). WVGA version and QVGA version is also ready. This app has been tested on WM6.1, but will work perfectly on WM6.5.x as well.

Keep in mind that your android setup must be installed already at the root of your storage card in order for this app to work correctly (e.g. Internal Storageharet.exe or Storage Cardharet.exe respectively).


– Minor code adjustments, No longer requires seperate .MUI file
– Added program icon (+ WM6.5 png icon)
– Added shortcut to Start Menu > Programs


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