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DSx86 v0.43 (Beta) (DOS emu for NDS)

DSx86 is a PC/DOS emulator for Nintendo DS written by Patrick Aalto. It’s purpose is to allow you to run old DOS games on your Nintendo DS game console. Some of the older games run quite good and bring back memories.


– Opcode ADC used ARM adc instead of add in address calculations. Fixed.
– BCD opcodes (DAA, DAS, etc) did not work correctly. Fixed.
– Oveflow flag handling fixed in ADC and SBB opcodes.
– Fixed flags handling in opcodes REPNE CMPSB and REPNE SCASB when CX == 0.
– Fixed [bp+di+disp8] address calculation in several protected mode opcodes.
– Opcodes LIDT and LGDT did not clear the highest byte of 32-bit base address.
– Opcodes LAR and LSL did not handle selector type 0 correctly.
– Fixed pushing EGA memory value to stack in Lords of Doom.
– Fixed mouse scaling in proportional font 80×25 text mode.

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Ice Slider v1.1 (NDS Game)

EgoTrip updated his Nintendo DS homebrew game Ice Slider. Ice Slider is a puzzle game, with the objective of collecting 10 coins on each level. However, there is a catch, once you start moving, you cannot stop until you hit an obstacle. Obstacles include brick walls which cannot be passed, ice walls that break when bumped into, and directional walls which you can only move through in the indicated direction. There are 80 levels in total, which should keep you busy for a while.

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Ice Slider v0.3 (NDS Game)

EgoTrip updated his Nintendo DS homebrew game Ice Slider. Puzzle fun in 20 levels, more to come…

Ice Slider WIP

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Gravity Duck (30-05-2012) (NDS Game)

Gravity Duck by bart2465 is an attempt to bring Woblyware’s Gravity Duck to the Nintendo DS. The unofficial NDS conversion is created using DS Game Maker.

Gravity Duck v30052012

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Earth Shaker DS (13-05-2012) (NDS Game)

ant512 updated his remake of “Earth Shaker“, a “Boulder Dash” like game, originally released for ZX Spectrum in 1990.


– The ability to load and save levels in the editor with user-defined names (so you can have more than one custom level, and share them with other people);
– A “Custom Level” option on the title screen listing all user-created levels
– Slightly re-organised level editor;
– The ability to load and save boulder/wall/door/soil types in a custom level;
– Fixed for the latest devkitARM;
– Updated to the latest WoopsiGfxGameTemplate (fixes SDL version);
– Start button can be used to test a level in the editor;
– Select button can page through level editor menu panels.

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XM7Play DJ v1.00 (NDS Application)

XM7Play by sverx is a XM player based on libXM7. It plays .xm’s and most common format .mod’s with up to 16 channels directly from your FAT memory card.

XM7(Play) DJ is a special edition for disc jockeys. The changes in comparison to the regular version is:

* the module should load and be ready for replay, instead of starting immediately
* it should be possible to stop and restart the module from the current pattern
* it should be possible to skip to next or to previous pattern while stopped or even while playing
the program should visually show the number of the current pattern and the total number of patterns in the module
* the music output should be mono, for the DJ mixer.

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NesDS v1.1b2 (NES emu for NDS)

NesDS by huiminghao is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for Nintendo DS.

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Table Sixty-Nine v69.0 (NDS misc)

Chris e-mailed us to let you all know about his brand new Nintendo DS app:

He pretty much describes it best:

Find out if you are seated at table sixty-nine in any radix!

We all know the situation: you go out for a meal at the pub/café/restaurant or whatever. What table do you choose? One by the window? One out of the drought? One strategically near the bar? No, the correct answer is the one with the most amusing table number, i.e 69. All too often though, some scoundrels have got there first, or more likely, the establishment does not have 69 tables.

However, dining disappointment can be averted! There may only be one (if any) table 69 but there are many table sixty-nines! Thanks to the existence of non-decimal numerical bases and this application, you can for example sit at table 23, look it up on this software, go to the bar and inform the attractive person taking your order that you are “seated at table sixty-nine! In base thirty-three.” Whereupon they will swoon at your intelligence and wit and give you their phone number, possibly.

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Clown 3D (14-04-2012) (NDS Techdemo)

Clown 3D by bl0ckeduser is a little technical demo, which might turn out into a game. You can jump around in 3D worlds, collect keys that open doors and shoot bullets that disintegrate as soon as they touch an object.

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NesDS v1.0a (NES emu for NDS)

NesDS by huiminghao is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for Nintendo DS.


* fds sound added, just works.
* Mapper198 added, SRAM saving not supported.
* Sound update.
* Gesture update.

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