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2 Player Adventure v0.4 (A2600 Game)

Fort Apocalypse has updated his “2 Player Adventure” game for Atari 2600.

Release notes:

0.4 release – For one or two players.

Dragon and Eye are enabled and attack and can kill you. You can kill them with the staff. Rooms make sense (somewhat) and there is somewhat of a map. Two castles. No point to game yet except to kill dragons and floating eyes with staff.

What do you think? All ideas are welcome!

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Kindercomp (09-10-2007) (r2) (A2600 Game)

atariland2600 in the house again, with another update of his children’s game port “Kindercomp” to the Atari 2600.

Release notes:

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I give to you Subtraction! Choose between addition and subtraction with the left difficulty switch. I did see the problem that popped up about the number 7 and fixed it. Any comments about the game so far would be appreciated.
(By the way, you can skip the intro and go directly to the game I’m working on at the moment by pressing FIRE at the Spinnaker screen.)

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2 Player Adventure v0.2.5 (A2600 Game)

Fort Apocalypse has updated his “2 Player Adventure” game for Atari 2600.

Release notes:

Ok, I forgot there is no pfpixel in multisprite so no shovel for now. Two items both have actions now:

* Wand of Izgborsh – widespread mayhem
* Staff of Grobazz – shoots magical burst of energy

Thought that would be more interesting than a gun, and slightly less violent. No monsters yet… that will be next

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Kindercomp (09-10-2007) (A2600 Game)

atari2600land has updated “Kindercomp” once more.

Release notes:

Addition is now added. It’s listed in the menu under “ADD.” Basically, it’s like Fun With Numbers where you scroll through the available answer numbers using the joystick and putting in your answer with the fire button. If you respond correctly, it goes to a new math problem. If you answer incorrectly, it still has the same problem for you to answer until you get it right. The code still refers to this game as “Math” because I didn’t know whether to call it Math or Add. Oh, and I bumped the size up from 8k to 16k. I think I’ll call it quits for today.

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Kindercomp (08-10-2007) (r2) (A2600 Game)

atari2600land has updated “Kindercomp” twice yesterday.


Release notes Update 1
Minor update: Man on title screen bows before the music plays. If you’ll notice in the code, in the third frame, I had to use “missile1height=0” in order to have a missile height of 1. WTF? Anyway, missile 1 is the guy’s right arm.

Release notes Update 2
Drawing is now an option. On the menu screen, press fire to select it when the arrow is pointing to it. BTW, the other options are just a silly test to see whether the arrows work or not and definitely will not be in the final version. The “Names” and “scribble” games won’t be on here because the 2600 does not have a built-in font/text function.

In the “draw” game, move the cursor with the joystick, and press fire while using the joystick to put the pen to the paper. Believe it or not, the other versions I’ve played (A800 & C64) drawing game do not have a cursor and you just draw like an Etch-A-Sketch, so this is a little bit better than the others because you can draw wherever you want without making a line.

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2 Player Adventure v0.2 (A2600 Game)

Fort Apocalypse has released a “2 Player Adventure” game for Atari 2600.

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Kindercomp (07-10-2007) (A2600 Game)

atari2600land is making a port of the children’s game Kindercomp for the Atari 2600 using batari Basic.

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Lead 8k (04-10-2007) (A2600 Game)

Seemo has updated his game Lead (8k version).


– on scramble stages, enemies flash when you are within their ‘hit’ range
– at the end of a catch stage, the message says ‘+500 / perfect !’ for a perfect stage, or ‘xx / caught !’ for
a ‘normal’ stage
– you can now carry a maximum of three smart bombs, so that you get a power-up for every fourth additional smart bomb. Thanks to Eric “r_type2600” for this suggestion! (the last ‘bonus points’ power-up got splitted into two 249 ‘bonus points’ power-ups)
– reworked a little the sides movement routine

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Jittery Jim (03-10-2007) (A2600 Game)

Jittery Jim has had way too much coffee. And since he’s had too much coffee, he needs to go to the restroom…bad. Guide Jim to the bathroom at the other end of Coffeeland.

To begin the game, press fire.

At the beginning of the game, Jim has three lives. There are two ways to lose a life:

1.) Touching the coffee cup that floats by
2.) Falling down a hole.

If Jim does either of these two things, Jim will blast off up in the air like a rocket and you start at the beginning of the level.

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Ultimate Indy 500 v0.3a (A2600 Game)

Fort Apocalypse has cleared up the code of his racing-game for A2600, otherwise there are no changes.

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