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Avoidance v1.1 (Wii Game)

Just use the wiimote D-pad to move around the screen and avoid coming in contact with the red blocks for as long as you can to set a new high score.

Release notes:

Here is an update to Avoidance.

I added support for nunchuck and classic controllers, added music (GET OUT OF MY ROOM!! by VideoJames), modified your motion blur/trail to not show your black outline and improved the games performance. I decreased the movement speeds per frame but with the higher frame rate I think it still works out to being a slightly faster game then it was previously. Its still manageable though especially if you play using an analog stick and the real difficulty still comes more from the crazy number of things on screen to avoid and less from how quickly they move at you. Your score increases faster now also.

v1.1 – August 25, 2010 – http://www.multiupload.com/27KTYRY42Y
* Added optional support for nunchuck and classic controllers.
* Added music (GET OUT OF MY ROOM!! by VideoJames).
* Modified your motion blur/trail to not show the black outline.
* Improved frame rate.

Thanks to http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic.php?t=12327&f=54 for the news.


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PiX Dash v2 (Wii Game)

PiX Dash is a sample platform game using BennuGD.

Thanks to http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic.php?t=12318&f=54 for the news.


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TetWiis v1.0 (Wii Game)

TetWiis is a Nintendo Wii Tetris clone, shamelessly based on the Nintendo DS version of Tetris.


Enlarged Game field – game over is much closer to the top now.
High Score Table
Warning sound when you near the top of the game field
Implemented key repeat so you can hold down the D-PAD rather than continuously pressing
Sound options now saved
IOS58/USB Support through HBC 1.08
In game Sound looping improved
Classic Controller Support
Various bug fixes


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DragonMedia Player v0.2 (Alpha) (Wii Application)

Music player for the Wii. It has a nice interface and is skinnable. It plays mp3, ogg, flac and other formats but does not work with wma or aac. It is a native Wii application (no Wii Linux) with the intent of being a multi-source media player on the Wii. As of 0.2, DMP now supports Samba sources as well as USB and SD already available.


Added ability for wav files to read ahead
Added configurable samba shares
Added ability to hot-plug USB and SD
Updated render loops to be multithreaded
Updated resampling code for better quality audio
Updated audio out code for better handling when network hiccups occur
Updated readahead code to work better
Fixed themes/langauges to display in alphabetical order
Fixed FFT display to have less noise and no frequency offset
Fixed theming engine not retaining default text if language string doesn’t have a custom string
Fixed possibility of crashing on filenames with long/no extension
Fixed a few memory leaks in skinning engine


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KOF Flames Of Courage v5f (Wii Game)

The King Of Fighters: Flames Of Courage is 2D fighting game based on the KOF saga: it has multiple characters to select, complex combos and lots of action.


– Menu to exit the game.
– Volume control.
– Fix numerous bugs and design flaws.
– Adjustment of gameplay.
– Bugs in the Guard and Guard Just corrected.
– Fade in music at the end of combat.
– CPU retouched.


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NanoMechas v0.7 (Wii Game)

In year 20XX, aliens came to Earth to invade us humans. Instead of showing massive artillery, they sent viruses to infect and kill all populations. A few people could hide themselves in caves to prepare for counterstrike. Scientists created NanoMechas to fight infections from within the contamined people.


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Hypno Blast v0.1 (Wii Game)

Hypno Blast is an on rails psychedelic shooter.


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Scape v1.2 (Wii Game)

Scape is a puzzle game inspired by “World of Goo”.

Release notes:

Thanks to Cid2Mizard and EvilTroopa I saw there was a problem on Scape 1.1 which couldn’t launch because of its weight. So I just added the 1.2 version which fix this bug by now loading the songs from FAT.


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WiiXplorer (r199) (Wii Application)

WiiXplorer is a multi-device file explorer for the Wii by Dimok using graphics made by NeoRame and a customized libwiigui as base for the GUI. It has several additional features to execute various of filetypes like on an actual explorer.


* USB2 support with IOS58 or IOS202 installed
* SMB/USB/SD/DVD recursive copy/move/delete of files/directories with all files in it
* Backgound data transfer
* FAT/FAT32/NTFS files systems support
* Rename files/directories
* Properties of files/directories/archives
* Browse through SD/SDHC/SDGECKO/USB/SMB/DVD/WiiDisk/FTP
* Addressbar with path
* Multilanguage support
* Custom font support
* Boot .dol/.elf files
* Playback Wii/GC Game Videos (THP/MTH)
* Stylish Music Player
* Open TXT/XML files
* Supported Audio Formats: MP3/OGG/WAV/AIFF/BNS
* Supported Image Formats: PNG/JPEG/GIF/BMP/TPL/TGA/TIFF/GD/GD2
* Image Operations: Zoom/Slideshow/Rotate
* Image converter which converts the supported formats to:
* Screenshot support at any point of the app in different formats
* Browsing/Decompressing Archives: ZIP/7zip/RAR/BNR/U8Archive/RARC
* MD5 Calculator and Logger
* Textediting support
* PDF Viewing support
* Integrated FTP Server and FTP Client
* Auto-Update feature


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Heretic Wii v0.5 (Wii Game Port)

HHeretic is a faithful source port of the original Heretic game by Raven Software.


1. Extract the .zip directly into your apps folder
2. Copy heretic.wad into sd:/apps/HHeretic/heretic.wad
3. Launch the game using your loader.
4. NOTE: HHeretic needs space in the SD to write files during the game.


USB Support
GC Controller Support
Classic Controller Support
Wiimote and Nunchuk controls rewritten to take advantage of the Wiimotes IR
Fixed saving and loading
Other various bug fixes and tweaks


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