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Diamond Drop v14 (A2600 Game)

Diamond Drop by Atarius Maximus is a small 4k game that is loosely based on the iOS game ‘Duet’ You have two Diamonds at the bottom of the screen that will rotate in a circle in either direction along a diamond shaped path. Barriers will fall from the top of the screen in a random pattern and you must avoid them by circling around them. Every barrier you pass will score you a point. The game will slowly get faster up to it’s maximum speed after you’ve passed 20 barriers.

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The Deep v0.1 (A2600 Game)

The Deep by winkdot for Atari 2600.

About: Having created your own one man personal sub with (patent pending) hydro torpedoes, you set out to explore the waters and collect deep sea treasure. Only problem is, the treasures are guarded by sea drones placed there by a mysterious and extremely wealthy mad man who lacks the sub technology to collect the treasures for himself. You have unlimited hydro torpedoes to destroy the sea drones, but only a limited amount of oxygen. Your oxygen indicator is located on the bottom right screen and will reduce as oxygen is depleted. Your oxygen sensor will omit a sounds as it ticks down.

Joystick controls the sub in eight directions.
Joystick left or right and fire button – fires hydro torpedoes.
Each drone destroyed is worth 100 points.
Each treasure successfully retrieved is worth 1000 points.

Successful treasure retrieval renews your oxygen supply (anytime your at the surface your oxygen is renewed). Also this will move your sub to the next treasure dive. Each treasure dive is deeper and more dangerous. You have three subs and there are five treasure dives. Avoid any obstacles with your sub. You must explore the depths, collect the treasure and return it to the surface without getting destroyed.

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F40 v0.03a (Atari 2600 Game)

Rastignac continued development of his racing game F40. The game was also known as “Ferreira 40”.


– Untested on real hardware; sorry.
– Copyright changed from 2008 to 2014!
– Copyright changed from 2014 to 2015!
– Little fixes in main menu (missing characters, etc).
– Main menu is still the same (nothing new: same bad music, same boring look, etc).
– Note that texts’ police just suck (some characters are ugly, some are nicer). To redo later.
– “One player game” is still not a real game. Nothing changed. Same half-baked prototype kernel with bugs and defects.
– Perhaps better random for badguys’ cars in “one player” mode.
– “Two players game” has been worked! Kernel is nice; not finished yet, but it’s a good base; (it’s all about that base!).
– “Two players” mode is not a real game either. It’s a prototype, a promise, a showroom.
– Design in “two players” mode is not final. Arrows suck (some are even different from others), etc.
– Sources will also be available; they are dirty, messy, and there’s nothing to learn from them, but they will be available soon. Oh my god, look at dat asm!

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Tumulus (r40) (A2600 Game)

In Tumulus by yllawwally you are an adventurer, out to stop the fiends coming from Tumulus. This game is inspired by Golden Axe.


All 5 bosses now have some graphics, and can be fought against. They’re not complete, but at least they show up, and can be defeated. The screen size no longer gets 5 lines taller when the bosses are on the screen. However that causes a small graphics corruption of the player. Level should now increment properly, and reset to 0, when boss 5 is killed. I was comparing to 5, when I should be comparing to 4. The mummy is no longer skipped. This version has a boss every 4 monsters. This will be changed later, it’s just so all the bosses can be fought easily. I think the score is finally fixed, sometimes the last digit would go over 9.

Boss 4 is messed up, will need to look into what’s wrong, maybe a page boundary problem. Sometimes hitting a monster in one lane hurts another monster in a different lane, maybe related to boss code? Sometimes if player touch boss, especially mummy he gets corrupted. I’ve seen this before, but can’t remember cause. Still need to add bosses special attacks. Will-o-wisp is done(blue ball), mummy is done(just needs color fixed), the other three I haven’t started on.

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Larry the Lemon (Build 40) (A2600 Game)

Guide Larry the Lemon to collect gifts while being haunted by an enemy. Coded by atari2600land.

Release notes:

OK, I fixed a lot of the bugs that v. 39 had, and present you a v. 40. Here are the changes:
+ pfscorebar (citrus power) now gray.
+ I have 1 byte left (or as Visual bB likes to say it “1 bytes left.” I can’t really do much with 1 byte to spare though.

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Larry the Lemon (Build 39) (A2600 Game)

Guide Larry the Lemon to collect gifts while being haunted by an enemy. Coded by atari2600land.

Release notes:

So I went back and redid a few things. I can now pick the colors for the playfield and the pfscorebar. I chose green for the playfield and red for the pfscorebar, but I can change it if I felt like it without screwing up the whole game. But one thing I do want to remark is I have 0 bytes left. I still would like feedback on the score numbers. Are they ok and readable, or should I go with something else?

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Cows v0.5 (A2600 Game)

Cows is an Atari VCS game by winkdot. Go and fight the mutant cows!


– no changelog found

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Alien Pinball v0.7 (A2600 Game)

Alien Pinball by winkdot is a pinball game for Atari VCS.


– Wall hit modifications (always)
– Flipper modifications (always)
– Some graphic changes.
– For each level the space ship bumpers change their behavior.

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Larry the Lemon (Build 37b) (A2600 Game)

Guide Larry the Lemon to collect gifts while being haunted by an enemy. Coded by atari2600land.

Release notes:

I need help. I just didn’t want this to be a timed game, so I decided that if I don’t want it to be a timed game, then I would like to make the banana move gradually faster until a top speed is attained. Say, once every 8 crosses Larry gets, the banana moves faster, just to make this simple. Because I don’t know how to do this, so I need your help. I tried various methods and I just can’t get it to gradually move faster. Here is the code. You have 19 bytes left. I moved around some code and got rid of unnecessary add-ons for this version. Anyone care to help?

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Wipeout 2600 (12-02-2015) (A2600 Game)

Wipeout for the Atari VCS? Let’s go! Might be not that fancy as expected but Retro Lord has put few efforts into it for sure.

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