PCEAdvance v4.4 (PCE emulator for GBA)

FluBBa released a new version of PCEAdvance. Get the new release from:

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Doom v6 (GP32 game port)

Craig released the sixth version of his Doom port. The changes:

Changes:More options, 15% faster.Notes:I made up a version with heavy optimisation which got doom2 running at the speed of doom1, unfortunately it also made it too unstable, i’ll work on that.Saves:They might work, they might not, use the level select. Saves are broken because of an issue with the GCC compiler, I don’t have time to move to ADS, the source code is available, genrally the saves will work until you turn off the console.Games supported are: Doom shareware (doom1.wad)Doom commercial/registered/ultimate (doom.wad)Doom II (doom2.wad) (it is not optimised to run doom2, so some levels may be jumpy)

The ZIP file does NOT contain any WAD files.They are still copyrighted, but if you do not own the original you can get the shareware version of Doom 1 on various shareware pages.Doom v6 – Release Threat

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LJGP32 v0.21 (NES emulator for GP32)

It seems”Little John”had problems in the previous release (v0.20). YoYo, the author of this NES emulator for the GP32, brought us a sligtly fixed version today. The changes:

fixed crashed when entering menu by using”L”+”R”instead of”R”fixed crashed when sound resyncing (usually encountered at frameskip=0 and sound on) fixed some bad cache management in rom browser added mappers (in a hurry, not tested) : 34,40,41,42,43,44,45,255 added”reset”function in GUI minor other changes&bug fixes…

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GPColEm v0.2

Consolius emailed me a new version of his Colecovision emulator ported from ColEm. Changes for this release are:

    * Sound support(noise generator may be a bit too hard ;-)?)* Alphabetic sort of roms solved

A readme.txt is now included with the download and explains the controls properly. This release is looking great so be sure to check it out! VisitGP32Emuto download the new release. The author got very little feedback on the first release so please take some time to help out if you try the emulator, let him know on the posthere.

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GBA Jpeg Viewer v2.0

A new version of the JPEG viewer for the GBA has been released. Changes are:

    – Brand new Jpeg decoding engine: up to 3 timesfaster!!!- Added a password system- Added a basic area selection option to encode only apart of a picture (useful when encoding comics)- Added a sharpen/text enhancement option(again:useful for comics).

Visit the homepage at the downloads.

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GP32Vecx v0.2

SDW posted on the GP32Emu forums that he has released a new version of the Vectrex emulatorGP32Vecx. Changes are:

    – You can now select and load ROMs from a file selector (thanks to CHNs excellent file requester!).- Invert color palette with”Select”- Some minor speedups

Over 20 games have been tested and are mostly playable. Visit the homepageherefor the downloads. Leave any feedback on this release in the post SDW startedhere.

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Slander #1 (GP32 diskmag)

Approx. 3 weeks ago we had an announcement for the first GP32 diskmagazine. Finally it has been released! The first issues contains an interview with Mr. Spiv, who is developer of dozenzs of usefull tools for the GP32 and YoYo, author of LittleJohn, an NES emulator for the GP32. Just grab it 😉

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NesterGP v1.2 (NES emulator for GP32)

Scherzo updated his NesterGP port again. New in this version:

– ZIP support added- Game Genie”feature”has been removed until further notice (very buggy)

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SeSnake (GBA game)

There is a new Snake clone with source avaliable. SeSnake has been done by Roberto Bernardinello and is released under the GPL license. Thanks toGBAdevfor the news!

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Minigame Coding Competition 2003

This year we have the third”Minigame Coding Competition”. The compo is splitted into to parts. The goal is to write a game in 1k or 4k maximum size. Allowed consoles for now are: NES, Colecovision&Vectrex. The other allowed platforms are mainly old 8 bit computers such as the good old C64.

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