GPGames v0.4

A new version of GPGames, a 4 in 1 collection of games which are GPSolitairo (Solitaire), GPTetris, GPShanghai and GPBall, has been released. The games and docs are in Spanish so heres a rough translation of the changes for this release:

    Solitaire:– Added to way three letters you synchronize. – Added change of back letter game.Tetris:– Added Inverse Rotation. – the cards do not make a strange effect when settling. – New graphics. – the tiles do not become from red color when settling.Shanghai:– No changesBall:– Added a new game.

Downloads can be found atGP32Emu.

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Smack My GP32 UP!

Smack My GP32 UP! is a new music sequencer for the GP32. It aims to have the following by the end of development:

    Save/Load patternsUnlimited pattern lenght40 drum sounds in user defined and preset kits…

So far it has 4 instruments and the tempo is not fully complete, but its fine to have a quick mess around with and knock up a little beat 😉 Visit Wubs homepage at more information and the downloads.

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CaSTaway GP v12.1 (Atari ST emulator for GP32)

Jeff updated his Atari ST emulator for the GP32. As usual there are a lot of changes:

Release 12.1CHG: Added game count to bottom right of gamelist menuCHG: Some dialog internals to make them handle large numbers of options/gamesRelease 12.0 – killer!NEW: Game listing mode! In this mode, disks that you have previously SELECTed (put into the cache) will now show their games all together in one big sorted list! Gamelist-menu now lists games known in your cache in alphabetical order, as well as putting in uncached disks at the bottom so they’re still findable; hitting A or B on a game will select it for disk insertion as in the disk menu; right shoulder will toggle back to disk picker. Leftshoulder does not do deletion in this view. Select will look up a disk to show you the other games on that disk, and Start will fire things up as normal. So the gamelist view works more or less the same as the normal disk view but is prettier for your cached games :)NEW: Games database can now look up .zip file contents, so hitting Select works on .STx, .MSA, .RAW (savestates) and now .zip’s (w00t!)CHG: Removed wide-desc mode that was in 11.6CHG: Right-shoulder in disk picker now toggles between disk-menu and gamelist-menu (which is new)

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GPPang v0.82 (GP32 game)

Another release of GPPang. We now have a total of 25 levels which makes the game kinda interesting. The changes for this release:

WHAT’S NEW :- Reordered levels – New levels (Total of 25)- New Background- Fixed the Double Shoot- Preliminary time (but not used for the moment)

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LJGP32 v0.1 (NES emulator for GP32)

LittleJohn GP32 is a brandnew NES emulator based on Nofrendo. For now it covers:

+mappers supported : 0,1,2,3,4,7,9.+cpu emulation by Nofrendo cpu core.+apu emulation by Nofrendo apu core (slighlty modified).+own ppu emulation, scanline based (more accurate emulation).+load/savestate, snss format.+sram saved in .srm file.+compressed roms in zip format.+fastforward to skip long -boring- sequences.+GUI.+bugs (hey, nobody is perfect!)

More information plus download at gp32emu.com

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Mines Advanced v1.2 (GBA game)

Vortex updated”Mines Advanced”to version 1.2. A couple of changes were done:* The source code is included (GPL license)* Basic sound support* Larger game field* DMA ClearScreen for Mode 3 implement * Cleanup the main loop* Fade In/Fade Out effects* Animated flagsYou can get the download plus source at gbadev.org

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Tetris (GBA game)

A new Tetris conversation is avaliable for GBA. This time it has been done by Choopan Rattanapoka.

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TicTacToe v0.01 (GBA game)

Michael send his latest project”Tic Tac Toe”to the guys at The game has been created using HAM. You can get the file at gbadev.

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BattleShip 32 WIP (GP32 game)

Atrkid announced a new game called”BattleShip 32″. WIP news are on GP32emu.

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ZXAdvance GP32 WIP (Spectrum emulator for GP32)

GP32emu had a massive WIP news about ZXAdvance. Be sure to check it out. A few lines from the post at GP32emu:

The HiVE sent me the first beta of his port of ZXAdvance (Spectrum emulator) originally for the GBA to the GP32. HiVE is spending this month working on the emulator and has so far got a ‘barebones’ version up and running. At the moment there is no sound in the emulator but real ULA emulation has been added and everything is still extremely fast and is expected to stay this way (no speed throttling has been added yet). If you are familiar with the GBA version you will know its very nicely presented with a great menu system, HiVE told me that he is creating something very nice for the GP32 version, but he wont tell me exactly what yet 😉

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